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Black Galax: Rewrite Delta is up now!

Yep, you read correctly! The sequel to the game is out now...!
Well, the demo to be exact. *Insert don't get my hopes up meme*

As usual, you'll need a completed save file from Revert to play!
Here the link to the new gamepage: Click here!

The demo will consist of Chapter 7.5 - Chapter 8 only. Before playing, please read this first to avoid issues or problems.

Any and all feedback are greatly appreciated! I hope you'll enjoy a sneak preview to Chapter 8!


Better English Patch + Bug Fix & Rebalances

Finally, an update! Nope, this time it's for Revert. After compiling some of the bugs users have discovered, I've finally come out with a version that fixes all of it. While bug fixing is part of the agenda, the main point for this update is to address the issue of poor English and balance issues. So without further ado, let's get into the meat of this update.

But before that... an announcement?
Have your save files ready? It's likely I'll release Chapter 8 soon (Likely next month if all goes well) for testing! The main thing I want to make sure is everything transitions smoothly between Revert's save into Rewrite. While giving you a sneak preview of Rewrite!

There will also be a remake of the battle HUD for Rewrite! Too bad I can't introduce the HUD update for Revert due to lack of testing and it's still incomplete...

Grammar Improvements:
General grammar/spelling improvements for the entire game. Changed a lot of awkward/complex sentences, punctuation and spelling errors. Again, I won't claim my English to be perfect, but I believe I've improved over the last... 5 years?, and it should read MUCH MUCH better compared to the previous version.

Remade Marzus city map added into Revert. With minor changes.

QOL Addition:
- Option to disable message sound effect.

New Additions:
- Updated Maps for Marzus City to match with Rewrite. (Additional credits required will be added on Rewrite's gamepage when it comes out)
- Adds a new element: Corrupt. All living beings are vulnerable to attacks from this element. Currently only two enemies from a side quest utilizes this element. Does not affect the main storyline for Revert.

Main Game Fix/Rebalance:
- Equalize HP values for both Gary & Vincent from Fragment 3
- Fixed sound file break caused by Revival Charm.
- Reduced attack damage by Fragment 3 Part 2 enemy
- General minor nerfs to Prologue 2 enemies to fit better with the difficulty curve. Prologue 2 shouldn't be this hard XD (Unless you grind)
- Overall EXP nerf from some enemies and increased maximum EXP curve
- Swapped ATK Control and DEF Control. Damien will learn ATK Control at Level 15 and DEF Control at Level 25.
- Changed the text in DQ 3 to clarify the number's position in the code.
- Implemented a hard fix so players can exit from Lemois Town due to a bug that is also fixed.
- Changed Ravier's HP Bar color for consistency with Rewrite.
- Modified a section in Rebuttal Phase: Follow Up for less ambiguity in Court Trial #2.
- Adjusted sound volumes in city areas so there wouldn't be any jarring transition in volume.
- Improved GC drop for Caladium army enemies
- Fixed last quest not completing.
- Fixed Chapter 4 Library from showing different contents of the books.
- Tweaked some of the stats for Charms and Weapons.

Chapter 7.5 Fixes/Rebalances-(Don't read if you don't want spoilers)
- Fixed renaming Raven to Gary
- Fixed Ravier's Wing mechanics, he will only lose Life Support when both wings are destroyed.
- Athena is artificially leveled before being introduced instead of waiting till Sector 1.

Side Quest Fix/Changes:
- Changed Phantom's HP Bar Color & Attack Element for consistency with Rewrite.
- Changed Lord Alter's HP Bar color & Death mark's state into 'Marked for Death' to prevent confusion with Rewrite.
- Fixed Port's door triggering Chapter 6 cutscene.
- Slight nerf to Colette's battle and fixed Vest Bracer mechanic for her battle.
- Removed concert ending dialogue on return from Parallel world.
- Nerfed EXP gain from Life Jewel's final boss. (Seriously, it gives WAAAYY too much :p)

That's all for now, and for the last time - the LAST UPDATE for the game! Please no more bugs pl0x , thanks goodbye, I wanna concentrate on Rewrite. (Jk, please report if there are bugs.)

