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A New Game in the Luxaren Allure universe!

Introducing Izrand Allure! A new WLW JRPG-Style game with production starting NOW (well actually I've been working on it for a few months >.>;)

Takes place in the same world as Luxaren Allure with a mostly new cast on a new continent!

I'm super excited about this new project! If you want to follow the development, please subscribe to the new project on its gamepage here! :DDDDDDDDDDD


Happy Luxaversary!

It's the fourth anniversary of Luxaren Allure being complete! (and wow, like nearly 6 years since I started the project!)

Before I continue further, I just wanted to share some really awesome stuff, like this super cute artwork I got from ebeth recently! So adorable!!!

And as anyone who's been following the comments is no doubt aware, Error recently completed this really incredible fanfiction about Merel's continued research after the events of the game, and if you haven't checked it out, I urge you to do so, because it's really well written and enjoyable! :D

If you'll indulge me, I'd like to ramble a little about Luxaren Allure and future plans for games. I replayed LA recently this year, and I'm still pretty darn happy with how it turned out! My favorite part is probably the Hotenshin Contest of Love, as what started as a silly idea also happened to wring out a lot of funny character moments and some drama and just a lot of fun.

While I still get a lot of great comments both here and on Luxaren's itch.io page, I still felt like maybe I went a bit overboard with the density of RPG battles in the game, not to mention the game has a very slow pace, as I prioritized exploring around the isles over really investing players with a deep plot right away.

At the same time, I kinda like that more relaxed pace, but I can see how it didn't gel with some players and I could have done more to hook people right away. And it means people who primarily wanted yuri content had to power through all the exploring and battling just to get to content they wanted. Some even cheated to get there (which is fine, you do what makes you happy :DDD). Makes me think I could have done better, though.

As you probably know, I've been working on Weird and Unfortunate during the years since LA's release, but I've been longing to do more projects like Luxaren, with fantasy settings and cute lesbian relationships. During RMN's Rainbow of Positivity event, I got that chance, and released a demo of Date Knights, a short RPG with a focus on a Holy Knight and Dark Knight who used to date and meet again for a mission years later.

I really need to go back and flesh this demo out into a full game, but if you haven't checked it out, please feel free to give it a play and let me know what you think ^_^

And there's also the matter of what I work on next after Weird and Unfortunate. It'll probably be a remake of Lilies of Vanigale (a game I almost finished in RPG Maker XP over like ten years ago) or I'll work on Eye of Uzola (a game I started in RPG Maker 2000 as a teenager).

What sort of game would you like to see from me in the future? :DDD While I can't say it'll absolutely influence what I make next, I am curious XD

The Lilies Cast, as drawn by Sooz!

Okay, that's enough rambling and reminiscing from me! Time to get back to work on RPG making! Hopefully I can finish Weird and Unfortunate early in 2020 and get to make even more games! A huge thanks to everyone who's following me and cheering me on! Seriously, it means a lot to me!


New Yuri Game Demo- Remie and Alana!

Hello everyone! ^_^ I hope you are all well on this Halloween Day :DDDDD

This month is the month of the 2016 Yuri Game Jam, and me, Ocean, and Kloe have been working hard on a game called Remie and Alana, about two magical girls hunting for an evil artifact in an abandoned mall and discovering their feelings for each other!

The gamepage for Remie and Alana is here, and we just released the demo, which runs for about 30 minutes to an hour. If you liked Luxaren Allure, I think you'll probably enjoy it. ^_^ Please give it a try if it sounds like something you'd like! :D

It's not a spooky game or anything, but hopefully it'll be a fun, sweet Halloween treat none the less ^_^


Happy Valentine's Day!!!

On this day of love, to RMN for the February Featured Game spotlight, and to everyone who's played, I'd just like to say

I am so happy that people are enjoying this game! Please be on the lookout for my next game, Weird and Unfortunate Things are Happening, and plans for a Luxaren Allure spin-off game are also in the works.




The winners of the Misaos were posted yesterday, and I clicked the link, excited to see what games won, and... I just stared at the screen, in shock, for a little while.

Luxaren Allure won Best Characters, Best RPG AND Game of the Year.



Thank you all, thank you SO MUCH for voting for this little game, and for deeming it worthy of such honor!

I was going to maybe commission some art for this post, say, all the characters dressed up as brides and saying THANK YOU but I just had to get this message out of how grateful I am to all of you ASAP, because you made this happen!

