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Abstract: Low-Gimmicks Vast Fantasy RPG with large amounts of exploration
Genre: Fantasy RPG
Average Game Time: 25-40+ hours, depending on the amount of optional content seeked

Story / Setting / Purpose:
One day, after sermon, you realize that your brother Brendan has gone missing. Though you begin this day by searching for your brother, it ends with you finding yourself the target of some strange conspiracy which earns you the ire of the powerful Carillean Kingdom, which seems to believe that you are a dark preacher of the forbidden god, Skiack. By seeking out supernatural aid, as well as accepting the aid of new friends met along the way, will you be able to prove your innocence and perhaps even get to the bottom of just what is happening in Carille's government?

Enex is basically a Low-Gimmicks RPG. It is simple and the main goal at all points of the game is fun. The focus is on giving the player the feel of being in an expansive world that begs to be explored. Exploring through dungeons is more than simply making your way from point A to point B, but are frequently based around puzzles and almost always contain a dungeon challenge, a minigame which will your test your reflexes to earn your survival!

As another step to prevent the tedium that is so often found in RPG games, all enemies are visible on the map before they are faced. They can be snuck around instead of fought. However, once slain, most monsters do not return. This means that in most cases, the EXP that can be earned has a cap. It is not my intention to encourage "grinding" in this game, as I find the action to be dull and often trivializes the intentionally difficult encounters. One should feel safe to explore and backtrack, with little fear of having to face the same monster in the same place over and over again.

Finally, Enex2 has a large focus on optional content. There are numerous optional (some extremely difficult) bosses, side quests, and minigames to play in order to reward those who enjoy exploring.

Character Bios:

Proficiency: Swords & Bardic Inspiration
Class: Bard
Hometown: Bedalni

A rather ordinary and calm young adult, you were just interested in living a simple farm life in Bedalni. However, this has all changed and you has been thrust upon a vast and unfamiliar world.

Proficiency: Bows & Healing Magic
Class: Priest
Hometown: Yibinroh

A virtuous goody-goody religious fanatic of Wa. He tends to be a bit cowardly and wimpy, but is quite the sharpshooter. Though he often complains about the conditions of the adventure, Farik knows he fights in the name of holy Wa and would never disapoint his god.

Proficiency: Evocation and Cosmic Arcana
Class: Evoker
Hometown: Salinry

An intelligent and mature companion to Ralla, he seems to follow in Ralla's devious lifestyle, though with objection. Theo rarely gets upset, frightened, or excited and prefers to keep a cool head when disaster strikes. He wishes to do the right thing as much as possible, but seems to be failing due to the negative influence from Ralla. When sharing stolen goods or being convinced by Ralla to perform yet another heist, he reminds himself that not everyone is perfect and tries to view himself as more as a Robin Hood than anything else.

Proficiency: Daggers and Bombs
Class: Rogue
Hometown: Salinry

A impulsive and rude theif, Ralla has no reservations against robbing or mugging anyone with enough money. Her first thought is always "I wonder what he/she has to steal from." She almost never thinks of others, but would never abandon her best friend, Theo. She is able to convince him to follow in her schemes only because they do not wish to be seperated. However, it is this for the same reason that Theo is able to drag her into helping you and Farik - a seeming deviance from her usual selfish and uncaring lifestyle.


Game Development
Eric Hornby

Resources and Scripts
Megaflare, $t3v0, Namco, Chrono trigger series,
Final Fantasy series, Sharp, mack, Arcanum, Ccoa,
Tana, Fallen Angel, Faraway, MSJ, Ragnorok Online,
Nin, Punk, Legendarydairy, Go Shiina, Sainte,
Enterbrain, Kraft, Mascarpone, landofshadows,
Mezmerize, Zephyrskye, Zanyzora, Despain,
JStreet ("panda"), Wyatt ("Princess Amy"), Raiju, Rye, Euphony,
Arcthemonkey, jbrist, scriptkitty, Cybersam,
Raitame, Near Fantastica, Deke, Phylomortis,
Illustrationism, Milo, Reruri Chan, Pocketmage,
Poyzin, Ellenor, Luis Dlouhy, EQLSO, Automaton, xk8,
Kan Gao

Cef (of Freebird Game's Forum)
Luis Dlouhy
Leighton Schlanger
Brandon Meyer
Michael Laguros
Lucas Heath

Special Thanks
HBGames.org community
KamainsWorld community
All my real life friends who cared enough to play my game while I was making it.
"Master of the Wind" game for inspiration.
"Quintessence: The Blighted Venom" game for inspiration.

The game is jam packed with sidequests, optional content, and minigames. I dare someone to find everything without the help of the FAQ! Some examples of such optional content includes:
*A Mining/Ore Smelting/Fishing/Herb Gathering/Wood Gathering/Holy Water Blessing optional minigames, most of which are a test of reflexes. These profession skills can only be unlocked by performing a sidequest in certain towns, and then by playing a minigame to gather the materials.
*Hidden Wisdom Fountains throughout the world, those who can seek them out and answer their riddles are rewarded with strange stones.
*Optional bosses everywhere. Hunt down the Dragons to claim powerful equipment. Seek out and destroy the hidden and anguished Hades Spirits to earn the right to face the greatest challenge in the game.

