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I'm Back! I think...

  • Shades
  • 07/26/2015 02:57 AM
A huge thank-you to Roy, Nova, and everyone else who tested my game and gave awesome feedback! Please accept my profuse apologies for falling off the radar. Due to some other issues which demanded my attention for a time, this game has not been under active development for roughly a year and a half. Sorry about that -- I'll try to leave a note or something if it happens again.

The good news is that even though LoG was an introductory project (for me) and was based on a tutorial for RPG Maker, I still had two sequels planned and I have no desire to let those ideas simply wither and die. I simply *must* finish this game so that I may continue to tell the story it began.

I am thrilled that this game *was* able to provide enjoyment even in its alpha state, and I do feel that it deserves to be finished. I'm not sure how long it will be before I can continue active development here, but I've been strongly considering making the time for it.

As I do so I will be reviewing the excellent criticisms provided by everyone and using that as a starting point for making some much needed improvements. I appreciate the time everyone has taken to do this for me, and look forward to making improvements in both the game and my skill set.

Thank you!