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Hiatus & Plans

  • Giznads
  • 08/29/2022 08:25 PM
Hello all, for anyone not aware, I have been working closely alongside Blind on his game Beloved Rapture, an awesome SNES inspired game in the works planned to release very soon! This has unfortunately taken much of my time away from working on Nihilo, but on a positive note has also made me reconsider the future of the game!

Beloved Rapture is a commercial project made in Rm2k3 v1.12 modified heavily with BigShan's Maniacs Patch. We've been able to achieve so many things using this patch that break the boundaries of the engine including modifying the battle system's UI and fully animating enemies, easily and conveniently putting together a modern style CMS, and converting the project to a 16:9 ratio. Widescreen support for a 2k3 game, who would've thought? It's barely recognizable as a game created in 2k3 anymore.

All of this work has made me realize the desire I have to take Nihilo to that next level and put that passion into a game that can be commercialized as well, whether it be using 2k3 or another engine entirely! (We'll cross that bridge when we get to it)

Long story short, Nihilo is currently on hiatus until we wrap up with Beloved Rapture, but once that's done, expect some very exciting news! I hope I can garner enough attention for Nihilo to start a Kickstarter and raise enough funds to hire a really great team!

Stick around for more updates and please let me know your feelings here on the topic as well.


Go check out Beloved Rapture and wishlist it on Steam now!
Blind has been pouring his heart and soul into this project since before 2007 and his vision is finally coming to fruition! Not to mention the sleepless nights of work I've put into it as well! ;)


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Excited to see what you do next, pal. :)

Good luck to you and Blind!
Hiatus, dang! However I understand your reasons, and I agree with you.
Both Beloved Rapture and Nihilo deserve to become great games. Good luck to you and Blind :D
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