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A game worth playing

  • Martimus
  • 11/17/2018 12:20 PM
So I played the original Zombie Survival Game from the point of view of Adam and got quite far which is why when this game was updated to include more characters I thought I would try it out again. I have to say it was much more fun the first time but this time it was an enjoyable experience as well. That said, the game wasn’t dramatically different from Craig’s perspective.

The intro sequences show the city being overrun by zombies. An unaware character wakes up ready for their usual day to by surprise engage zombies and survive as they try to find a way safely out of the city. Like I said, I chose the character Craig and early Adam joins your party passes you a Police Baton and tells Craig they have to get to the Police Station. I’m not going to reveal any more than that. The game is exactly what I expected it to be as I did play it before. This game is barely a survival horror but more of a hybrid of rpg and survival horror. It requires you to explore the city and safely find your way out whilst looking for useful gear located practically all over the city that will aid you on your journey from recovery items to weapons.

Now you think this means spectacular right? Well it’s difficult to assess the quality of the works. It is a serious project, the maps are detailed but aren’t structured to fit with the exteriors and in reality aren’t realistic (for example as you go up and down the stairs of interiors in the game). I’m not sure if this was done intentionally or just because the developer lacked the resources. The exteriors for the actual city is however well constructed and well designed. It may be hard for players to take the game seriously as it uses chibi characters which completely takes the realism out of the project. The developer most likely knew it is very difficult to develop an actual horror game that will scare the player using RPG Maker so this horror game isn’t so focused on creeping the player out but settles them into the dark atmosphere of the plot. That’s why the game is designed to be more comical and more of a spoof than something you would play to get drawn into a fictional morbid world. For example, for literally no reason a guy hidden in one of the stores sells supplies and guns to the player for literally no reason. He just set up camp there during the zombie outbreak and for literally no reason at all just starts selling items. Another thing that doesn’t make sense in the story is that the city appears to have a destroyed post-apocalyptic feel as if the buildings had been sabotaged and even become decayed as cracks are left on walls. It was a wrong move for the developer to make as Craig gets up for work and a Zombie Apocalypse has taken place just before he woke up even though it looks like time had literally nuked the city into a more distant future. How does this make any sense? Well, like I said the game fails to make the player take the adventure seriously from the start.

You’ll enjoy the journey through the city as various events unfold. Not much really happens though. Cut scenes are short and get to the point, good for players who care more about game-play than the actual plot. The music is great, it doesn’t use original scores but the tracks are perfect for setting the scene.

In short, this game needs more attention and people to play it and enjoy the experience. It’s more of a game about exploration if anything else. If you’re looking for a deep story then its best to look elsewhere. The game-play system isn’t so advanced or even crafted in a way to hype it up but it accomplished what it meant to so I give this 3/5. The graphics are good generally speaking however they could have been implemented better so I give that 3/5 as well. Music is well used in this project but it lacks an original score so I give it 3.5/5. Overall I would score this game with 3/5 stars for what it achieves because it fails to completely cross the line between amateur and professional.