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Action Battle Phase

Action Battle Phase is a more simplified form of Action Battle compared to your advanced Action Battle System as this form of gameplay heavily utilizes eventing rather than scripting, which can lead to lag in certain areas.

Lag: So far it only lags quite a bit in Skyrancer, Marzus City and the Clinic.

This main purpose of this gameplay element serves at most as a break from normal TB battling and an excuse to include Puzzle Bosses in it as this battle system can get pretty repetitive overtime so I try to keep this gameplay element fresh by using it sparingly.

General gameplay instruction:
It's really simple, follow the criteria, press the 'A' key for the primary tech and 'D' key for the secondary tech.

Or primary skills, depending on which timeline you are playing this element from.

ABP Elements:
There are various types of ABP elements that will be slowly added throughout the game. With the finale ABP Battle in Chapter 7 making use of most of these elements. It will be displayed according to its introduction.

1. Reinforcements / Projectiles - Reinforcements and projectiles cannot be damaged, but they can damage you. Chapter 3 heavily makes use of this.

2. QTE Ultimate Attacks - Your first encounter with QTE will start from Fragment 3. Every so often, there will be a prompt that appears on the left screen dictating which button to press in order to avoid getting hit by the attack. The attacks are usually stronger than the usual so keep your fingers primed!

3. Verbal Battle! - A mix of Court Trial and ABP! Unique to Fragment 3 where you have to fight and talk a person down to win the combat.

4. Phases - Phases represents a mix of various attacks which can change mid battle with the intention of making the battle more intense and difficult. Examples include more projectiles added, more enemies, switching out different attacks and changing attack behaviors. (Chapter 7 uses this ALOT!!)

5. Hordes - A health bar that displays the 'Horde Strength' of a collective mob, in this case zombies. Simply kill off all the zombies to lower its Horde Strength to zero and win the round. Unique to Chapter 6 for Revert.

6. Triple Battle! - Unique to Life Jewel's Finale Side Quest. All 3 enemies will share a collective health bar which you must whittle down individually.

7. Timeout - You will have to survive a particular battle for a period of time! At the moment it is only unique to Chapter 6.

8. Miscellaneous Puzzle Elements - Various different type of puzzle elements that are sprinkled throughout the game. Chapter 3, Fragment 3 and Chapter 7 will make use of these elements quite heavily. Usually a Puzzle Boss.

NOTE: Sometimes a ABP battle will immediately be followed up by a turn-based battle.

Here is another example of a Puzzle Boss: