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"Cliva's technological progress is a miracle of its time."
"We don't give two shits about what those Human Rights Activists think."

Note: If you're having issues playing the game, download the game with 'Achievement Alt'. If you're playing the game on a mac/phone using emulator or such, use the 'Achievement Alt' download as well.

Guide if you need it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8s6ZZO6PCNxdWJVdW1LTUlOYUU/view?resourcekey=0-IRIO7bPdIIoiZkL4u5E_NA


13th April 2020, Ravier Connor, Director and Biggest Shareholder of Vizrel Electronics Industry, invites Damien Raizen to play test his ‘Warfare Simulation’. Claiming that it’s a game, Damien, an avid gamer, decides to give it a shot only to be told later that the actual game requires at least 4 people to attempt.

In their time going through the events that are happening around them, they slowly realized Ravier’s aim for recruiting them in his game stretches far and beyond ‘play testing’ his so-called ‘Warfare simulation RPG’


Black Galax: Revert is an urban fantasy, paranormal horror mystery with a pinch of romance game.

It is a story of uncovering the mysterious nature of a particular artifact called ‘Black Galax’ that has existed for centuries while exploring each of the character’s past and how they are related to the events that are about to unfold during the game.

If you are a fan of an in-depth world where politics (autocracy) and history is discussed, references to anime and games, scientific stuff, occult, characters, tons of foreshadowing with no direct answer, a seemingly-convoluted-but-actually-not plot, String Theory, and some more themes that cannot be said because spoiler, you might like this game.

"Reality Warp..."
"Playing against a player called reality is not fun. It's exhilarating"

1. Plot plot plot!
2. Narrative Side Story quests that fleshes out the world of BGR!
3. Extra Boss
4. Achievements
5. Tons of puzzles
6. Instead of equipment, you have over 40 'Charms' to customize your characters!
7. Can zombies be counted as a feature?
8. Limit Minute Shop to save your hard earned Gold Credits!
9. Thought intriguing Court Trial cases - Kinda subjective...
10. Turn Based Battle + Action Battle System - QTE, Reinforcements, phases...
11. Features about 7 playable characters + more temporary members!
12. Exchange Shop!
13. Most importantly, Challenging! - Subjective though...
14. About 15-20+ hours of gameplay

"It's just you and me, now let's fight to the end."
"Your World Ends at Your Horizon..."

Latest Blog

Black Galax: Rewrite Delta is up now!

Yep, you read correctly! The sequel to the game is out now...!
Well, the demo to be exact. *Insert don't get my hopes up meme*

As usual, you'll need a completed save file from Revert to play!
Here the link to the new gamepage: Click here!

The demo will consist of Chapter 7.5 - Chapter 8 only. Before playing, please read this first to avoid issues or problems.

Any and all feedback are greatly appreciated! I hope you'll enjoy a sneak preview to Chapter 8!
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  • Raze
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 01/01/2014 06:58 AM
  • 01/21/2023 06:03 AM
  • 01/17/2016
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Another bug. In the Court trial 2 (Vallae's dissapearance), I keep on losing in Rebuttal phase follow up.

I believe the game is supposed to give me no. slot thing where we type all the numbers such 89 or 27. But this doesn't happen. After the evidences are shown Terry mocks me that we couldn't even see the most basic think or whatever. Then no number slot appears. I just lose a credibility point. I tried holding Q and W but it didn't work.

I keep on losing credibility points like this without being able to do anything which leads to a game over screen.
For your first concern, I'm not sure what happened, I don't believe I've added in any events that would cause the charm to vanish.

As for the second question about the court trial, I think it's the 'A' button? Can't quite remember exactly.
Hey Raze! So I have been trying to give a review of this game. But for some reason only the first two lines of my review got submitted and as such it was denied. Recently I tried to submit another review. It hasn't been approved yet, but I tried to edit it, and only three lines were there in my review. Idk what's happening. But most likely only the first 2-3 lines are getting submitted. What should I do?
That I'm not very sure, you might have to ask the staff for why that happens.
Pretty sure this log is dead and i'm an idiot but i can't figure out the puzzle where the girl asks what her birthday is. Can ye wise sages give me any extra hints?

edit: solved it. my dumb brain for some reason thought 23 had to be the year
hey found a bug where in chapter 7 if you immediately re enter the entrance hall of the royal garden from the next room you get trapped in the cutscene of gary after sealing hades, and then you get stuck in raviers room with athena(child) on the bed.
this chat is definitely dead but i'm stuck in death quarter four with the crystals. i have no idea how to beat shadow exile maxwell.
Hi, I do still roam around from time to time.
I've created a guide quite a long time ago that I think got buried, I've updated the main page with the link to the guide, hope it helps.

hey found a bug where in chapter 7 if you immediately re enter the entrance hall of the royal garden from the next room you get trapped in the cutscene of gary after sealing hades, and then you get stuck in raviers room with athena(child) on the bed.

Thanks for letting me know.