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New And Exciting Thingeroos

Christmas came early for Tales from Zilmurik, and what was given was something that it's needed for a long while: the completion of Chapter 2! The conflicts surrounding the Night Blades, Fear and the shadow that's stripped the life from the Port of Alimena have all been resolved and the heroes have taken their experiences to heart and grown as people.

I can't tell you how vital I feel my own recent life developments have been in the creation of this chapter. They say "write what you know", and now I feel I have as the years I spent begging for inspiration have finally come to fruition. There were some flashes of happiness, but also a lot of grief that's taught me a bit about what it means to be human. I speak of these things in the past tense because they've come to an end now, but all of this - I assure you - was not wasted and has made what would have otherwise been impossible a reality.

So where does this leave us? On the threshold of a new and exciting future! Momentarily, the seal binding Chapter 3's development will be broken and Greed will be unleashed on the world. Beasts of the mountains to the east of the Night Blade Fortress will surge forth from the valley where they've rested dormant and Chaos' apocalyptic view of the future for the Goddesses will draw closer still. Fear's prophetic words ring true for the heroes and the world alike, and it's up to you to turn against fate and undo the inevitable. The future must be altered - all of humanity depends on it!

See you in the New Year.

Progress Report

I'm not dead yet!

Whew, it's been a while. Let's see when the last time I uploaded something was!

Oh no...

Well, that may look bad, but I know how much progress I've made in-game, right? Let's see... I was plotting out scenes for the Graveyard of Shadows and I feel super good about how they've developed, so let's check the ol' map tree.

Son of a-


No! No, I swear it's good. Unbelievably perfect! According to plan! Nothing is ruined- okay.

Let me get down to the nitty gritty: I've been struggling recently. My whole world got turned upside down and I've been trying to re-situate myself for the past few months. I'm not going to bore you with the details, but it's been rough (possibly one of the roughest experiences of my life). I've done some mourning and some soul searching, and now I feel like I'm coming out the other end a better person... I hope.

Where does this leave Tales from Zilmurik? Like myself, hopefully in a better place than it was before. The turbulence has given me exactly the kind of inspiration and motivation I'd been looking for. Pokemon Go has been a welcome distraction while I get my head on straight and reflect on my life, but now I feel recharged and ready to tackle this behemoth of a passion project. I feel comfortable working stuff out in my head and doodling plans on the computer (where originally I did it on scrap paper), a product of my having spent a lot of time goofing on Discord.

I even feel comfortable enough to show my hand so everyone else can see what I've been up to and how it reflects on the future of the game. BEHOLD!

is good

All the time spent goofing off and brainstorming has even opened up a possibility that I hadn't considered before. I originally had plans to make this entire mansion, but then I wanted to scrap that because it wasn't "important" (all the action happens before and after this), but now I'll be meeting somewhere in the middle and allowing the player to actually play the game by bringing these sections together into a realistic design. Remember this?

That door will now lead into this hallway and the hallway will connect the three trials of the party. You'll find out more later about why these things have to be connected, but I assure you, it's some dense stuff.

Click here to see more

Progress Report

Getting back into the swing of things.

How many times have I said that? Anywho...

After the completion of G, I'm finally ready to get back into working on Tales from Zilmurik, huzzah! Jumping in after a couple of months away was a bit of a culture shock given how many minute details go into every step I make with this project, but I've got my legs back and I've finished up applying the custom message boxes for all dialogue up to this point, which was no small feat.

Now begins the arduous task of piecing together the Graveyard of Shadows which will serve as a parallel to the Sanctuary of the Departed for the "monsters" of the world. I like this idea because it introduces a hypocrisy to the moral paradigm of the world's heroes, where intrusion is justified by the means in which it is undertaken. And for as many times as I can fit into the game, I want for this sort of thing to be reinforced; that the same rules which govern the Dark are reflected in the Light.

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