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Nihilo Demo v1.0.3 walkthrough
- provided by Giznads & descriptions taken from Bugfragged's playthrough

Characters Introduction

Estes Cline

Estes was only 14 years old and dealing with the death of his father when the calamity occurred.
Bolstering his father's blade and an unfavorable military upraising, his troubled past and strong spirit of inquiry has been the sole driving force of uncovering the origin of the calamity.

Nikolai Lincoln

Scruffy, rugged, and rough around the edges.
Nikolai has retained a long time friendship with Estes and is equally as determined to unravel the mysteries of the calamity.
A skilled marksman from a young age, Nikolai is alert, very strong, and well suited for such a perilous journey across the barren lands of Dia.

Gameplay basics

Some things you should know before you play the game:

HP (Hit Points):

These represent your health: when an enemy hurts you, the number that appears is the amount of Hit Points that you lose. When the number is zero, your character is KOd. Hit Points can be regained by using medisols or using healing technology with Auxi. All character's hit points are restored after battle along with Estes' and Auxi's OP (output).

Ability Gauge:

The ability gauge determines the amount of points that can be used to perform abilities in battle and is unique to each character. For instance, Estes' and Auxi's gauge in dependent on output (OP%) which will deplete when using skills which require OP usage. Estes' OP will charge when there is no component equipped to his blade.
Nikolai's gauge is dependent on the amount of ammunition stored in inventory. Using skills that require certain ammo will deplete those items from the inventory.

Battle Commands:

It is important to note that there are three types of commands used for each character in battle.

1.) Offensive commands.
Estes (Gigara), Nikolai (Multamo), and Auxi (Assist).
These commands allow the player to use strategical attacks and other offensive abilities directed at the enemy.
Each MAIN character has 1-2 passive skills within these commands as well.
Estes has "Pickpocket - Chance to steal item from enemies (humanoid and robot only) and "Predict - Enters a stance that will allow him to evade and possibly counter attack some enemy attacks."
Nikolai has "Focus - Boosts critical shot chance for the duration of battle - cannot be stacked) and "Provoke - Allows Nikolai to intercept most incoming attacks and is effective at building his fortitude gauge."

2.) Mode switching commands.
Estes (Comp), Nikolai (Aresnal). {Auxi and guest characters have no mode switch}
Mode switching allows for characters to switch up tactics mid-battle. For example;
Estes' "Comp" (short for component) allows for him to equip or remove components to/from his blade (Gigara). Equipping a component will bestow his blade with an elemental attribute and his entire set of skills will change in his offensive commands bar (Gigara). Using offensive commands while having a component equipped will require the use of output (OP%). To charge output, use the "Remove" skill in the "Comp" command bar.
Nikolai's "Arsenal" command allows Nikolai to switch ammo types AND make use of explosives stored in inventory. When switching ammo types in the arsenal command, you will see the number of ability points change according to how many rounds of said ammunition are stored in inventory.
(Each character's current "mode" will always be displayed next to their ability gauge.)

3.) Items.
Allows the player to use healing items that restore HP or recover bad status effects. Also allows the player to use buff items, such as adrenalsols that boost attack power by 100 for the duration of battle.
(Items can only be used on self. One player cannot heal or buff another through the use of items.)

Fortitude (Limit Break):

1.) Using Fortitude:
Each MAIN character has two bars under their portrait in battle (RED/left and GREEN/right. This is your Fortitude bar, and these two gauges work in conjunction with each other (when green goes up, red goes down and vice versa).
When the green gauge goes up your character is inching closer to gaining a RUSH ability (limit break). When a characters Fortitude maxes out (GREEN/right bar is full), the "RUSH" command becomes available for that character and the player is granted new abilities for the duration of the bar being maxed out. If more than one character's Fortitude gauge is maxed, it is possible to perform UNISION RUSH abilities which deal massive damage to enemies. After performing a RUSH or UNISION RUSH command, the Fortitude gauge will be set back to 0.
If your Fortitude is completely depleted (RED/left bar is full), your character's defense is lowered and that character is susceptible to taking much more damage.

2.) Gaining Fortitude:
Each character builds adn lose Fortitude differently.
Estes will build Fortitude when using any command, and will lose Fortitude when he is attacked.
Nikolai builds Fortitude when taking damage, and loses Fortitude when using commands.


Directional Pad: Movement
Shift: Open Menu (can be changed to X in data menu)
Z, Enter, Space: Talk/Confirm/Examine
X, Escape: Exit/Hold to run (can be changed to Shift in data menu)

Directional Pad: Select commands
Shift: N/A
Z, Enter, Space: Confirm selection
X, Escape: Return to previous menu

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0:00​ Title Screen

Like with Theia, this game actually starts in windowed mode by default, which is good.

What's not so good is that there's no way to skip the opening graphics to get to the title screen faster. If I have to reset for any reason, I'll have to wait out the opening graphics.

0:24​ Arriving in Olphan

This town should be a day away from the duo's main destination, Skuud. However, it looks completely abandoned.

