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Progress Report

Last 2 screenshots before the christmas update

Today I deleted ~10 outdated Screenshots, new versions will be uploaded at/around christmas and/or new year(s eve).
Anyway, here is a newer ingame Screenshot of the Town Building System (added backdrops) as well as an eagles eye view of the same Map:


Some Screenshots to pass the time, come back here at or after christmas for a bigger update.

First of, big thanks to whoever choose the bathhouse as PIC OF THE MOMENT.
I hope I can stay at that production quality level.
And since its saturday again, here's the new mediacal office:

(No, I didn't spend the whole week at this, I do have some other stuff in the works, but that will likely be released together with an update to the main game page at christmas, or worst case on new years eve morning european time. Look forward to it.)

Progress Report

Signs of things to come...

A little sneak peak at what you are going to be able to do, to prepare for combat.
Of course, you can always decide to abandon your strategies and fight manually.

The scripting part is done, whats left is to implement all that stuff into the battle system. So see ya in a couple of weeks, I hope.

Progress Report

Equipment overhaul (weapons and sphaerae)

Edit: The skilldescription (screen below)is now done too, time to get into the battle behaviour scripting. (Thats probably gonna take a while)

Edited/Reworked the way sphaerae and weapons work and influence skills which was needed for the new battle system. Next up are the skills themselve and the command system (which is part of the battle system, and lets you "script" the actions of characters in advance, or just give them jobs and call out targets during the fight)

Progress Report

Some Improvements along the way to the new battle System

Since I had to redo equipment and skills, I gave the whole menu a makeover and got away from the standard Window format (Ill still use the old windowskins whereever they come in handy)

Also worked on automatic elemental proficency generation, since I didn't want to draw 30+ for the characters and another dozen for monsters of theose pictures every time I rebalance the game.

Progress Report

New Conquest System Done

Next up is the makeover of the "normal" battlesystem into a raid style 25-30 character battle system. This is gonna be a massive project and I am not 100% sure I can pull it off as intended.

More or less finished the Status Windows. fighter Sprites are just placeholders.

Progress Report

Facesets for the Main Cast done

Minor Spoiler alert, since it shows all but the last Character. Charactersets are 20 of 30 done.
On the other hand you'll likely forget about them long before I finish the first Demo.

Next Progress report will hopefully contain a video on the new Conquest System, as pretty much all except enemy behaviour is done.

Progress Report

Finally back, not switching to MV, but getting new Faces from its Generator

First of, sorry for the long hiatus, work will now continue.
As a start I have replaced the old Generator Faces.


Also in the middle of recreating new and improved conquest and battle systems.

Progress Report

Soldier Recruitment System Done

The new system to generate soldiers is now done.
Some optimisations for the town building system are due next week, after that I can start focusing on content production.

Progress Report

Resources finalised

After a series of additions, cuts and multiple restructurings, I am happy to present (what I sincerely hope to be) the final version of the resources:

The order in the game is the same as seen in the pictures (except that there are no subcategories, its just back to back, all in one list).

Next up will be a new system for creating/training soldiers for use in the conquest system, as that no longer happens within the town building system. (For purely practical reasons, since having to switch between towns to create/train different units was a pain.)