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  • Luc
  • 07/10/2015 06:47 AM
It is available now! The GOLDEN VERSION is an exclusive version of the same game but there is an L.J. Ware Mode password that will only work in this version.

This version is only available for a week.

This is your chance to receive one of the legendary Shindra Duel cards by using this password:


This is how you use a password:

1. Open your game and press the Q key on your keyboard.
2. Go down to 'L.J. Ware Mode' and wait until it is loaded.
3. Go down to 'Password' and fill in the password.

Choose for the option 'RECEIVE' to receive your free card. However, you have to choose which card you want: Simentra or Dardan.

Both cards will be in Lv. 5.

Check this link to see how to transfer your data if you already played the normal version:

Not available anymore...