Seriously, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU ALL!

...And the more I think about it, the more that bride picture idea appeals to me. >.> Excuse me while I talk to some people XD

PS Thank you thank you thank you thank you! :DDDDDDDDDD I didn't think I'd ever win a Misao, so I am totally and completely blown away by this news!



Bugs Fixed, Tweaks, and the Misaos

Hello everyone! Just wanted to let you all know that the game has been updated again! NeverSilent let me know of some pretty serious bugs (as well as a lot of typos). A huge thanks for pointing those out! ^_^

I also tweaked the Cavern of Swirling Sand and the Watery Depths a little, as well. There is now a fairy in the Depths who can sell you a badge that gives you extra time for those pesky Tidal Zones.

Also, the nominations for the Misaos are out, and Luxaren Allure got nominated for a bunch of categories! I am so flattered and amazed! A huge thanks to everyone that nominated the game! I'm excited to see how the voting goes! I know the game is far from perfect, but I've very happy to have it out there and that so many people are enjoying it. :DDDDD

Thanks again, and have a wonderful day, everyone! ^_^




Also, if anyone gets to the last dungeon and needs to grind, it turns out I forgot to have enemies respawn there. I have fixed the issue and updated the download, so if you find yourself needing some more levels, feel free to download the new version and move your save file over there.



Tips, Dungeon Help and Puzzle Solutions Page is Up!

Hello everyone! :D How are you all doing?

As I promised, I've added a page with info on the game, maps of difficult areas, and puzzle solutions for anyone who's gotten stumped. Click here to see it! ^_^

Hopefully this should help anyone who's having trouble. If you have any questions about something not covered on the page, feel free to ask, and I'll do my best to help!

Also, if anyone's finding any area or dungeon particularly difficult or frustrating, please don't hesitate to let me know. I saw someone on tumblr who was having one heck of a hard time with the Watery Depths, aka the second Tide Area dungeon below Springsmouth. If you're the person who posted that, and you happen to be reading this, I apologize for all the grief and I'm so glad you made it through okay. I didn't mean for it to be that frustrating ^^;;

For anyone else who has problems there, there are now maps on the aforementioned new page that will show you the way through those areas. Even having said that, I'm considering adding a few seconds to the clock for each difficulty in that area, as I really didn't mean for it to be tearing-out-your-hair hard. Please let me know if anyone else found the Watery Depths too frustrating.

I'm also considering putting maps of the Final Dungeon on the new page, but I haven't for now, because I kind of want to preserve its mystery a bit. I may change my mind, though, as it's super-big and players may get lost. ^^;;


Luxaren Allure is COMPLETE! :DDDDDD

It's been about a year since the last demo was released, and I am so extremely happy to announce that Luxaren Allure is FINALLY COMPLETE and ready for you to download and play! :D

A super huge thanks to the amazing Red_Nova for busting his butt playtesting the game from start to finish for the past freaking two weeks for me. Thank you so much for that! Also another huge thanks to Sooz for also busting her butt and putting together an awesome ending screen for me in just a few days! You are the best, Sooz! ^_^

A couple of small things you might be interested to know about. First off, I got a few complaints from non-experienced RPG players letting me know that they still found Easy mode to be too difficult, so I have added a new difficulty, Very Easy, for those people. I hope that allows you to enjoy the game without it being too frustrating for you! ^_^

Also, I'm sad to say I had to nerf the Liquid Impulse item quite a bit, as it was upsetting the game's balance. I apologize for that.

Thirdly, I will be adding a Tips and Solutions page to this gamepage to help players who are struggling at parts of the game. Look for it soon!

I am very proud to have this project finally brought to completion, but I didn't do it alone, not by a long-shot. So I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who helped me out along the way ^_^ Names are listed in alphabetical order and with hide-tags so you can find your name fast (and hopefully will make scrolling to the game comments not be super-annoying XD) Let's get started!

Archeia Nessiah:
Hey Nessy! Back when I was brand new to this site, I was asking about animated battlers, and you told me about Kread-EX's animated battlers, which is a script that was super-essential to this game. Thanks for helping a newbie out, and for being such an awesome person in the RM community!

