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Estus was just ten years old and dealing with the loss of his father when the Calamity occurred. Objects of unknown origin had struck near Borealis, the capital of Autenon, with the force so great the dust blotted the sky out and led to three months of cold and unrelenting snow. People died of cold and starvation, and only a few isolated enclaves lived to see the Months of Blizzard end as suddenly as they started. During this time, many plants and animals were also decimated or driven to extinction. In their place, new and dangerous creatures appeared to fill the void, many with a mysterious link to the Calamity itself...

Ten years later, Estus and his friend Nikolai are sent out from their home town of Jupa to make contact with survivors further north, and learn what they know of Calamity. Estus also hopes to see Makal, his formerly beautiful birthplace, while Nikolai is searching for the man who betrayed his father. Their journey will take them halfway across the barren lands of Autenon and grow more complex than anyone had imagined...



While Nihilo is certainly a deep, character-driven experience, the player is more than a silent spectator here. At certain moments in the game, you will be allowed to make choices that will not only directly influence the events before you, but will also resonate later on. There’s no right or wrong in the strict sense of the word, but no choice can please everyone, and so you’ll make allies and enemies in equal manner. As the choices you make stack up, you’ll see the personalities of protagonists change as they confront what they have done, and different playthroughs will leave them as different people by the end of the game, resulting in multiple endings.

In addition, every NPC can be conversed with through a 3-response dialogue tree, allowing you to gain further insight into their character or the lore of Nihilo. If NPCs are involved in a sidequest, there will usually be multiple ways to resolve it, which can also resonate at the end of the game. Even during battles, many sentient enemies can end up running away or surrendering if the circumstances are right, and it's up to whether you want that to happen.



Nihilo is still a turn-based RPG, but there are significant improvements made to the typical formula. Firstly, there are no random encounters and most of the enemies can be avoided on the map. When the combat does begin, you’ll enjoy completely animated monster sets and character graphics, with detailed attack and idle animations. The players start off with several weapon skills, and more are gained later. Enemies have skills of their own, as well as resistances and vulnerabilities (i.e. high dodge of flyers against melee attacks) that reward tactical combat.

And as the players get closer to Borealis, outright magical abilities will become available for party members, even as they face the superior psychic might of local monsters. While difficulty tends to drop off near conclusion in many rpg maker games, Nihilo is not one of them. To turn the tide of battle in your favour, you’ll get access to a wide range of wearable equipment, and items like grenades and tonics. The signature weapon of each character can be also upgraded by masters in settlements, with mutually exclusive upgrade pathways giving you a greater range of freedom.



Running, Non-Linear Jumping and 8-Way Directional Movement

Heavily Modified Battle System with Fully Animated Monster Sprites

Entirely Original Soundtrack & Spritework

Lots of Environmental Descriptions With Extremely Cinematic Cutscene Events & Tons of Sprite Animations

Fully Custom Menu System with Automatic & Custom Saving System

A lengthy 15-20 Hours Of Gameplay with Mini Games Galore


Latest Blog

I've been busy, I swear...

I did some things... and some stuff...

Sorry, (whomever is reading this).
I've neglected any updates here during my free time, as I've been working on nailing Nihilo's Battle System.
This has required tons of original spriting, heavily modifying graphics, and pouring a lot of time into coding a solid battle system that is fluent and fun.
This includes organizing and planning out a system of status effects, ailments, hero and enemy tactics, and other such things, which took a lot longer amount of time that I'd originally expected, and I'm STILL working out kinks.

Just as a little sneak peak, here's some "blueprints" for enemies/bosses, but bare in mind these are rough drafts/incomplete works.
Many bits and pieces here and there were cut and pasted from png to png and may have some discoloration/graphical boo boos.
Anywho, here's some shit:

For anyone who was ever/is still looking forward to playing this, thanks sincerely for baring with me.
Feel free to inbox me with any questions, suggestions, volunteer requests (Help me, I'm all alone with this project now), or anything else.

Much love,

Stick around for some video updates of the battle system.
Hope you'll all enjoy.


And now time for some shameless plugs...
Go check out my buddies' projects.
They've done/are doing some amazing things over that way.

Blindmind's - Beloved Rapture (Work in progress, but looking real noice)

KoopaKush's - Larkia Legends (Been playing this bit by bit, have not been dssapointed)

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  • RPG Maker 2003
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  • 12/06/2013 09:12 PM
  • 04/21/2019 10:28 PM
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the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
I love the look of this "Untitled Project" :)

I can't wait to play the demo! Subbed.
Thank you, man.
Hopefully I'll have a demo out soon.
Still working out a few kinks.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
I'll give the demo a try and get back to you when I can! Glad to see this is still be worked on.
Excellent! Definitely hit me up whenevs. Let me know what you think.

I'll give the demo a try and get back to you when I can! Glad to see this is still be worked on.
uh...i have a question, where is the save area? if its the campfire it ain't working
Aren't any save points, my man.
I neglectfully forgot to throw any in this demo.
Next demo will have save states, I assure you.

uh...i have a question, where is the save area? if its the campfire it ain't working
The screenshots look good and I'm interested in this Custom Magic Combo System. Can't wait for your next release.
Thank you for your interest, bud!
Very glad you enjoyed.
The next demo will be much more improved, I guarantee it!

The screenshots look good and I'm interested in this Custom Magic Combo System. Can't wait for your next release.
"wait you made this a career?"
Subbed! The custom features you're implementing look great!
Subbed! The custom features you're implementing look great!

Muchas Gracias, Charblar! I'm glad you like. :)
Stick around for the demo, I'd love to hear your thoughts after playing.
is there a downmload

There was, and will again be very soon.

I recently removed it to implement many of the features you see via video uploads on this page.
The demo that was up was very unsatisfying, and did not properly represent my vision.
But, I'm very glad when anyone shows an interest in my project.

Please, stick around, I will be releasing a final demo very, very soon.
I can almost guarantee something by late February/early March.
What a pleasant surprise! This game looks fantastic!
Thank you, buddy!
I'm looking forward to Opus as well. :)
"wait you made this a career?"
Thought this was using some obscure game engine for a second since I didn't know about the new RM2k3 icon haha it's looking great still though keep up the good work!
Dude, I'm loving that bit of the story, color me interested on the Calamity. I love the way you set that up, it makes it beyond intriguing to find out what exactly happened in the game.

Can't wait to see more of what you have in store! :)
One of RMN's Top 10 Admins of all-time
Dem web 2.0 links
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