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"The END of the Raven"
by Edgar Allan Poe's Cat
A Kinetic Poem!

Music: Bartok Roumanian Folk Dances
Played by: The Advent Chamber Orchestra

Graphics by Ookami Kasumi
Poem by Henry Beard

Once upon a time, back in 1994, a most astounding poem blazed it's way across the Internet. This one. I was smitten by it's genius at once, and so made a copy of it which I proudly displayed on my refrigerator -- to this very day. Little did I know at the time, but this poem was actualy one of many in Mr. Henry Beard's, Poetry for Cats: The Definitive Anthology of Distinguished Feline Verse -- still available at Amazon.Com.

This is my tribute to a poetic Genius, and Mr. Poe too.
-- In other words, it's a Fan Work.

Created with: Ren’Py Visual Novel Engine

Download from MediaFire!

It's a short poem so it should take you 10 minutes, tops to go through it all.
-- You can set the poem to Auto-Play by clicking the text link at the Bottom-Right of the game screen.

Historical note: Mr Poe did indeed have a cat named Cattarina!


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