Progress Report

Chapter 10 Part 1 Preview

Another year, another update. And yes, I haven't forgotten about a gamepage once I'm done with Chapter 9, but I feel like there are some stuff that I need to iron out and finalize first before creating one. Which means I will likely only publish a page after I'm done with chapter 10.

Now that's out of the way, it's time to get into the updates.

General Development:
I'm done with Chapter 9 and the Reminiscent Chapter for it. Now I can move onto Chapter 10. However, it will take some time as I have to create A LOT of maps for this chapter as there will be pretty heavy exploration in this chapter. Thus the 'part 1 preview'.

There are 2 parts to this chapter, the exploration and the plot.

Zoning and Districts in Merritus Island
I've decided to rethink how I create my city maps and decided to make it much more populous and much bigger which fits the mature city status of Merritus Island. Unfortunately, I can't fit much in a screenshot, but the general size of a city has increased by splitting each City into 'Districts'.

Each district will have its own specialization, mainly just for world building purposes.

For Chapter 10, I will be creating the entirety of Merritus Island from scratch. So you can expect this part to take a much longer time. As not only are the cities getting bigger, but so are the connecting areas, forests and towns too.

For example, Marzus City got a remake.

Marzus City is split into 4 Districts - Port District, Commercial District, Residential District and Abandoned District.

Cereus Square: Hub City

Cereus Square is split into 5 Districts - Royal District 1, Square District 2, Expo District 3, Residential District 4, University District 5.

Quince Forest:

Lenear City: Forgotten Land

A rundown city area. A city area that used to be grounds for turf wars and black markets. Now home to the poor and homeless, Lenear City consists of 3 districts.

So what's left?
I am left with 2 main city areas, one optional town area and forest. Once done, I can finally move on with the story and plot.

Miscellaneous Features
Over here, I'll talk about some miscellaneous features that I intend on implementing. Some are already done, some are still... well, I'm deciding whether to include them.

1. Fast Travel
Due to increased land size and area of Merritus Island, I will be introducing 'Fast Travel' only in this island. Around the cities, you will be able to find 'PRISM Taxis'. However, you'll need a Concession Fare to use them. You can buy them from Viscaria City.

2. Entertainment & Stat Building
Across Merritus Island, you'll find many areas such as a cinema that allows you to watch movies, a games area where you can play games, banks, and etc. This is something I'm considering to make full use of the urban facilities, but will see how it goes.

3. Side Story
Continuing the tradition of the first game, there will also be one or two side stories that you can pursue during your time in Merritus Island. However, these will likely be added after the game is done.

That's all for my progress update for now. There will be a part 2, but expect a long interval between this part and the second part as I'm still making inroads with this chapter. Till then, have a great day!

Progress Report

Some progress for Chapter 9!

Do you have what it takes to save your sister...?

So I've been hard at work on Chapter 9 (Been busy), currently still very rough around the edge and still nothing much to show for yet. But I thought I can show off some screenshots for the upcoming chapter 9 of the game.

The reason why this particular chapter is taking soo bloody long is because of its mechanical/graphical intensiveness as I've mentioned in my blog post and just purely due to the fact that I don't really have a lot of time.

So without further ado, here's some screenshots of what I've done so far! Hope you like it! This chapter adds a new area, that is Rhodiola Island, for you to explore in!

HST Base Command Post

Rhodiola Island BEACH!!!

Rhodiola Island Nature Reserve's Ticketing Area - (Which you can't really see in this screenshot)

Same Area as above + Mini Outdoor Cafe & Ticketing Area

Rhodiola Island Nature Reserve

That's all for now! Thanks for reading and following the development of this game! (Even though it's like... 9 months? from the last proper update of the game)

Progress Report

Cover Support Buffs + New Skills

Hi! I've been wanting to do a blog update for a while, unfortunately Chapter 9 is taking a lot longer than I anticipated to finish. Most of them new graphical materials, new game mechanic, battle gimmicks, new remade Court Trial dialogues, cutscenes and some overlay mapping. Unfortunately I don't have much to show yet, so for now I shall give you a small update log regarding the progress for the game about a mechanic I'll be adding + Skill Revamps.

