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Hiatus x Hiatus 2019

  • Lihinel
  • 04/16/2019 12:59 PM
It's not what you think, I am still actively working towards a tech demo, however not with RMVXAce, but currently with RMMV.

The main reason is that I failed to implement the warfare system yet again and can't imagine a good implementation without mouse use, among other things.

I am currently working on a mini project that implements a rudimentary version of what I hope will become the final version of the warfare system.
Should it be a success, the project will switch from VXAce to MV. (still with 32*32 tileset & parallax maps through a plugin, so I am not starting from 0)
Otherwise I'll have to pick up the pieces and think of a different way to display the waging of war.


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I'd like to know about some of the specifics, just to know why it couldn't work without mouse.

But anyway, hope it all goes well. :^DD
Thanks, I am not saying it couldn't work without a mouse, just that >I< can't imagine how to do it after trying to 5 times. None of my old versions were really fun to play or felt right.

This is a playlist with implemented features of the new mini project.
The new implementation is basically an RTS. I have no idea how to make something like that work without mouse support.

And just for comparission:
This is a playlist with my old attempts over the years.
From the old ones, I think my favourites are 1 and 3. There is something about 1 that I like, and it's that it's less micromanagement-ish, and more simple. Then 3 I like the battles better than 4, I liked the movement thing, and I think I'm not a fan of how each battle takes place in 4. It sort of freezes in time, and you just see bars going down, also not sure how you affect them.

I was going to comment something about Praetorians, dunno why but I'm kind of sure you know that game. I like that in Praetorians you have lots of units but they control as one, kind of like Advance Wars but you can actually see the guys, and they can do formation stuff and all that. It's sort of what I liked in old playlist #3.

In the new Warfare I like what you did, and now I understand why you need mouse. I think the only RTS game I can think of right now that uses no mouse is Planet X2 (it's a homebrew for Commodore 64). It limits your max units to something like 8, you control each sepparately and swap between them with the number keys or something like that. So yeah, I think it's not suitable to your current design.
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