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Animated Title Screen (New)

  • Lihinel
  • 01/08/2017 09:44 AM

New version of the title screen. (added portraits of the main characters and particle effects)

Edit: Updated the portrait of Shango and uploaded a new version of the video.


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Thumbs up to no pants
Ooo…looks pretty nice. I like that the characters manage to blink their eyes in there too. The music sounds a little bit creepy to me – but not too bad overall! Nice work.

BTW, that guy with the armor and the…wings (shield???), his portrait compared to the other two characters kind of stands out more mainly due to his armor (not to mention that underwear, lol) and the fact that it has no outline around it compared to his face and all. It’s like you can’t help look at it and not think to yourself that there’s something amiss with him compared to the other two characters, like it’s not fully quite completed yet. I like how the other two characters are drawn and all, but not him. Either way, that’s just my two cents.
He (Shango) got outlines, but you are right, they are not that visible since they are not that dark. I'll correct it, thank you for the reply, always nice to get valid feedback on how to improve elements of the game.

The underwear is deliberate though, as is the stance, I was aiming for a superman esque over the top posure.
Those Wings are a giant axe. (Hence his last name "Labrys")

Edit: Done, the portrait screenshot and header has been updated. The video will stay as it is, I am going to reerecord most videos anyway once I get the game into a demo ready state.
I remade the portrait of Shango pretty much from scratch, I think its gotten a lot better when compared to the original:
Thumbs up to no pants
Oh, so that was supposed to be an axe all along? Lol - I never would have guessed that! I thought that they were wings, or at least a shield.

And that looks a LOT better than the original portrait. I even like how the axe has been touched up now with some more additional details than before. Very, very nice.

Although the underwear armor will be indeed missed over time - I think this is probably for the best for ol' Shango. ^^
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