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I've been busy, I swear...

  • Giznads
  • 11/26/2018 12:00 AM
I did some things... and some stuff...

Sorry, (whomever is reading this).
I've neglected any updates here during my free time, as I've been working on nailing Nihilo's Battle System.
This has required tons of original spriting, heavily modifying graphics, and pouring a lot of time into coding a solid battle system that is fluent and fun.
This includes organizing and planning out a system of status effects, ailments, hero and enemy tactics, and other such things, which took a lot longer amount of time that I'd originally expected, and I'm STILL working out kinks.

Just as a little sneak peak, here's some "blueprints" for enemies/bosses, but bare in mind these are rough drafts/incomplete works.
Many bits and pieces here and there were cut and pasted from png to png and may have some discoloration/graphical boo boos.
Anywho, here's some shit:

For anyone who was ever/is still looking forward to playing this, thanks sincerely for baring with me.
Feel free to inbox me with any questions, suggestions, volunteer requests (Help me, I'm all alone with this project now), or anything else.

Much love,

Stick around for some video updates of the battle system.
Hope you'll all enjoy.


And now time for some shameless plugs...
Go check out my buddies' projects.
They've done/are doing some amazing things over that way.

Blindmind's - Beloved Rapture (Work in progress, but looking real noice)

KoopaKush's - Larkia Legends (Been playing this bit by bit, have not been dssapointed)


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Wow, pretty impressive. How many of those sprites above did you personally create/rework?!? :0

Not only do they look richly detailed, but very fitting for the atmosphere of Nihilo. Rusted, drab, mad max meets cyberpunk sort of thing.

I'm also loving the artwork for the three characters you posted above, although (and I might be nitpicking) they're a little too vibrant compared to the color-palette that's established in the rest of the game.

But yeah - congrats, glad to see you came back to this.
Thanks man, always appreciated. All human sprites are almost entirely original works, everything else is just pretty heavily modified.
I reduced the color of the characters, how's that looking? I thought about this when I originally put it out.
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