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Salazar and Edrid aren't the kind of guys who'd settle for the quiet life. They're adventurers. Treasure hunters. The kind of people who go out looking for trouble, and the bounty that comes with it.

They're also the kind of people who'd trade a month's wage for passage by ship to an obscure place called Rigby Island. Their purpose? To seek out a local warlord and claim his treasure hoard for themselves. All they need is a suitable blade, and -- maybe -- just a bit of luck on their side.

They're taking their due, and they'll carve it out of his hide if they have to.

The Legend of Gladius is a single chapter demo based on a tutorial by Benko and Kelsper. It is my first RPG maker game and as such serves to acquaint me with the tools. For those interested, I will be expanding the story in Blade of the Gods after this project is complete.

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I'm Back! I think...

A huge thank-you to Roy, Nova, and everyone else who tested my game and gave awesome feedback! Please accept my profuse apologies for falling off the radar. Due to some other issues which demanded my attention for a time, this game has not been under active development for roughly a year and a half. Sorry about that -- I'll try to leave a note or something if it happens again.

The good news is that even though LoG was an introductory project (for me) and was based on a tutorial for RPG Maker, I still had two sequels planned and I have no desire to let those ideas simply wither and die. I simply *must* finish this game so that I may continue to tell the story it began.

I am thrilled that this game *was* able to provide enjoyment even in its alpha state, and I do feel that it deserves to be finished. I'm not sure how long it will be before I can continue active development here, but I've been strongly considering making the time for it.

As I do so I will be reviewing the excellent criticisms provided by everyone and using that as a starting point for making some much needed improvements. I appreciate the time everyone has taken to do this for me, and look forward to making improvements in both the game and my skill set.

Thank you!
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No doubt it was right in front of me....but where is there a save feature?
The save function happens as an option when you stay at the inn. Later on you'll be able to access that without paying, but early on that's the way to do it.
so....after finding the 110 bucks, I could stay at the inn AND save. After fighting a few battles, it was time to go to the inn again and pay another 40 bucks and save. Is it my bad luck or am I only getting EXP because the monsters dont drop anything? I am level 2 and no more HP except for a couple points and only30 bucks which isnt enough for the inn/save. I guess I will just keep fighting and if it goes bad, just go back to my previous save until I am lucky enough to gain enough level to be able to dispatch monsters eaqsier. i realize you said early battles would be hard at first but no way to heal and no money to keep going to the inn is aggravating....unless I have missed something obvious.
Hello again! That is indeed one of the aggravations challenges of the early game.

The drop rates on the early monsters are pretty darn low, but they will drop some interesting stuff occasionally. You'll see more drops from the tougher monsters, but that doesn't help a brand new party, so...

One of the tricks to this is that a character's HP and MP are restored upon leveling up. Take advantage of this! With a bit of luck, you can use it to avoid inn visits for a level or two, or at least until Edrid needs to be scraped off the floor (er, revived).

When starting out, run away from any encounter in which you are outnumbered. Sometimes you can't run, so have Edrid parry (in the hopes of minimizing or avoiding damage) and Salazar attack until you manage to take out at least one of your enemies. Then have them beat on one at a time. You still get unlucky at times, but it does help. If Edrid's going to drop and there's no way out of it, just have him attack whatever Salazar's fighting and even up the odds so Salazar can survive the fight. In this scenario, I would take Salazar someplace he might survive until his next level up (near the town or around the lone tree in the corner) and then rest up at the Inn to get Edrid back and save.

If you don't have the cash for the inn, look for bandit types (brigands & sneak thieves) and run away from everything else. Do this when your party is at or near full health, and by the time they need the healing they should have enough money for it.

Good luck! Let me know how it goes.

Version 6 is up, with a handful of fixes.

While tweaking the game earlier this morning, I apparently set the poison state to do 50% damage per turn to poisoned characters. This was unintentional. I'm fixing it now, and will be uploading the new files shortly.

Please continue to play as you wish, just be very careful about fighting spiders and hornets in the meantime. When the fix happens, you'll be able to transfer your save files from your old game folder to the new one and keep your progress.

So sorry about the inconvenience and potential eating of the bandwidth. I do strange things when I'm tired, apparently.
thanks for the free save....it helps a lot. Still a hard slog though. The monsters you say try and avoid are the very ones that you cant run from most of the time.Plus they are the poisonous ones as well.
The all around prick
Is this game still in development? Because I really want it to continue. It does so many things right that it's insane!

This game is engaging IMMEDIATELY. A single point of damage/defense makes a WORLD of difference when battles come around! Man, after playing this for about an hour, I've come to realize just how spoiled I've been playing super easy games. I've never been more excited about boosting my defense by ONE POINT before.

There's also a lot of little touches that are VERY appreciated. I didn't think taking the money from the inn at Ruberg would actually mean anything but, without spoiling anything, you CAN get punished for it if you ignore all the clues that are presented in front of you. Another example would be that only human enemies give you any significant sum of money, so targeting them for funds is a wonderful addition.

The limited saves is also great. It really delivers an adrenaline rush when you delve into a dungeon knowing that you can't save anywhere. It adds to the thrill of survival, especially when every encounter is potentially fatal.

The resource management is also stellar. The act of simply buying two health potions is a significant achievement, and you really feel like you have to ration it out.

That being said, the combat does need some serious tweaking. I get what you're trying to go for: You're weak, pitiful, and powerless at the beginning. You gotta EARN the money to buy that health potion, not be able to just buy 10 and be set, but there's too many unknowns in the default battle system that makes battles more of a crapshoot than a test of player skill. For example, I feel like basic attacks miss WAY more often than they should. I mean, I died about 4 times in the beginning simply because my basic attacks kept missing. When players start the game and they die because their ONLY offensive option hits about 40% of the time, that is a problem. Don't punish players for doing what they're supposed to.

Actually, this game will quickly turn off new players because of this. It's fine to make a hard game, but you need to give the players adequate time to understand how the game works BEFORE kicking their asses.

The mapping is also simply awful. Sorry, but there's no putting it lightly here. The worst offenders (that I've played) are the Forbidden Forest and Ruberg. Read some mapping tutorials, and redesign those maps.

All in all, I really hope this game continues development. I'm a little concerned that it won't, though, since the dev hasn't posted since January. I'll subscribe just in case.
Ultimate game for masochists. Eric and Terence start at level 1 and have less than 30 HP combined, and no abilities. I went out and in most cases died to the first random encounter, sometimes on the second one if I actually survive the first. You start with no gold and no way to heal, just attack or die. Chance to successfully escape is very low, and for spiders its basically zero. Here's a list of how I died in this game:

  • Killed by a slime because one character does 0 dmg to it, other character does 1
  • Killed by bandits (killed one of them with last character at 1 HP)
  • Killed by 2 bats (they do 4-5 dmg, which is ~1/3 of max HP)
  • Killed by 1 spider
  • Killed by 2 spiders
  • Killed by 3 spiders
  • Killed by 4 spiders (seriously, do you even need to have this many)
  • Killed by a gold spider
  • Killed by a gold bat that oneshots my party members

Anyway, they dont even give enough experience to compensate. They also drop like 2 gold, and inn costs 40. I couldnt even level up anyone. If you try this game, good luck. You really will need lucky crits to get anywhere in this game. And save after every battle, you dont wanna be like me and get oneshotted by some slightly recolored bat that does 18 dmg (more than your MAX HP).
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