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A character who's lost his way. A goddess with a particular interest in him. He's failed at achieving his goal, but the goddess is benevolent and grants him some of her energy so that he might get a chance to accomplish his desire. But only one. His weak soul is not even a shell of his former glory--it is fragile and weak, yet ambitious and strong. Can he conquer this?

It is a game I quickly made thinking about a friend for a game jam (Ludum Dare 28, you may have heard of or participated in it). The game is a rogue-like that gets harder the longer you spend on each floor and yadda yadda. The catch is that the player himself only has one HP. If anything so much as touches you, you're dead. Have fun!

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Full Release!

So that's a thing. I've come a long way, but I'm finally ready to put up the full version. It'll be available here ( http://dragonadventuregames.itch.io/fragile-soul ) for $1, though it'll be having a release week sale (50% off)!

Oh, right, the date. This coming Friday! (4/11/2014)

Hope to see you there~
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  • 12/18/2013 04:47 AM
  • 04/20/2014 12:19 AM
  • 12/13/2013
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I got a warning that this game may be harmful to my computer when I tried to download it. Hopefully it is just a false alarm but to be safe I will wait until someone can confirm to me this game contains no virus or malware before I play it.
I can assure you there is no virus. The file is new to the internet in general, and knowledgeable computer users will know that this causes anti-virus programs to spazz out as they do not recognize the file due to the aforementioned reason. It won't cause your computer to explode, I promise ya that much.
I've added this game to my "must-play" list. Entirely custom art, custom gameplay systems and UI, with what looks like roguelike influences... looks like it will be a very unique play.
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