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Progress Report

Map Makeover

Not much going on these days, development is expected to pick up steam again starting April.
Anyway, the early maps got some makeover (based on feedback from various screenthreads);




World and Character Section Added

Since the Prologue was a little bit on the short end of the scale, I decided to add world and character pages with some additional information.
It is by no means complete and should only serve to present the general flavour of the world and the three initial characters.

Progress Report

Space Battles Preview

Finally got this (not so) mini game done.

It will be used to tell parts of the background story, before the searing, and replaces a simple scrolling text that was used before.

That said, it will remain optional and can be skipped, since it would be a bad idea to exclude players by making it mandatory to progress the story.

Progress Report

Cooking System Preview

First blogpost in the new year, since I didn't make one for the new menu.
Anyway, the Cooking System is done:

It isn't much, but its a start.
This is the first in a not too long list of minor systems.

Progress Report

Field Skills Preview

The Field Skills a.k.a. Hidden Sphaerae are done, these are used to manipulate objects in the world, similar to Pokemons HMs or Golden Suns Utility Psynergy.

Progress Report

Map Preview

The Map is done, or at least the world map and the land map for Invidia.

Progress Report

Conquest System Preview

Finished the Conquest System, this system is used for large scale battles with soldiers produced in the towns you build.

Progress Report

Battle System Preview

The fundamental mechanics of the battle system are implemented and working.

Progress Report

Menu Preview

The Menu is now finished too.

Progress Report

Town Building System Preview

The essential functions of the town building system are implemented and working, all thats left is to create the sprites and fill in the buildings database.
This video shows a quick overview of the available functions:
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