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Page Updates! - Game Updates! - Call For Community!

  • Giznads
  • 03/29/2021 09:02 PM
Hello all, I've made a few changes to Nihilo's game page, and implemented some planned fixes for Nihilo's full release going forward!
I've heard your criticisms (so far) and taken them all under consideration!

I've added a new link to the game page's header links.
Please check out the newly added 2k3Gems!
Inside you'll find some of my absolute favorite games ever created in the 2k3 engine.
If you're a fan of the engine and it's games, these are just a few created that I personally hold up as masterpieces!
If you're currently developing a game, need a little inspiration, want to see 2k3 taken to it's limits, or just looking for great titles maybe you've missed, I'd recommend picking one of these games up and digging in! (If they have a download available, of course.)

Nihilo Planned Fixes For Full Release
I've put together a list of planned fixes for Nihilo's full release based on the awesome and valuable feedback you've all been giving me.
This list will be changing as more things will be pointed out to me!
So far, the list is as follows:
  • Planned Fix - A few known typos/misspellings

  • Planned Fix - Explanation on date system (ex: DIA 20 22 815)

  • Planned Fix - Overlays in certain battles hide damage pop-up displays

  • Planned Fix - Slight message box transparency issues resulting in hard to read texts

  • Planned Fix - Implementation of OPTIONAL 8-way/4-way movement

  • Planned Fix - Implementation of interchangeable run key (shift/x)

  • Planned Fix - Creation of multiple manual save slots

  • Planned Fix - Adjustment of character portraits behind message box

  • Planned Fix - Correct the ability to walk diagonally while some text is read

Call For Community
I'm asking for anyone that would like to livestream or even do a YT Playthrough for Nihilo Demo v1.0 to please, do so and send me links!
(I mean, having a playthrough section for the game's page with YOUR playthrough would be rad.) ;))
This is a great way of finding bugs, gauging the player's reactions to subtle things, and just all around making sure I'M doing right by you all.
I also ask to anyone that would like to give the demo a review, (No rating just yet please as it is a demo) please submit one! I'd love to hear your take on the game, all the pros/cons, and questions or concerns.
(I mean, having a reviews section for the game's page with YOUR review would be rad.) ;))
Your feedback is incredibly valuable to me!

Final Thoughts
Nihilo is a passion project I've been tinkering with for near 8 years now.
I do not have a team, only myself, and friends of the project helping along the way.
Nihilo will be an absolutely free game as many assets and resources are unoriginal, but heavily modified.
But, who knows?
Going forward with your help, feedback, and support, the future of Nihilo is looking brighter than the atmosphere of the game would lead you to believe. ;)

I'm looking forward for any and ALL questions, concerns, reviews, and PLAYTHROUGHS BABY!
Thanks so much for supporting my project, it means a lot to me!


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"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
I played through it on a Discord stream and I feel like it's on the right track. A couple of bugs I found while playing:

1. "This resturaunt has been complete turned over." The player can still walk diagonally during this message box.
2. At the end of battle if one or both of the characters have used an adrenasol, the Atk+25 graphic remains during the victory pose.

Suggestions: If there's any way to speed up the battles, I'd recommend it. Also, I feel Auxi should get their turn first so that the player can scan the enemies and not use any abilities that they know the enemy will be immune to. I lost at least a couple of turns due to this during the demo.

Also, the game has a glut of tutorials that really felt like more than was necessary. At least during my stream, it felt like the game pumped the brakes whenever it had new information to tell. If at all possible, "show, don't tell".
Yo!! Thanks for the valuable feedback!
These big reports have been logged and I'm adding them to my list of fixes!

The exp handler and buff/statfx showing in battle after victory is a tough one. I've wracked my brain on trying to get rid of these, but it all comes down to 2k3's engine it unfortunately seems.
Thinking of maybe reaching out to some of the kind DYN plugin community on this one for help, so there may be hope yet, haha!

Currently working on the pacing in battle, there is a lag during turns in battle due to the time it takes to process some of the extra plugin coding and what-not. To make up for this, I decided to make battles a little more drawn out, but plan to have less battles that are more rewarding (skip the grind).

Tutorials are a pain in the game, I know. I'm still searching for a way to implement much smaller tutorials at a time, so you're not loaded with too much information at a time.

I'd love to see the stream! Is it still up, and of so, could you provide a link?

Thanks again for the feedback, it means a lot!
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