Party Cover Support Buffs/Debuffs:
Ever wanted your useless party members to do SOMETHING instead of just idling in the party support lines doing nothing but maybe cheer inside your imagination? Now your Support actually has a use apart from being Character swapping fodders!

Each unique party member has a unique buff/debuff they can provide every 5 turns in battle. If you send them to the backlines, they can buff you or debuff the enemies with their respective buffs.

Here are their respective cover buffs/debuffs: (For now, might change in the future)

Damien: Assessment
Increase HIT and Critical Chance by 10%

Vincent: Elemental Fairy
Increase all elemental resistance except Holy and Dark by 5%

Isabel: Vecreas Aura
Improves all stats by 5%

Lyeric: Distraction
Reduce all enemies HIT chance by 5%

Lilium: Holy Ward
Increase party's defense by 5% and increase Holy and Dark elemental resistance by 10%

Gary: Officer's Authority
Increase MP Regen by 3% per turn. Increase party's attack by 10%

Athena: Cursed Flames
Reduces enemies HP by 1% per turn and attack by 10%

These buffs can still be dispelled by enemy or <SPOILER STATE> can prevent them from applying said buffs in the first place.

Skill Revamps: Vincent
In lieu with the much harder content, there need to be some skill updates to compensate for the difficulty. So for now I shall introduce an update to Vincent's skill who probably needed the update the most.

NEW SKILL: Radiant Blade - Holy
Deals Double Damage in presence of Common Shields.(Attack/Regen/Valiant/Counter/Refractor) - Impact Shield (New shield state or any other enemy unique shield do not count). Small chance to deal Blind to opponent.

NEW SKILL: Precipipal Blades - Earth
High chance of destroying common shields - Impact Shield not included. + Moderate chance to deal Bleed Out.

REPLACED SKILL: Aqua Ethnix with Aqua Acolyte - Water
Deals guaranteed Drenched on opponent + deals more damage if opponent is Drenched, reduces DEF for 2 turns. 2 CD

That's all for now! Once I have something more to show, I'll do it one shot giving you a brief overview of Chapter 9 altogether! Thank you for reading and following the development of this game!

Progress Report

Curse of Valor Academy ~ Black Galax: Rewrite Chapter 8 Preview

The first half is just pure dialogue. If you want some action, skip ahead to 26.38 Also spoiler alert if you HAVEN'T FINISHED the game.

Hello and it's been a very LONG time since I last updated you guys with progress. So to show that I'm not COMPLETELY dead. I'll upload a 'Short' 1 hour preview of the sequel Chapter 8. Why is it short? Because this 1 hour preview is only the introduction to Chapter 8, we haven't even gotten to the main meat of this chapter yet. Once Chapter 8 is finished, Chapter 8 ALONE will give you around 3 - 4 hours worth of content. Probably the longest chapter in the whole game as it is a standalone story of its own.

This preview is very rough around the edge as it is something like a 'first draft' of sorts. A lot of things will change, but the main direction stays. So forgive me for any errors as yes, there will be quite a lot.

What is Chapter 8 going to be about?
The biggest mystery of Cliva, the string of student death and disappearance cases from Acroma High School that occurred over a decade shocked civilians locally and abroad. Detectives and police worldwide are baffled as many tried to piece together a complete image of what has actually happened at the former site of Valor Academy. Alas, all in vain as the case was left unsolved and closed... Until Today.

Chapter 8 is around 60 - 70% complete and I'll be uploading an official game page once I'm done with Chapter 9. Yes, despite not making a single update post, I'm slowly making some progress, so don't worry. This game is not dead. Not by a long shot.

What's in the preview?
Mainly just dialogue and continuation from the previous chapters. It also showcases some of the new random mobs in the game and also some new battle gimmicks. Don't worry, I've upped the ante on the gimmicks, this is just a small preview. Expect final boss level kind of gimmicks for almost every single boss that plays a significant role in the plot. Bosses with Multiple HP Bars will also start to make their appearance in this game. With exception of Chapter 7.5 of course.

Thought Black Galax: Revert was hard...? Hoo boy...

Why rename from Phantom Rising to Rewrite?
After some consideration and rewriting the plot. I've decided that this game will have 2 branching routes. The first route is called: Rewrite Delta. Hence the title. To access the second route, you'll need to perform the required events and finish the first route, then the second route will open to you.