*In almost every dungeon, there is a minigame challenge that must be completed to pass through. This ranges from catching rabbits to dodging falling rocks to avoiding a series of gouts of lava. Most of these are reflex based.

Enex features a small degree of character customization through its ability system. The skills known by the characters are determined not through your base level (which will determine your stats) but instead through a level of proficiency in that type of skill. All characters have two separate types of skills and will gain proficiency through using them. For example, the priest Farik is capable in both Bows and Healing Magic. One player who find themselves frequently using Farik to sling arrows at enemies will discover far more bow skills than healing magics. A different player might find himself with a balanced Farik, who is skilled both in the Bow and the Healing Art but masters neither, and a final, more conservative player might find his Farik somewhat green with his bow but holding great mastery in healing.

If you've enjoyed the game you played, why not check out what I'm up to lately? Come say Hi at https://www.facebook.com/PelagicGame!
Or better yet, Twitter: https://twitter.com/Erichermit
Or check out my Next Project:

Known Issues:
None known with current version of game.

Latest Blog

Enex v1.5

Sorry for taking so long to fix the bug! Defeated the final Hades Boss should no longer bug the game with the most recent version. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Current Hades Heroes:
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  • Erichermit
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  • 12/30/2013 07:12 PM
  • 07/15/2016 07:51 AM
  • 12/28/2013
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Hi - can you help me - love this game but I am now stuck in the Temple of Eros - have lit the lamps and found the wisdom fountain but cannot go any further - If I go back to the fallen rocks, I cannot get to Ralla, nor can I find anyone to help- am I missing something- thanks
Hello wybella! I'm glad you enjoy my game :).

If you ever get stuck, I have included an FAQ / Walkthrough (though the walkthrough only goes up to 75% of the game or so) that should remedy issues like this in the future.

In the temple of Eros, that torch puzzle actually has two solutions. One takes you to the Wisdom Fountain, and is actually the "optional" solution. There is a separate solution that will take you to the next room in the temple.

Feel free to tell me if you have any more issues or comments!
Okay thanks but I have tried all combinations for those torches but still get only to the fountain - I have gone back to previous saves to do it again but only get the fountain - even 2/4 combo and 4/2 combo - how do i get to Eros

Somehow I managed to get the right combo - now moving on - thanks for your help
Cannot find joel - have spoken to the girl in the inn gone back to island gone to the ice cave but no Joel - Help please
There is a letter you can pick up on Saline Island (on the second map, in the bottom left section.) Have you gotten that yet?

If so, I'm pretty sure you're supposed to bring that letter back to the girl in the Inn.

Then go back to the Saline Island. He'll be on the second map again, but this time in an area to the Top-Right.

Hope that helps!

Also, I just found a bug on the Final Boss of the game. You wont have to worry about it for a long time, but you should migrate to v1.3 when convenient.

Have fun, and thanks again for playing my game! :)
Thank you I found him I walked around the island and found him - the walkthro' does say the ice cave- I am enjoying the game - where do I find V1.3 when I am ready

Also could you give me a hint on the answer to the wisdom fountain in the grand tree forest I know what the letter is but cannot get the word and the guide does not help much - thanks
The answer is "Lufredis".

And v1.3 is simply the new default download for the game, so if you go up and click the "Download Now" button you'll have the most recent version.
Sorry wrong word for where I am- have got that one- it is the 6 letter word starting with S in the Grand tree forest hidden fountain- thanks for answering
also I am now stuck at the cave with the rock that melts - how do I get passed as I am too slow at moving this rock before it disintergrates.
You have to be quick! Plan your path to push it ahead of time, it generally takes me a couple times whenever I replay that bit before I remember the best way to do it.

As for the fountain, I think the answer is "Saturn"
Thank you it now have the wisdom stones but still cannot do the rock puzzle- would you be able to get me through this one if I send you my save file - it would be very much appreciated
For shame! For shame!

But sure, I like that little puzzle, send it over and I'll be happy to beat that puzzle for you. XD
Gee thank you what is the email address to send it to please
Is Enex2 a sequel to another game? I ran a search but I didn't find Enex1.
Send it to eric_hermit@hotmail.com please.

Also, Enex2 is a sequel to Enex1: (http://rpgmaker.net/games/5851/)

HOWEVER: I would recommend you play Enex2 first regardless, unless you are dead sure that you will play it later. Enex1 was made by a much younger self, it's not nearly as good.
Thanks for the response Erichermit.

Might I suggest you create a blog post to announce that you have upload a new version of the game. What changes were made in version 1.4?
Took your advice and downloaded the update- puzzle much better now I can see what to do- many thanks for your help and patience
No problem!

Mostly I'm amazed that nobody else seemed to think "The floor doesn't render" was a bug and complain to me about it. XD

I swear, I've heard about 3 people telling me they've beaten the game. I am blown away that they got past that part without any issues.
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