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Maria is an infamous bookworm in her school. She loves books, especially fairy tale books. One day, a new bookstore had been opened in her town, giving Maria a chance to hunt some new fairy tale books. However, the bookstore seems to give more than what she wished for. Play as Maria and travel inside a book entitled as ''Ten Tales.'' A short yet wonderful journey to solve ten unfinished fairy tales and to reveal a hidden secret behind the mysterious book. It is a journey which filled with humor, comedy and fantasy.

Meet the Egg man, Freezing Snowman, giant baby and much more inhuman beings in a world that defies logic!

A game of exploration that takes only 40 minutes to be completed. Will you able to stand the tension of having a foe tailing you around? Will you able to complete the tasks and make your way out from the book? Try this game now! Just make sure you did not apply logic when playing this game to avoid any possible headache attacks.

Features & tips of gameplay:
1. No game over tension.
2. You may find the way Mark following you around might be annoying. Well, this is intentional he is your foe and you shouldn't be happy & ease with him following you around.
Tips : Try to walk faster from him and Mark will follow you smoothly from behind.

3. We had run test and arranged the place so there will be zero probability for you to get stuck or trapped by Mark whom following you.

Latest Blog

Ten Tales in Spanish version is now available!

All thanks & credits of translation Ten Tales RPG in Spanish goes to AislingCait, one of the RMN community member. The download link is available through his site. Cheers!


Once again, thank you AislingCait for taking time to translate it & share it with us all!
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  • mightydarkchocolate
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  • 12/11/2013 07:26 AM
  • 03/03/2016 10:13 PM
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I accidently put on the wig u can collect and it changed my "normal" status to "sharp"... I couldnt put it off xD so I had to replay but except of that, I had fun playing this game, the dialoges were funny and the ending was super cute.
I .. uh .. found this game to be a reaaaal drag. There is a lot to expand on tho, and the frame is cute. But with 80% running around, everything else is being dragged down.
I only really enjoyed the doll party tale.

Will write a review soon.
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