And... that's all! Expect another 3 months of silence while I slowly slave away making slow progress for this game. I hope you enjoyed the preview! Goes without saying of course, if you haven't played Black Galax: Revert, you should not watch this preview because spoilers :D


Black Galax: Revert Walkthrough!

Click me for the Walkthrough!
I've been wanting to do a comprehensive guide for quite a while but never had the time, but I finally managed to finish it so yay! The entire walkthrough has a grand total of 149 pages filled with in-game imagery.

Contents of this walkthrough? Well, apart from your standard walkthrough, this guide also has detailed information on boss behavior AI in terms of their exact HP & MP Thresholds, turn counting and what they do. So if you're the type who likes to get into the nitty gritty bits and min max the crap out of everything, this guide is also for you. Also includes a healthy dose of humor - I hope :D

The only HARD BOSS that I didn't include in this guide is Chapter 7.5's final boss which you can check it out at the 'Media' link above if you're interested to beat him. The guide for this final boss written in word form will easily take up 3 pages, so since I've already done a video on it, I think it's not necessary for me to write. If you are for some reason (I doubt) interested in the exact HP thresholds, turn counting and etc, for this boss, you can leave a request. If there is interest I'll add it in in the future if I have time :D

Recommended for you to download as it is only 10.1 Mb instead of loading it on Google Drive as it will take quite a bit of time to load if your internet is slow. Not only that, the table of contents is also embed with links as well! Which means you can skip to wherever you want with a click rather than manually scrolling up and down.

Progress Report

Future Direction!

Hello once again and Merry Christmas to all those celebrating Christmas reading it on Christmas (Had to add that XD)! It's over... :(

So with the first part of Black Galax out of the way, now it's time to pave the way for the second game which will conclude the story.

Personally I have no idea how many people enjoy the game enough to care about this blog post but I will be talking a bit about my thoughts of this game - with regards to the 3 gameplay elements, what's going to be removed and added as well as the risk of continuation (In that I won't be able to continue) which I will leave at the last part. So without further ado let's get started.

Quick Thoughts about this game:
Personally, making this game sort of defined a good chunk of my life for the past 3 years working on it. I've taken an interest in things I wouldn't have taken if I had not started this game - In this case, Programming and music. It was a great journey and much of it involved testing out and trying out new stuff that sort of break the norm. Here are my thoughts on stuff that I tried to 'break out' of the norm:

Setting: If you've played the game, the setting for this game revolve around our CURRENT Modern Era. The few games I found (forgive me if there's more and note that this was about 3 years ago before I started) were X-Noir, Profit motive (A pretty good game that kind of went dead), as well as a few zombie games by InfectionFiles and not to mention majority of the horror games. Not much focuses on RPG. So I decided to try out a RPG take on our Modern Society, with tweaks that need to be made due to resource constraints and things such that it would make sense. So this game ended up with a mix of Fantasy and Modern.

Generally quite proud of it :D

Court Trial: This one gave me a HUGGE Headache. The gameplay of Court Trial is largely inspired by Danganronpa and I thought, hey, why not give it a shot? So I created the rules, mechanics as well as the various gameplay elements that would make Court Trial fun. Well, it is fun at first, but following that was a big headache. Making sure all the dialogue flows properly was a headache, designing a case then trying to unwrap them in a GAMEPLAY format was a headache, and the eventing process was overall just hell for me.

However, even though it is hell, it is very satisfying to actually finish a trial. It is a great experience, instead of playing the detective, I'm playing the role of a criminal mastermind which is a pretty novel feeling. Despite that, even till today, I can't help but feel that Court Trial is the least polished part of the game despite having devoted at least 1/4 of my time overall 2500 hours (According to steam) on it.

Action Battle Phase: I have nothing much to say about this. But I thought it is interesting to have Action Battles running in parallel to Turn-based battles.

Overall experience:
It is pretty awesome to design a game and the best part of game development is definitely the characters. Having to think of their quirks, their personality, hobbies, and how they all fit into the plot is very satisfying.

