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Enex1 Disclaimer "Enex: Legend of the Hero" is the first game I ever made. I started it in the year 2004. That's right, as of now that is 9 years ago. I finished it 5 or so months after that. It is ancient. It is a relic. It is the first game made by a man (then a boy) passionate for game design. But it was a game made by a kid in Junior High! I have improved considerably since then.

I have decided to post this as is, despite not being particularly proud of this game, I have had interest of it expressed to me and I decided, oh what the hell, it can't hurt to have it available. I mean it is a full game, after all. I will fix game breaking bugs, but I do not have any plans to make any improvements upon this relic.

Why release at all then? Mostly for the legacy of it. I've had many people play the game who have stated they enjoyed it a lot. I also am planning on releasing the sequel, Enex2 (A game which, by the way, has been complete for several years now but I simply never took the initiative to place it on the web.) and know that some might be curious to look into the past.

Also, I hope you can decipher that absurd rpg2003 font! =P

A young man who goes off with his friends to defend his city against the menace of the nearby Ogres only to be roped into something quite a lot more than protecting his town, but a struggle for the safety of his entire universe. His journey will take him to far away places, and he will meet new friends, the eight legendary heroes spoken of in the myths of Enex II.

Enex the warrior, named after the continent of his birth (and giver of the name to the series.)
Eros the cosmic mage
Rel the swordmaster
Claria the healer
Fyres the archer
Sir Tal the knight
Lufredis the bishop
Rekkesh the shadow mage.

The game is approximately 15-20 hours long from start to finish. It may take more or less than that depending on how fast you complete the game.

After downloading the zip file of Enex, extract it anywhere. In order to open up Enex, open the exe labeled "RPG_RT". If you do not like the name of this, (if you change it it will not work), then simple create a shortcut onto your desktop of it and name it Enex1.. or whatever you want to call it.

So have fun! Or don't.

In any case, if you're curious to know what I am working on lately, visit me at www.facebook.com/PelagicGame
Or better yet, Twitter: https://twitter.com/Erichermit

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I'm a dog pirate
Hey, could you move the screenshots in your game description to the screenshots section. It would help with the balance of your page :)
Thank you for the advice, I have done so.
where is the bone in the oak woods
I'm so bad with questions from Enex1 because it was so long ago. ;_; I'll try to find out for you.
Okay, it's actually super simple. The Bone is located in a chest in the Oak woods. On the west side of the map is a canopy you can walk under to get to a pair of chests in a clearing. One of them has the bone in it.
How to remove stones at Shadow Forest at the entrance?
And there's a moonstone in cave,how to break it?
How to remove stones at Shadow Forest at the entrance?
And there's a moonstone in cave,how to break it?

Search the dead trees. As for the moonstone, don't worry you'll be able to break it afterward.
Hi! I got errors like "cannot open file so and so". I tried to search myself and here is examples: enex\System\system34qc.png should be renamed as system3.png
enex\CharSet\chara01.png renamed as char1.png and so on. Do I miss corect RTP or game installation? Please help, I want enjoy 1 part before playing second one.
Hey! Looks like I'm about 5 months late to answer this but..

There isn't a compelling reason to play 1 before 2. As 2 is the superior game, I think I'd recommend you do it in the opposite order anyway, exactly.

it seems like you do have the wrong RTP, or something? I've never seen that error before, I'm sorry.

I'm stuck. Have no idea where to go from here. I killed Salt Demon, returned salt to the lake. Where do I go from here? Also, where is Lufredis and how do I recruit him?

Enjoyed the game so far, please give me a hint!
It might be too late for you, juliab, but everyone who plays this game should know about this. I'm currently at the exact part you're stuck in, juliab, and I can't blame you for not having figured out the solution.

Here's the problem: The game suggests that people who want to please the light god Wa shouldn't enter Skull Tower (S of Bedalni), home of the shadow god Skiack's believers, while entering the tower is in fact necessary for story progress. Entering Skull Tower was literally the last thing I tried to advance the story.

In order to set foot in Skull Tower, you first need the bones that can be found in a treasure chest in the NW part of Oak Forest (Bedalni NE exit). Chances are that you already found them at the beginning. In exchange for the bones, the dark mage Leighton in Bedalni gives you an Evil Slime, and the Evil Slime grants you access to Skull Tower. There you can find an Ancient Book in a treasure chest on the 2nd floor. This Ancient Book initiates a tedious trade/fetch quest that must be completed in the following order:

Ancient Book > library manager in Carille --> Idol > nun in Carille's church --> Spider Food > spider trainer in Bedalni --> Psychic Orb > fortune teller in Enek Salt Lake Coast Village --> Unknown Herb > botanist in Carille identifies it as an Oskillo Leaf > fairy in NE part of Oak Forest --> Pixie Dust > magic shop owner in Carille --> Tiny Key > open the prison cell in dark mage Leighton's shop in Bedalni and give the Tiny Key to the old man being held captive there --> Old Man's Staff > staff shop owner in Carille --> Light Rune > Bedalni's church priest > Wa Pendant

Thanks to the Wa Pendant, you can now enter the 2nd floor of the church. Watch the cutscene and talk to Lufredis in order to recruit him. After having recruited Lufredis, you're now able to gain entry into the backyard (again) - where you can gain access to the next dungeon by reading the gravestone inscription and choosing "approach the gravestone". Furthermore, with Lufredis in your party you can recruit Rekkesh in the Carille arena champion room (that is available after winning the first arena tournament).

I'm sure this posting will help whoever is stuck in this part of the game.
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