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POLL: Less battles (More challenging/More rewarding) --- More battles (Less challenging/More grinding)

  • Giznads
  • 01/06/2021 08:48 PM
Hello everyone.
I've found myself in a bit of a quandary as for which direction I should take regarding battles and encounters for Nihilo, and I figured, "Why not get the opinion of people looking forward to playing the damn thing from themselves?"

Should I have the standard, more frequent battles where the player is required to do some grinding at points in game?

Or... Should I incorporate more challenging, drawn out, and sometimes optional battles that are much more rewarding?

I personally enjoy and dislike both of these options for different reasons, but I'd love to get some feedback from you guys.
Which do YOU prefer?



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I’d love more unique, but less frequent battles, with the option to grind, example being a fight group of something like the pit of a hundred trials in Paper Mario. TBH
I can definitely see why it's a tough decision. I personally sometimes like grinding in games, while at other times it can be very annoying for sure. Especially if you have like Breath of Fire 1 & 2 level of random encounters haha

But I definitely agree with Ashes here too. It's also really nice to have more unique battles that requires the player to really think in order to get through them. So I think having something somewhere in the middle may be the right call.

Jeez, aren't we helpful? :P But yeah, overall, I say more challenging, less frequent!
more challenging, drawn out, and sometimes optional battles that are much more rewarding.

Yeah, if I have to choose, this one!
I also agree with the more challenging but less frequent battles for various reasons. One, I feel like it will set the pace pretty well for the game, it would make sense, and two, I'm sure you could use it to your advantage by setting up the encounters, adding some flair to them, etc.

A big plus is that you'd be able to more or less set the balancing for the game to your liking and it'd be easy to tune. Given you're not relying on a factor like players grinding and stuff.
Less battles and more challenging of course!
Thanks all for the feedback!
I think the decision is pretty clear!
Much appreciated.
On a side note, you could create a lot of the “grinding” from material gathering for ammunition and effects ;)

Edit: That combined with a more linear story would go hand in hand with how you’ve set things up. Just a thought
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