Unfortunately, I do not have the resources - and ability - to draw, so that's a pretty huge waste. I digress XD

With reflections out of the way, what's next?
The sequel to Black Galax of course ;p
Well, more specifically what the next game will entail plot and gameplay wise and if different, how different will it be compared to the first game?

A much darker story

Who says horror cannot co-exist in an RPG :D - Then again, would it be scary if your characters are not helpless and squirming for help?

If you enjoyed the first game due to its lightheartedness with a pinch of seriousness, then get ready for the other way around in the sequel! It is mostly serious and dark with a pinch of lightheartedness! Like...

More horror, more gore, more despair, more betrayal and more death awaits.

Gone! Poof with Court Trial:

I'm lazy to take a screenshot of the updated court trial :p

If you've read my reflection earlier on my headache with court trial, this should not be a surprise. However, even though Court Trials maybe gone, certain elements of it will remain. Or at least that's my intention for now ;)

Much more harder battles! Plus Skill Revamps!
Battles in Revert can be considered 'easy' in my opinion with the exception of a few which I would consider really hard. In the sequel, battles will now be A LOT harder and rage worthy that much I can guarantee IF (keyword: If) you aren't prepared. For example, killing too fast will get you wiped, Radiation Poisoning everywhere, mitigation, bosses drink medicine and recover all their health, certain new bosses can land critical hits (All the one hit kills...), much less forgiving real time turn based battle and more :D

To compensate for all this, every single character's techs will now get a good buff! How in what way will depend. For now, I have added 2 new skills to Gary! The first is Stasis which guarantees immobility AND INVULNERABILITY. The second is Minus Blow, similar to Minus Strike in FF, the damage he deals is equivalent to Max HP - Current HP - some defense stat. which synergize well with his specialty as a tanker. What other moves will get a buff I am uncertain at the moment, since I will adapt their skills based on what is needed to counter bosses in this game.

More wildlife AKA more Random Mob Variety

If you've played the first game, you'll realize that this game has a very small pool of random wildlife mobs. The sequel will feature more wildlife in the game. In fact, you can say the number of wildlife has increased by 260%~! Now I can quite proudly say this game have AT LEAST a 2 digit number in its random mob encounter pool.

Now here comes the "What If I had More Time!?" Section
Which is highly unlikely, given how slowly I'm progressing through the game right now. I have no confidence that I can finish by the dateline which I will explain later. But if I do have more time, this is what I'll like to do.

Historian's Report Quest Files:
If I had more time, I will implement a similar side quest to the first game where there is an actual plot. But this one will involve more around Cliva's past and its 'oddities' and 'anomalies'. You will uncover these oddities and anomalies with a Merritus University Professor and fight bosses too which will allow you to...

Crafting System!
... craft new weapons! This is another feature I will only consider adding in if I had more time. With the 260% increase in wildlife, there are more items to be found which means a crafting system will be much more viable in the sequel.

I have more ideas, but I don't want to go out of hand at the moment. So that'll do!

Progress Report:
So far progress have been slow and I am pessimistic that I can complete within the dateline that have been forced upon me. Yes, if I cannot complete within the dateline, this game will go into hiatus for 2 YEARS! Ain't life cruel? It is also precisely because of this I might have to drop all of my side projects for this game. (No, it's not because I'm going to jail or anything like that XD, it's a more patriotic reason I shall say and leave it at that)

So far, I've only done up to the very first part of the very first chapter. Which is before the meat portion of Chapter 8. I expect development to speed up a bit more once I have finished Chapter 8 since I have more ideas on how to continue after that.

Well, that's all from me. I could and would want to write more in terms of progress, but it has been very slow at the moment that there is nothing to show. Once I have more going for it, maybe I'll do another mega post like this. Which might be months later. So with that said, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all those who have tried out this game and supported the game and I wish all of you reading this a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Also, it seems like the Misaos is going on. Pardon my shameless promotion here but if you enjoyed this game, feel free to nominate it in any category you think it might deserve! And... there still isn't a review for the full game yet, soooo... yeah. (Cue the expression of shameless promotion and begging everywhere XD)

P.S - If you read through this wall of text, congrats! You deserve a cookie!
P.S.S - Also, thanks to William TheUnproPro for the shoutout to my game, glad you enjoyed it too! I know it's 3 months late since I just found out about the video you did for a collab recently.


