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Deep, Dark and Dreary

  • Liberty
  • 01/29/2019 11:31 PM
The Deep Dark is a Visual Novel game where choices are the main gameplay. There's precious little story and the game can get very frustrating very fast for a number of reasons.

Visually the game looks pretty nice. There's a certain charm to the images that are used to represent the house and grounds, and I'm pretty sure they're not just stock images found at random. They honestly look like they all belong in the same house and if the developer had said they'd gone and taken a photo shoot at an old gothic mansion somewhere I'd certainly believe it. There's an old era charm about the whole aesthetic of the game - from the window choices to the frames to the images used.

The sound design is pretty good, though the music for the background can be a bit annoying and repetitive after a while. The sound effects in the game were used to good effect, though, giving a bit more life to the whole ordeal.

The plot seems non-existent. You basically find yourself in a house and need to find a key to open a door. It's fairly basic and rather uninteresting, especially in the way the descriptions are written. I understand what the developer was trying to do, however, it got extremely repetitive and boring, especially when you kept ending up in the same areas over and over. You can only say 'Deep Dark' a certain number of times before you want to throw a dictionary at someone.

Maybe it would have worked if the house hadn't been such a chore to try and find your way through. Granted, you were given a map of the house, but there was no real indication of where you were on the map and no indication that you HAD a map at all until you found where you were needing to go to end the game (and likely without key in hand, making the game even more aggravating).

The gameplay itself got boring after a while. The idea was that you used choices to make your way through the house and search for a key. The implementation of that was a bit meh, as often you'd find yourself going around in circles, having to discern which choices you made last time to find the one specific route you needed to take to find said key. Was the pay-off worth it? No. No it wasn't.

Overall, the game had a nice aesthetic and good sound choices (for the most part). It could have been made into something a bit more approachable with a way to see where you were and a streamlined choice system (maybe showing which choices you'd picked before or having the text change for the choices if you'd gone a specific way so you'd know where it would lead). It's a solid little game, with a low play time and small pay-off.

If you feel like getting lost for a while and exploring a pretty, gothic mansion, this is the game for you.