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General Tips and Things to Look For in the Game


  • ATK: The stat used in regular attacks and other physical attacks. More ATK means more damage.

  • DEF: Your defense against physical attacks. The higher the number, the lower the damage you take.

  • Ether: Your magical power. Like ATK, but for magic spells.

  • MDF: Your magic defense. You take less damage from spells the more MDF you have.

  • AGI: A very important stat, Agility determines how often your turn comes up in battle. Characters with more AGI will get to act more frequently.

  • Luck: Mostly used for resisting and inflicting status effects, but is honestly the least important of the stats. Having more luck will give you a slight advantage vs ailments.

Battle Speed

One of the most important aspects to be aware of is the fact that normal enemies and some bosses unlock new and more powerful moves as the battle progresses. Therefore, it's in your best interest to take out enemies as fast as you can ^_^


Impulse are points that are generated as you take damage. Using Impulse, you can unleash skills that may turn the tide of battle in your favor. You keep Impulse even after the battle ends, but be aware that you lose 20% of your Impulse after each fight. It might be better to go ahead and use it when you can rather than saving it for a future fight.

Also, take note that some skills use both MP and Impulse.

Buying Equipment

New equipment can be really pricey in the world of Luxaren Allure, so you'll have to pick and choose what equipment you really want. Keep in mind, however, that bought equipment usually has more raw stat increases than equipment found in dungeons, which are generally weaker but may have other advantages.

The only major exception to the superiority of bought equipment is in the final dungeon, where you can find some very powerful items if you're willing to seek them out.


During the game, you're bound to find plenty of Alchemy ingredients, and in most towns and other major locations, you can find people who can combine these ingredients into cool items, weapons, armor, and accessories.

The most common and needed ingredient is called Morphoilite. Useful accessories almost always need some of this strange metal in them. But be aware that you can also break down things made of Morphoilite to get the Morphoilite back (other ingredients you spent may not be gotten back, however).

The "Mission" Option on the Menu Screen

At any time that you can access the menu, select "Mission" to get your party to talk about the next thing they need to do on their quest. Useful if you get stuck.

Crystallized Hope

The best sword in the game can be made only with Alchemy, and to construct it, you must find eight pieces of Crystallized Hope scattered throughout the isles.

If you want to know the eight locations of each piece, see below.

1) Lake Eye Temple (3rd Floor, the stairs are in the lower center of the map)
2) Aathlen Tidal Cave
3) Rahcreon Crypt (an optional dungeon. Located northeast of Erdengard, before the Pehl Mountain Path)
4) Chambers of Rest (descend the stairs above the last RiddleMonger's Room)
5) Profane Fane (The fishmen's stronghold in the Watery Depths, in a room to the right before the Egg Room).
6) Love Labyrinth (After the three puzzles and you and your partner are reunited, but before the room with the fairy that heals you)
7) Cave of Circling Curses
8) Castle Darkloft (Remember the large underground chamber where you saved that little boy, Johnny, in the prologue? It's in that area)

"Oh no, I missed a piece of Crystallized Hope, and I can't backtrack! What do I do!?"

Worry not, even if you miss one or two pieces, you still have a chance to get them later. If you want to know how, check this hide tag:

When you arrive at the Seer's Abode, if you are missing a piece or two, the man there will give you one of the missing pieces. However, if you are missing more than that, he'll just give you a piece of armor instead (it's good armor, tho XD)

If you are still missing a piece in the Final Dungeon, a treasure box in the hall before the Warp Chamber will contain that final piece. Good luck! ^_^

Those Damn Tidal Wave Areas

In two dungeons there are timed sections where a tidal wave will come through and wash you back to a previous area. If you are having trouble with these, be aware that different difficulty settings give you more time to navigate the areas. Changing the difficulty in the menu to Easy or Very Easy may save you a lot of frustration. If you're still having trouble, see the Dungeons area below!