Spirited Away by the Phantom

Welcome, Visitors from the Other World.
To our Hell.

This update comes with new content that includes a Unique Persistent HP Boss, New Maps and more, changes and bug fixes! Will likely be the last update for this game so I can work on something else.

Synopsis (Scenario assumes you 'accept' the quest in Prologue 1):
While Damien, Vincent, Isabel and Lyeric are about to head towards Horzon Town to learn more about the Bandits, they came across a mysterious women dressed in church clothing who confronted them. Here, they learn about the cause of recent fainting across Cliva that are attributed to a mysterious being she calls 'Phantom'. After hearing about it, they decided to reject her plea for help because they deemed it as too dangerous for them to handle. Only for them to encounter the exact 'Phantom' she speaks of 2 days later. Just what is this mysterious being that continuously appears to haunt and hunt Damien and his friends?

Spirited away...

Features of this Side Story Quest:
Featuring an all new deadly enemy with Persistent HP that will haunt and hunt you down across all chapters except 3 starting from Chapter 1 till Chapter 4. This side story also comes with 2 endings depending on whether you decide to accept the other side quest: Boundary Split. If you achieve True End, this side story also comes with new maps to explore and an extra boss that incorporates Real-Time Elements in Turn-Based battles. You will fail this quest if you do not complete it before meeting Cyrus Aria because of a 'certain' person.

You will also gain more insight and context of the world you're in. Particularly the Magic Side.

Simply defeat Phantom and talk to the 'Church Lady' in front of Aria Household Building to complete this quest. You'll learn about the identity of the mysterious women in this ending.

Resist the urge to kill Phantom until you've met the girl from the Side quest 'Boundary Split'. Once you've met and defeated her, head back to Ixia Forest 2 and you will be locked into the True End. The quest Boundary Split need not be completed, you simply need to have the item you obtain from defeating the girl in Boundary Split to start the True End Route. Completing this Route earns you an Achievement: Void Heart.

WARNING: There is NO WAY you can stock up on medicine once you're locked into the True End - Apart from Treasure Boxes lying around in Idesia Forest. Make sure you're well stocked after fighting the girl from Boundary Split.

~ This is my attempt at a simple 'Bring-on-the-feelz' quest before the actual one in the Sequel ~
Inspired by Fate/Kaleid ;D

Exchange Shop + 3 new EXCLUSIVE CHARMS!

A neat inspired idea from Edra who suggested I should do something like Alchemy or Enhancement. While I have no intention for either, it gave me a good idea to try out something like an exchange shop.

This new Side Story quest will result in a huge drain of your resources, so you need a better way to earn them! With opportunity comes business! So...! From the entrepreneurs of Limit Minute Shop we present to you Gumi's Exchange Shop! You can find them in Ixia Town and Pavillion Square! Over here, you can exchange your loot in bulk from your grind for more GC than you'll normally get by simply selling them.

Not only that, I have also added 3 new exclusive charms for Gumi's Exchange Shop that you most likely won't be able to afford until Chapter 4. They are:

1. Black Mercury Charm - 50% chance to grant you one additional action (Note that Cooldown applies, so you cannot chain the same ability with cooldown twice in a row)- In exchange for 10% of your overall stats. (5 Crystalized Web, 3 Speizal Scale and 9999 GC)

2. Kaleidoscope Charm - Grants you 10% chance to reflect all attacks. (5 Speizal Scale and 6000 GC)

3. Flair Charm - Grants you 30% Damage Mitigation. However, enemies are 50% more likely to target you. Similar to Lyeric's Taunt Guard. Except this charm is more effective than Lyeric's skill :p (Yes, you can stack with both Guardian and Taunt Guard) (5 Cyote's Fur, 5 Speizal Scale and 8000 GC)

All 3 charms are expensive to craft on top of their item requirements. You can also trade loot for Revival Charm I with no GC requirements in Gumi's Exchange shop!

Some more Additions:
- 1 new additional achievement apart from the new content above: '58'
To obtain '58', Find Room Number 58.
You can find the clue that leads you to Room Number 58 in Fragments, pay attention to their conversations.