Cashmere Cat:
Thanks for your support of this game, and thank you so much for writing the first review for Luxaren Allure! That review inspired me so much! I really appreciate it! :DDDD

Thanks for being a super cool and nice person around the community! I love your reviews and everything you bring to RMN! You are awesome! ^_^

Thank you for always providing such thoughtful and awesome advice whenever I'd post in RMN with RPG Making questions (which were mostly about this game XD). Thanks for cheering me up when I dropped the ball on Wyrm Warriors. Thanks for being such an awesome dev and cool person to talk to ^_^

Thank you so much for helping me out with damage formulas back when I started this project, and for all of your wonderful advice in the RMN forums!

Thank you so much for following this project for so long and cheering it on! I enjoy reading your posts as well ^_^

Thanks for playing my game, cheering me on, and all the comments! I think you're a really talented developer with a lot of potential! You make cool stuff ^_^

Thank you for following this game and cheering me on! I'm a super big fan of your work and I think you have really awesome ideas about games and characters! :DDDDD

Thank you for making the awesome customizable ATB/Stamina Based Battle System Script! I love CTB systems, and it was great to have one in ACE! You are amazing! :D

Gourde Clae:
Heya Gourdy! Thanks so much for supporting this game, and all your comments! You're really cool and fun to talk with, plus I like your writing chops! You have cool game ideas, too! Thanks again! ^_^

Whenever I've had a code or programming problem and I posted about it on the forums, you were there, and you solved so many of my issues. You even made a script fix for me when I ran out of animation room in my project! You have helped me so much, you have no idea. I can't thank you enough :DDDDDDD

Back when I put out the first demo of the game, you gave it a playthrough and gave me some great advice about writing. While I feel the start of the game is very weak in the writing department, I tried hard to improve as I went a long. You've also been a wonderful inspiration as a fellow developer, as I've enjoyed all of your games as well! ^_^

You've been following the game, checking out updates, and cheering me on for quite some time now! I really appreciate your support! Thanks very much :DDDD

Thanks for all the effort you put into this super-cool site! And, when this game got the development spotlight, it got the subtitle "Eternal amour meets infernal armour" or something similar, which I thought was super awesome. I don't know who did that, but it sounds like your kind of humor XD

Dunno if you'll ever see this, but I absolutely adore your Animated Battler's script, and the game wouldn't be the same without it. Thank you very much for making it! ^______^

You've been a huge inspiration to me, especially in mapping and Gam Mak enthusiasm! Thanks for being such an awesome part of this community! :DDDD

Thank you for helping me so much for the bosses "Creeping Monstrosity" and "Philterath" (the potion monster) in your Boss thread. I owe it to you that those battles are so awesome.

I also really respect your eye for game mechanics and battles! Reading your posts about RPGs is always super-fascinating! ^_^

Also thanks for having a game with a giant big red button that says DO NOT PRESS but the hero presses it anyway XD

Thank you sooooo much for cheering me on and supporting this game! I have a TON of respect for you as a developer, a storyteller, and an awesome mapper and resource-maker. You are super-awesome and I know Tristian is going to be amazing! :DDDD

Thank you so very much for all of the super amazing art you did for Luxaren Allure! The look and feel of the game, the charm of the characters interacting, it's all thanks to your fantastic art! It has been so great working with you. Thanks for being so great to work with. I really appreciate all the hard work you put in. Thanks for putting up with all the extra stuff I asked for, too ^^;;

I can't thank you enough. Maybe we can work together again someday, too ^_^

Thanks for following this project since just about the start, thanks for your playtesting, and thanks for being such an active and cool member of the community! :D I really appreciate your continued support as I worked on this game! I really hope you're feeling better as well!

Thank you sooo much for your support of this game, and those super-awesome puzzles you made for me! I really appreciate it! You have an amazing eye for eventing and doing cool stuff with RPG Maker! I can't wait to see what you make next! ^_^

Thank you so much for your interest in my games, including this one, nhubi! Thank you for reviewing my games. I learn a lot from your reviews, and it always drives me to work harder and do better!

