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Reminds me of playing an untranslated RPG

  • Rine
  • 02/27/2016 01:11 AM
Which is...not a good thing. I'm sure we've all had that experience, liking an RPGMaker game that hasn't been translated, or even a ROM of a never-ported RPG? Muddling your way through, talking to everyone and hoping something changes so you can keep going, wandering into enemies that blast you because you went the wrong way?

That's what this game feels like. It is in English, ostensibly, though the problems the writing has with similar-but-not-same words like 'loser' to 'looser' and the like makes me think English wasn't the writer's first language. While the first person you talk to in game gives you a goal, something about a sky buddha and...something...it may as well have been gibberish, as I didn't understand a word of it, and couldn't find the thing the scene showed you. No one I spoke to was useful, except the single person who told me that I could get party members with my 'Urne', and to talk to her to remove them. I never got any urne points or whatever, and the only fight I got into wrecked me (mostly with me missing 90% of the time). I eventually reached my end when after wandering the intentionally trippy map for about twenty minutes, I talked to something that put me into what seemed like airship mode...and after thinking I made progress, realized I couldn't find where to land.

So...yeah. This ostensibly aims to be a weird, trippy RPG like OFF or Yume Nikki, pick your flavor, but it doesn't give you clear direction, the map layout is confusing and hard to find your way, let alone knowing where you need to go, walking into buildings is hard on the eyes due to the shaking, even though the game encourages you to go into them...you never find anything in them, even if you are lucky enough to figure out which 'houses' you can go into. It is weird yes, but good weird games have direction that leads you down the rabbit hole, they don't slip you LSD and push you into an art gallery hoping you'll make it out.

I feel bad giving this such a low rating, since it definitely isn't bad because of laziness, but remember people: If the player can't figure out what they're supposed to do in your game within a half hour, they aren't going to keep trying, they're going to quit and find something else. Hell, most probably won't even give it ten minutes.


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Thanks for taking on that one.
I've been meaning to do this .. but I never found the end and stopped. The only thing to add is that it seemed to have poor attempts at humor.
First time making a game and I understand its not up to standards but I learned a lot. Thank You for taking time to review this.

Next game will be better.
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