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The second installment of Valthirian Arc is here!

Valthirian Arc 2 is the awaited sequel of Valthirian Arc I. It has a lot of improvements such as new classes, simulation elements and more! And there's a plot this time! It's developed directly in the mother company, Agate.

As Principal, it is your job to manage the academy, guide your students during their hunt quests and send them to perform Errands. Lead your academy to become the best in all of Valthiria!

You can find the facebook page over here: https://www.facebook.com/valthirianarc

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Our friends at Agate finally finished the sequel to Valthirian Arc II. It only seemed fitting that we should post the next episode over here since VA Original was here too.

Our boss Azraelee (Wimindra Lee) decided to take it to the mother company of Lucidrine, Agate Studios. I was only shown the early progresses of the game and a few comments here and there while Fandrey got more progress peaks more than I have. And now it's done.

We might not be directly involved in the game dev process, it's interesting to see how it became on the hands of another team.

If you have any feedback, please send through Kongregate's Bug report or in the Facebook Fan Page!

(Or you can try here and we'll submit it, if we have time. Hahaha)

Bug fix:
We’ve fixed the loading screen and student statistic page bug. Thank you all for all your bug reports. Keep ’em coming! :)
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  • 12/21/2013 06:28 PM
  • 12/07/2018 01:31 PM
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Oh wow! I remember playing the original one so long ago… I knew that you said that you guys were working on a sequel, but it just took so long and I was starting to lose faith, and…

…In other words, this is awesome news. Definitely looking at it, the graphics and the quality of this game have improved a great deal since the original. And it looks like this one has some delicious cutscenes this time! I’ll definitely give this a whirl and a sub, too.

I’ll add this to the review pile along with the original one for next year, ‘kay? I still have a couple of other games to review first but I’ll definitely review both of them right after that. I just remember spending around four hours playing the original game and never wanted to part ways with my maximum level students – so much fun.

Congrats on finishing this guys. Continue to always be full of epicness no matter what you do.
They're doing some bug fixing! I recommend waiting for a bit if you want to review. <:D
Can do there, bud. I probably wasn’t going to review this until sometime in either February or March (I have a schedule to follow, of course).

(Also, too much pink, my eyes.)
Some freeze issues; particularly with the early missions and sometimes upon graduating or job changing students. Look forward to the fixes! Good game.
Freeze issues are fixed and such :D
Hello, I have a problem with downloading this game.
Everytime if I click on it. It sends me to Kongrate webpage.
And if I close that webpage and goes back to this page. I have to wait 15 mintues before I can re-download it. after waited 15 minutes.
I click on the download button it will sends me to kongrate again.

Does someone else have this problem too?
That's because it's a flash game. It's not a game you can download to your desktop.
Oh gee, how'd I miss this? Insta-sub, loved the first one and can't wait to play this one when I get time~<3
it should be for download i keep loseing my data when i log out and back into knogregate
I have a question, was this made by yourself or do you have a team? Because im pretty damn impressed O.o
Very impressive, lengthy and addicting.

It's perfect, besides some bugs and lag, don't change it.
Well, whadda know, the RMN gods have spoken and have decided to feature this wonderful gem based on my behalf (and I didn’t have to sacrifice a goat to even do it).

Congratulations, Agate Studios, Nessy and Fandrey for making one hell of an addicting game.

- Now please make another one!
(...Please? For me? I got pie.)
This game strongly reminds me of Magic Knight Rayearth (talking about the graphics used). Style is pretty similar.
( ̄▽ ̄)ノ De-facto operator of the unofficial RMN IRC channel.
How did I miss this?

Great work on this! This is actually super fun even though it's a flash game (yes yes, I know the engine does not limit the amount of a fun a game is). A little rough around the dialogue, but that's okay because it's super fun to play.

Gosh! This game is just so addictive~ Awesome job!
puking up frothing vitriolic sarcastic spittle
The building-element doesn't at all make up for how dull the quests are, especially with regards to how unimportant character control is. Given that my input has very little to do with whether or not a mission will be successful, might as well skip the whole tedium of the missions and skip straight to whether or not the party I've picked will fail... but then there'd be nothing more to this game than watching numbers increase and occasionally clicking things.

This is the sort of game that people who like Farmville etc. would probably like, but not something actual gamers should content themselves with. At least not for the hour or so I've put into it so far; willing to play a little more to see if it gets any better but I'm not seeing it...
Yeah it's definitely targeted for the casual audience that doesn't mind very basic strategies (mostly for boss fights) and enjoy sim management.

Not really something a gamer who likes combat would like. It's in the similar vein of Kairosoft games.
Three things. Two are a major and a minor bug report, and another in a minor grief.


Minor bug: Sometimes when the fanfare for a successful or failed errand is played, often just as you walk into the portal to start a mission, the music will completely turn off and require you to go in and manually turn it back on

Major bug: sometimes when I start doing job changes en masse the picture will completely freeze. I can still access the game as though nothing is wrong, but the image is completely locked mid sparkle. The only way to fix this is to reset.

Minor gripe: Whenever you graduate a student, the list of students resets yourself, bringing you to the top of the alphabetical list. So if you're like me and you're graduating only certain students, it gets tedious to have to go back to the list each time and dig out where you were before it launched you back to the starting block.

Otherwise, VERY good game, I'm very pleased with it, as it has completely engrossed my life these last couple of days.

One last thing: Is there a cohesive guide to this game? There are a couple of things that I'm not sure on, like gold colored students. Are they the mid point between Blue and Indigo?

EDIT: After some more playing I've noticed that the game crash occurs more often than not when upgrading Magi of all kinds. As far as I know I've not seen this happen with Knights, Paladins, Scouts, or the riflemen who's name I cannot spell to save my life. I may be wrong but I know it's at least happened the most with the magic users.

EDIT EDIT: Never mind I was wrong. Moments after posting the edit, the game crashed when upgrading a Knight to a Paladin. It must have just been a coincidence it happened a lot on magi.
This is rather interesting project. The gamesystem is wonderfully made. I can't wait for next episode.
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