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"Cliva's technological progress is a miracle of its time."
"We don't give two shits about what those Human Rights Activists think."


13th April 2020, Ravier Connor, Director and Biggest Shareholder of Vizrel Electronics Industry, invites Damien Raizen to play test his ‘Warfare Simulation’. Claiming that it’s a game, Damien, an avid gamer, decides to give it a shot only to be told later that the actual game requires at least 4 people to attempt.

In their time going through the events that are happening around them, they slowly realized Ravier’s aim for recruiting them in his game stretches far and beyond ‘play testing’ his so-called ‘Warfare simulation RPG’


Black Galax: Revert is an urban fantasy, paranormal horror mystery with a pinch of romance game.

It is a story of uncovering the mysterious nature of a particular artifact called ‘Black Galax’ that has existed for centuries while exploring each of the character’s past and how they are related to the events that are about to unfold during the game.

If you are a fan of an in-depth world where politics (autocracy) and history is discussed, references to anime and games, scientific stuff, occult, characters, tons of foreshadowing with no direct answer, a seemingly-convoluted-but-actually-not plot, String Theory, and some more themes that cannot be said because spoiler, you might like this game.

"Reality Warp..."
"Playing against a player called reality is not fun. It's exhilarating"

1. Plot plot plot!
2. Narrative Side Story quests that fleshes out the world of BGR!
3. Extra Boss
4. Achievements
5. Tons of puzzles
6. Instead of equipment, you have over 40 'Charms' to customize your characters!
7. Can zombies be counted as a feature?
8. Limit Minute Shop to save your hard earned Gold Credits!
9. Thought intriguing Court Trial cases - Kinda subjective...
10. Turn Based Battle + Action Battle System - QTE, Reinforcements, phases...
11. Features about 7 playable characters + more temporary members!
12. Exchange Shop!
13. Most importantly, Challenging! - Subjective though...
14. About 15-20+ hours of gameplay

"It's just you and me, now let's fight to the end."
"Your World Ends at Your Horizon..."

Latest Blog

Black Galax: Rewrite Delta is up now!

Yep, you read correctly! The sequel to the game is out now...!
Well, the demo to be exact. *Insert don't get my hopes up meme*

As usual, you'll need a completed save file from Revert to play!
Here the link to the new gamepage: Click here!

The demo will consist of Chapter 7.5 - Chapter 8 only. Before playing, please read this first to avoid issues or problems.

Any and all feedback are greatly appreciated! I hope you'll enjoy a sneak preview to Chapter 8!
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  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 01/01/2014 06:58 AM
  • 04/30/2021 02:41 PM
  • 01/17/2016
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I have a question regarding side quest"Visitor from the Other World!"
Just so i don't miss it i'd like to know if the 2nd item (the core) is from a "secret" boss like the 1st item(the essence).
I already got the 1st by accident while exploring(rip fox)and i know for the 3rd item i have to talk to someone.
So i'd like to know if the 2nd is the same as the first or not,that would help a lot.
Thanks for the praise! I hope the full game will live up to your expectations.
I've added a fix for the bug you mentioned. Enjoy!
Opps! I'm sorry! It seems that I typed out the wrong event id for the switch. I will fix it as soon as possible. Thanks for telling me! :D

No problem,i have to say the game is extremely good and the music is freakin epic,every time i play this game i have everything on max,i recognized most tracks from other games and i have to say you sir know how to pick music.
Opps! I'm sorry! It seems that I typed out the wrong event id for the switch. I will fix it as soon as possible. Thanks for telling me! :D
Im having a problem with the sidequest in inner forest.The one where you defeat a boss and get a jewel.
Well i defeated the boss and got teleported back to the man who gave the quest(with the jewel),but he still wants to send me in the boss room,even though the boss isnt there anymore.
Furthermore after i get teleported out of the boss room i can't save anymore and since i can't hand the jewel to the quest giver the game is pretty much in pieces at that point.
If im doing anything wrong,please tell me about it,as a completionist i simply can't leave the quest i need to finish it!

Adding some pics of the game.
I think you may have accidentally deleted the file.
Here's the file: http://rpgmaker.net/media/content/users/34589/locker/Attack2.ogg
Tell me once you're done so I can remove it, thanks!
Thanks for the comment!
I hope you'll enjoy it~!
Thanks for making this game~ I'll support you!
Thanks a lot for the support!
It means a lot. :D
Hey I just downloaded this game and so far, I'm like 10-20 minutes in, and it's playing really great so far! Just wanted to lend my support, good game so far!
Yeah try to manually create the folders. See if it works.
hmm no it does not so what should i do? copy game folder there?
Yep that's better. Thanks!

Could you check to see if the folder 'Black Galax Revert' exist over here?
If it does, then does it contain the 'Achievements' folder inside?
Could you post a clearer image for the error?
I can't see properly. Thanks

Edit: I just tried and there doesn't seem to be any issue. The game is running fine for me and on my friend's computer. If I have to take a guess, is it a script issue with Fullscreen ++?
tried to open full version(?) and got this
how to fix?
Well... you're in a school full of geniuses after all. XD
Could somebody please tell the answers to Lyeric's questions.
This dude is really pissing me off.

Question 1:
A farmer had 23 Cows. All but 12 died.
How many live Cows were left?

All BUT 12 died.
Meaning 12 lived, thus the answer is 12.

Question 2:
There are 4 pills and the doctor wants you to take them at a half an hour
interval! How long would it take for you to finish all 4 pills?

Answer: You take the first pill at the start. So you take the remaining 3 pills at Half an hour interval, this means you will finish it in 1.5 hours.

Question 3:
How many ways can you fold to
make a 6x6x6 dimension cube?

Answer: You are not meant to get this right. Just saying.
But there are 11 ways to fold a paper to get this cube.
This requires intense imagination to figure out.

Question 4: (Assume that it's Mitosis)

A cell weighs 10 Picograms initially, after
that it divides twice, so what is the total
weight of the cell?

Answer: When divided, the cell multiplies into 2, but the weight
of the cell remains at it's original 10 picograms. Thus the answer
is 10.

Question 5:
Where are you right now?

Answer: Again, you're not meant to get this right.
But if you think about it, it's actually a 4th wall
breaking question. It asks you where YOU are. So...
the answer is 'None of the Above'.

Which is why I put it in such a way that you don't have
to get it all right, because not even I could get it all
right at first try! XD

dame man is trick question you one evil but Genius man (>.<) my head full of pain try to solve it >.<