2:39​ Tutorial/In-game Manual

14:08​ Exploring Olphan

Most of the treasure should be easy to obtain, but the safe in the shop has a combination that you need clues for. 2022815 is the correct answer. Don't go into the hole at the top of the map until you get all the treasure, or you'll be locked out of it. Having only one manual save is rough.

22:19​ Biting Kid

In this room, you find bandit notes that indicate that there are some scary mutant animals around. The duo hears something and yells at the presence, only for Estes to get bitten by a fast kid. Chase the kid into a chapel, where you'll eventually face the tutorial boss.

28:26​ Boss: Colossal Barren Lizard

You'll get some tutorials about how to exploit the boss's weakness and manage your Fortitude. Estes gains fortitude for using commands and loses it when he gets damaged, and the reverse is true for Nikolai. This means for the most part, Nikolai is on tank duty and shouldn't act offensively until his Rush gauge is filled. Auxi the robot should focus on support and healing skills.

I like that the battle system is strictly turn based, but being able to see only one battle option at a time is a little disorienting. Also, there's an awkward pause between turns. Still preferable to the clunky ATB of most RPG Maker 2003 games.

40:11​ Nikolai Sus

There's a secret underground passage and Estes decides to enter first. Unfortunately, some people knock out Nikolai and one of them uses Animorph powers to assume his appearance, and then follows Estes down.

43:14​ Olphan Underground

The impostor can imitate Nikolai's combat style perfectly for some reason, so Estes doesn't suspect a thing. Instead of touch encounters, enemies will basically be hidden in plain sight and attack if you get too close to them or linger in a room for too long. It looks like we fully recover HP after battle, but Nikolai's ammo won't recover. Unlike me, don't use Auxi's backup skill so recklessly, since it needs a recharge station.

Eventually, we find some notes from a dead man indicating another boss is coming up.

1:01:50​ Boss: Mother Worm

Unlike me, use Adrenalsols at the start of the fight, since they don't wear off until the end of the fight. Whenever Nikolai can't provoke, have Estes use a dodge stance.

1:14:11​ Imprisoned by Olphanites

The impostor knocks Estes out. Estes wakes up in a cell and realizes Nikolai got replaced by a fake. A white-haired woman, Alysee, comes in and admonishes the party for nearly killing her kid brother, Henry, causing Estes to apologize. Henry is mute and went outside the underground settlement to play, but didn't expect to run into monsters or wanderers.

1:21:16​ Estes's Past

Estes's family lived in a house on the outskirts of Jasper, but a massive explosion caused nuclear winter and ruined the land. No one knows the cause. A meteor? An act of war?

After Estes's father died, his mom remarried Nikolai's dad, Hiro, who trained them in combat.

1:25:54​ Release & Reconciliation

Estes is released, but you won't regain the ability to enter the menu yet.

There's a power struggle between Noland and Simeon in regards to running the settlement. Simeon seems to be in charge of an apocalypse cult.

In Noland's room, you learn that Alysee, Henry, and Ragus are mutants. Alysee can detect lies via psychic powers, Henry might have super speed, and Ragus is a morpher (who convenient trained in the same weapon as Nikolai). Noland explains the settlement's circumstances and gives us permission to leave for Skuud. With Auxi back in the party, you can use the menu again.


0:00​ Mattise's Quest

There is exactly one sidequest in this demo. Talk to Matisse in the center of the underground town to learn that he needs your help fixing the sewer lines. Then talk to Nikolai to inform him of this quest.

When you re-enter the cave, you'll find that there are scavengers killing the rest of the worm cocoons. Make your way back to that one water room that you weren't able to progress in before.

4:04​ Olphan Sewers

Matisse is a guest character, which means you cannot view his status or gear. He also doesn't have a fortitude gauge. However, he does have good HP and all around good offense and speed, making it a mystery why the town needed our help with the boss monsters. The only bad news is that he runs on ammo like Nikolai, but he's only available for one dungeon and uses his own stock of ammo separate from Nikolai.

There are two rooms with computers, where you have to input the correct sequence of commands enable the pressure valves to be closed. The room with valve #2 has the list of commands needed.


The # symbol should be replaced by the valve number of the computer.

As you shut off valves, you'll unlock more areas and more terminals. Once you drain the water, you can find a hidden stash of items and push a box to form a bridge.

At the worker's room, you'll see a dead body that then mutates and gets eaten by a bigger monster.

Note that the game autosaves whenever you enter the map outside of the boss room.

20:01​ Boss: Giant Sewer Mutant

This boss has a skill that hits two random targets and a powerful AOE skill. However, it's weak to pierce and thermal. You should focus on using Estes's default attack instead of his more expensive command, since the boss is also susceptible to bleed.

32:18​ Mission Accomplished

Once you're back in the underground town, talk to Matisse to get your reward. Sadly, despite all the money you can accumulate in the demo, it doesn't look like shops have been implemented yet, which may explain why the game is so generous with the item stashes. Maybe the UI is still being worked on.

When you climb up the ladder, the demo ends and boots you back to the title screen. I was hoping we could get into a scrap with some bandits, but I guess that will have to wait until the full game.

36:46​ Title & Credits