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Specification freeze

  • Lihinel
  • 12/30/2018 06:04 PM
The game is back from the (presumed) dead and gone into specification freeze, so I won't add new features to it, though some existing features still need improvement or partial overhaul.

The game page has been updated, I hope it's more streamlined and better overall.

My new years resolution is to go into feature freeze and hopefully get a techdemo out before the end of next year.

The latest changes are to the addition of a toolbar so you no longer have to open the menu every time you want to change to a different tool:


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Yay! It lives :^D.

Looks like everything is working properly, and looks very solid. The water animation looks a little weird, but whatever. And dayum, those cows are chubby. Systems look pretty nice and dandy. Also the toolbar is a pretty nice addition.

Good luck with the project dude!
the water animation is from the RTP, as for the cows, they're not my own either, I am not a good spriter, though I can edit a little. As they say, beggars can't be choosers.
By chubby I mean they're cute. I think they're from the Mac sets, aren't they?
Oh that's good then. ^_^ (I thought you just meant fat, sometimes I don't catch on, english is only my second language)
The sprites are made by candacis btw.
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