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A Game About Love, War, and Monsters.

What do you expect when you are playing RPG games? A hero who saves the world from evil? But how if we give it a twist? A hero who loves the evil, perhaps? With both being women and love each others? With another yuri companions perhaps?

Well, although it seems like a normal style RPG games, Luxaren Allure isn't the game you would expect. Although the story is quite straightforward, it comes with a great detail. All character's past are explained in detail; making the relation between characters become more powerful.

The art itself is also very great; most of the asset are custom made and it's very beautiful. It's not that i hate default assets, i just want to tell how much effort that the artists took in order to make this game. (Note that the last dungeon map is quite hard to see though, maybe it could be an input for the artist in the future).

How long does this game take you ask? I finished the game in about 13 hours, and i switch the game to very easy difficulty from normal difficulty in the middle. Why you ask? Because the normal difficulty's battle took such a long time, and i just prefer to breeze through it. I actually start to switch it to easy for a while, but it doesn't make a lot of differences with the very easy at that point, and i prefer not to change the difficulty setting again later. The boss fights become very easy with it though. Oh, and if you noticed what i said already, you can switch the difficulty depends on what type of gamer are you, which is great.

Before i tell you about the music, i have to tell you that i am not a music expert, so bear with it. I actually like the intro music and all of them, but i don't really think that it blends perfectly with the game. Note that i didn't said that the music is bad; it's just not really fit. It's not really bad though so i can say it's okay.

- Crafting system
- You can save anywhere, except in some places.
- Great dungeon design, especially the last dungeon.
- No random encounter.
- Monster doesn't automatically reset if you go to other map (i believe it reset when you heal in inn/save point/fairy).
- Puzzles!
- You can switch the difficulty level

- You can't trace back to most places (so you can miss something and never got it back)
- You can't continue after defeating the last boss
- Bug on the battle system which requires you to save before attempting battle (the devs already notice it and said that they can't fix it).
- Normal battles are taking way too long


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You're magical to me.
Thank you very much for this review! Thanks for the suggestions, too! I'll work to make my next game hopefully better ^_^
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