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Heroes and champions from various regions of Tera all wake up to find themselves in an monumental temple situated far up in the skies. Their memories are hazy and fragmented; some remember only their names while others remember a few flickering images of their past. As they survey their surroundings and try to make sense of the circumstance, they begin to hear a chilling, yet commanding voice echoing through their minds.

"I welcome thee, valiant protector of many.
I welcome thee, undefeated slayer of thousands.
I welcome thee, mad king without an equal.
I welcome thee, silent killer without reason.
Welcome, you pitiable, insatiable champions,
to Eirien, the sacred junction of heroes.

Here, you will fight.
You will cut.
Privilege is before you, and so my incarnation vows.
I hereby declare----
When the stagnant earth flows with the blood of all but one,
thou direst wish shall be granted.
Let their blood become your strength, and their despair become your hope.
Let none escape. Let none survive.

I am the light that blinds and reveals all.
Do not forget the order. Do not forget your mission. Do not forget me.

Heed my calls, and may you be relieved of all your burdens.

----Kyrie Eleison."

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Goddangit, the battle shots look very flashy! :o SUB!

Do you have any plans to make them smoother? Being zoomed in like that made the sprites broken. A shame, if you ask me.
Haha wow, I didn't expect my game page to gain any attention whatsoever... Thanks for the sub!
Unfortunately, yeah, I'm hoping to get my hands on some custom sprites for the battlers if the opportunity comes, but for now, this is what I'm stuck with. Gotta make do with what's available. :/
Oh hey, I remember seeing this on youtube. Awesome~
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