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I'm Back! I think...

A huge thank-you to Roy, Nova, and everyone else who tested my game and gave awesome feedback! Please accept my profuse apologies for falling off the radar. Due to some other issues which demanded my attention for a time, this game has not been under active development for roughly a year and a half. Sorry about that -- I'll try to leave a note or something if it happens again.

The good news is that even though LoG was an introductory project (for me) and was based on a tutorial for RPG Maker, I still had two sequels planned and I have no desire to let those ideas simply wither and die. I simply *must* finish this game so that I may continue to tell the story it began.

I am thrilled that this game *was* able to provide enjoyment even in its alpha state, and I do feel that it deserves to be finished. I'm not sure how long it will be before I can continue active development here, but I've been strongly considering making the time for it.

As I do so I will be reviewing the excellent criticisms provided by everyone and using that as a starting point for making some much needed improvements. I appreciate the time everyone has taken to do this for me, and look forward to making improvements in both the game and my skill set.

Thank you!


Don't Forget!

If you're getting your butt kicked by the poison in this game (otherwise healthy poisoned characters dying in 2 turns or less), you probably have the flawed version with a mistake I introduced. The mistake has been fixed and you should download a fresh copy of the game.

Also, the alpha testing will be wrapping up in a week or so. If you haven't gotten your feedback in to me, please do so soon. As always, thanks you for taking the time to do this! You've been very helpful.

Progress Report

Fixes Posted

After some initial feedback I've made a few changes that will take effect on the next release are now live:

  • A game save option to be offered when you tell the innkeeper no. You won't need to pay to save!
  • Ruberg got a bit of a facelift, and looks a lot more like the cozy little village it's meant to be.
  • A few tweaks to NPC behavior, most of which won't be noticeable.

Thanks to everyone offering feedback -- you're helping me make my first game a good one!

Still trying to figure out why certain enemies aren't using their special attacks. Maybe some of that will be sorted by then, but it's not a game breaker either way.

Fixed. Said enemies are using their special attacks now. In addition, I have the parry working more or less as intended. It adds the 'riposte' move to your special attack list for the following turn only. Ripostes hit for just a little bit of extra damage over the normal attack.



It's Here!

Full version (with RTP) and lite version (no RTP) are both up.

Please don't forget to view the included readme (containing helpful hints and a feedback request) and submit whatever feedback you're willing to give. It's much appreciated.

Thanks for playing!

Progress Report

It's Coming...

While I was originally aiming to publish on or around the 12th, a few things have happened since the beginning of this project. First, I had to step away from it for a bit and focus on some other projects. Second, there are still a few problems I'm having trouble figuring out. None of it makes the game unplayable, mind you, but it bugs me anyway.

As a result, the testing was delayed a little bit and there are still a few finishing touches I need to add before I unleash this thing upon the public. It's going to be an alpha release, so if you're one of the brave souls who tries out the game immediately, please see the included readme.txt file and submit the requested feedback to the email address listed therein. And... thank you in advance for it.

The good news is that my play tester is much happier with the game this time around than she was last week, when she sort of... um... ragequit on me. Don't look at me like that. It's progress!

For those who prefer to skip the testing phase, it may be a few weeks before I produce what I consider the "final draft".

TLDR: Alpha build will be up soon. Looking forward to your feedback. Thank you!

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