Troublesome Dungeons and Puzzle Solutions!

This section doesn't have a full list of every dungeon, it just has help for a couple of the more difficult ones, along with puzzle solutions for the Chambers of Rest and Love Labyrinth!

Aathlen Tidal Caves

This is the first tidal-cave dungeon in the game and the much easier one. Still, some people have trouble with it. Remember that you can change the game difficulty to give you more time, and that you can explore bits of the Tidal Areas in peace as long as you return to the stairs before the time runs out. You don't have to charge blindly right away!

If you're still having trouble...

Click here for a page of maps to help you out!

Chambers of Rest

In this dungeon, you'll find three Riddlemongers who will test your brain with their devious riddles! If you need help, you've come to the right place!

The first riddle is about reading out-of-order pieces of the scriptures of ancient Parvian on Elemental Harmony, and you have to press the elemental buttons in the correct order. If you're stumped, press the Show button below:

As far as icons go, it's...
Dark, Earth, Water, Poison, Fire, Wind, Thunder, Ice, Light.

Going from left-to-right, this would translate as...
9, 8, 2, 7, 4, 3, 5, 6, 1

A big thanks to Marrend, who answered this on the main comments, and to g0lbez, who corrected the number order.

The second riddle is actually more of a game. You have to collect tokens to score points. If you are having trouble, try finding which areas have the most high-point yielding red-tokens. Given that a lot of them are on the upper path, a good strategy is to head upwards when time is running low. But you may need to check out that path ahead of time to see how it goes before things get too dark.

The third riddle is one I refuse to help you with. Just relax and don't worry too much, and I'm sure you'll figure it out! XD

Watery Depths

Hooo boy. This is a very large dungeon, and the timed tidal sections are a total killer, and more people had trouble with them than I anticipated. Just like last time, you can change the game difficulty to give you more time. While you can't save in the areas with the countdowns, if you're getting frustrated, you can save just before you enter one of these areas to save you time from having to backtrack from where the tide washes you up.

Still having trouble? ON TO MAPS!

Click here for maps of the Tidal Areas and the correct paths to take!

Love Labyrinth

The puzzles in the Love Labyrinth were designed by the super-talented NeverSilent! :DDDDDD

If you're having trouble with them, read on!

For the first puzzle, where you have to connect the energy between two rooms, here's a hint!
The device that links the two rooms is the second-to-last one, not the one on the very bottom, but the one before that.

If you're still stuck, here's the solution:
Set up the pipes like this, so the energy will follow the arrows:

And in Merel's Room:

For the second puzzle, where you have to slide along the ice together, the solution is:

Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right, Up

And for the last puzzle with the tiles of light that you must walk over in the right order, if you're stumped, the solution is...

Step 1

Switch characters by interacting with the Beacon of Harmony.

Step 2

Switch characters.

Step 3

Switch characters again.

Step 4

Switch one more time.

Step 5

Aaaand you're done! :DDDDD

*** If you have any other section that you're stuck on, feel free to post here and I'll do my best to help you out! ***


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In my game the 9,3,6,5,7,8,4,2,1 didn't work so I figured it out on my own. Here is what the answer was for me; 9,8,2,7,4,3,5,6,1. I came back to here and my answer matched up with you saying the answer in order of icons, which for me do not match up with the left-to-right translation.
You're magical to me.
You're absolutely right! Not sure how I messed that up when I typed that page, but I'll fix it immediately. Thank you, g0lbez :DDDDD
Do healing spells scale to the caster's Ether? I feel like Chisa's healing spells aren't getting much stronger as she levels, due to her low ether growth. Maybe I should give her some Ether Serums.

NVM: I did see an increase in healing after giving her a more ether-focused weapon.
You're magical to me.
Yep, they do :D It's generally a solid number plus a decent bonus based on Ether!

If her healing feels like its underperforming, she may be due for a stronger spell soon. For example at Level 10 she gets a more potent one.
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