You're an absolute godsend for this community and just a fun person to talk to. Thanks for being so awesome! :DDDD

Hey Nirwanda! You helped me out a lot by pointing out that Karuna's feelings for Aurelie weren't nearly as obvious as they should be in the prologue! That really helped me out! Thanks a lot for that, and thanks for playing my game! ^_^

Thanks for your support of my game! Also, thanks for making cool games about African culture and sharing the knowledge with the rest of the world ^_^

Red Nova:
Remember back in the beginning, when this was just a small demo with an hour or so of playtime? You took a look at it and gave me some great advice about making the character's goals and struggles more relatable, to get to know Aurelie before she became Darkloft. Pretty much, the fact that this game is as big and detailed as it is, is thanks to you, as you made me want to make all of the characters more of a priority, and I needed more game-time to do that. :D

That aside, you've been cheering me on and helping me since the very start. Add to that your many hours of test playing, and wow. You've been a total lifesaver and an amazing friend to work with. Thank you so much for how much you've given to this project! (Also thanks for the fanart :D )

Thank you so much for getting into this game, for promoting it, and for the wonderful Chisa fanart! It makes me happy every time I look at it, and it's super cool, too! :D Thanks also for doing the artwork commission for the sci-fi game, which will hopefully be up in 2016 ^_^

Thank you very much for playing the game, giving me your feedback, and screenshotting those typos you found! That was very helpful! ^_^

Thanks for all your cheer and support during my early development of the game. ^_^ Also a big thanks for the awesome sprite art of Karuna in love :DDDDD

Thanks for your support of my project, Slash! I always enjoy talking to you about game development, and you always make me want to make better, cooler stuff! ^_^ You're a blast to talk with, and I'm really looking forward to your Boss game :DDDDD

Thank you for all the ideas, all the listening to me talk endlessly about the game. Thanks for putting up with me working on it all the time. Thanks for taking the huge task of going over my dialog and making it so much better! And thanks for the amazing pixel art for the THE END screen! (Not to mention that you got me VX Ace as a Christmas present in the first place XD)

You are totally the most wonderful best friend a person could ever have! :DDDDD <3 I look forward to making more games with you! It's gonna be great! ^_______^

Thanks very much for doing those script edits for me! ^_^ I really appreciate that!

Thanks for your continued support and cheering me on as I made this game! Thanks for all of your really nice fanart! ^_^ And sorry you had to put up with the really hard initial version of the Depthsfiend. (I'll cherish that picture of him, tho XD)

Zeigfried McBacon:
Thanks for always cheering me on, talking with me over PMs, chat, and Slack, and just generally being awesome. You've been a huge help. Thanks, Zeig! :D

...I really hope I didn't forget anyone. I apologize ahead of time if I did ^^;;

Thanks again, everyone! You're all magical to me! :DDDDD


A Correction and the Final Status Update

Hello everyone! Last time I spoke about battle cut-in art and showed some of it off. I'm afraid to say that I did so in error. Due to unforeseen personal matters in real life taking up all of her time right now, M-3-1 isn't able to finish all the battle cut-ins, so for now I'm removing them from the game.

Don't let this worry you too much, though, as these were only a cosmetic addition. All other artwork for the game has been completely finished. I asked for a ton of work from M-3-1, and she has been super amazing about all of it. Thank you again, so much. Your artwork is what really brings the characters to life, and I am so totally grateful for that. I can say thanks enough for all of your hard work!

I take responsibility for showing off artwork before it was certain that it would all be done for the final release. I hope I haven't disappointed you guys too much with that ^^;;

In more upbeat news, it's time to show, for the very last time, the Game Progress Meter!

Look at that! Sooooo close! Now, you may be wondering, "uni, what's left to finish, and how long will it take?" All that's left is the Last Boss battle and the ending.

Now, given that I still need to draw all of the forms for the last boss and make some new battle animations for her, and that I want to incorporate some new settings into the ending that will require new tilesets to be drawn, it means that getting everything done will, at the very least, take me a week or two. And after that the game will be sent off to the testers to make sure I didn't mess up anything. After that, it'll be ready to download!

It's been an interesting few last weeks. I have been working super-hard, and luckily real life has been kind. That January 2016 release date that I was wondering about is no more, and it will be more likely early or mid November (or end of October, but that's probably pushing it XD).

Making this game has been an amazing journey. Looking back, all of my game-making skills have come a long way since I started. This was my first attempt at making tilesets, and replaying the game, the growing-pains show. I didn't really understand how to draw with pixels, how to color, how to pick colors that look pleasing to the eye, etc. But as I went forward, I learned so much.

I also had so much help from the community on this. Seriously, there's going to be a mega-huge post when this launches to thank everyone. This game would be a lot poorer without everyone's advice, help, and general kindness!

After this is complete, I plan to take a short break to help get a friend's game out there (*cough Grappi cough *) and then it'll be back to game-making for me for a modern-setting game that I really hope you all will also enjoy.

Thanks everyone! We're so close! If all goes to plan, this will be the final blog before the game is released! :DDDDDDDD
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