- Added a Timer to make solving puzzles and battles in Fragment 3 Part 2 a little more exciting!
Failure to solve all puzzles and defeat the enemy within the time limit will result in a game over!

Major bug fixes:
I hid it because there are quite a number. Thanks to HumanCalc, RenMana and everyone else who have brought them to my attention!

- Vincent and Gary's HP are now consistent in Fragment 3. (Should be)
- NPC Freezes in Fragment 3 when caught and Chapter 6 when interacting with the door without performing side quest is fixed
- Fixed consistency with Primary and secondary tech uses (A & S)
- Fixed the correct order of evidence in one of Court trial's evidence
- Removed the 'evidence' dialogue from Rinne in Chapter 1. I forgot to remove it when I was modifying the event.
- Removed the 'Raven speaking' dialogue from the door in Chapter 3
- If you talk to Maria, choosing the option 'let Damien say it' will not repeat the conversation anymore.
- You won't be able to interact with the Board again in LivSier Cave after you answer it correctly.
- If you revisit Dr Vallae, your team will not be standing there any longer.
- You'll not be stuck in Arena in Fragment 2 if you re-entered it.
- Starting a battle should NOT randomly crash the game anymore*
- Fixed some skill and armor descriptions so they accurately reflect the correct stat boosts.
- Boundary Split Quest now cannot be accessed after Chapter 4
- Some more passability fixes and text fixes.
- Level Cap brought back to 40.
- NPCs will freeze while you're reading the tablets in Death Quarter 2.

*Note*: I'm not too sure how this works, but I've tried a script and it seems to stop all the crash. Do tell me if it stops your crashing. Or if it doesn't, tell me as well.

Slight changes:
- Chronic Bleed Out for the final battle nerfed by 1%, so it's now 4% instead to make the battle a little more forgiving.
- Medical Mist is now FORCED on Entity's appearance.
- Alceia Boost now provides overall 1.5X stat boost from 1.25X
- Removed ability to save while you're in Fragment 3 Part 2. You can still heal up.
- Improved Ampicillin's effectiveness. Now recovers 600 MP from 500 MP.

Unless there are major bugs, this will likely be the last update for this game as I want to work on the sequel. Thank you very much for all of your support thus far! I'm happy that you enjoyed the game and it gives me determination to complete the story!

Game Design

VSI Esper Report 3: Lyeric Horzon

Welcome back once again to part 3 of my 7 part report where I, Ravier Connor, will give an in depth analysis into the party's Esper Abilities. Hmm... seems like we're covering one of the more unique members of the party. Lyeric Horzon. Heheheh, he's an interesting character, very interesting character indeed...

Lyeric’s Esper Analysis

One of Lyeric's unique selling point comes his training as a Martial Artist known as Systema Spetsnaz. A Russian form of Martial arts that specializes in Hand to hand close combat. With introduction to our Tech Experimental Program, Lyeric is able to manipulate Mana to further enhance his body, fist and feet for greater offensive power.

Lyeric has one of the best overall stat build compared to his peers, earning him a rating of A.

As if that weren’t enough, Lyeric is able to unleash his ‘special’ move that he calls Systema Hidden Skills. The skills he can use is determinant on the knuckle he equipped. While we are unsure how changing equipment can affect what kind of skills he is able to use, we’re certain that it has to do with the structure of the knuckle itself.

He has 3 different type of hidden skills, mainly Support Set, Weakness Set and finally offensive set. While such categorization is not official as it is unique to him, I would prefer to classify them as ‘Boost Set’, ‘Support Set’ and ‘Offensive Set’. You’ll see why when I further elaborate his abilities below.

Lyeric is probably one of the most versatile player in his party as he is able to perform all 3 roles: offense, support and a bit of tank, making him a jack of all trades but unfortunately master of none.

Out of the 3 party members thus far, Lyeric, together with Isabel, is one of the most dangerous opponent you’ll want to face against in combat due to his ability to counter almost all strategies you can come up with.

Apparently the Creator likes to use him against his friends…

Lyeric’s Role in Combat

Ravier's Note: Of course... something they experienced that I have no clue about. Who is Lyeric Alter anyway?
Creator's Note: Lyeric Alter will have a 'recolor' once I get the design down. Right now he is used for testing only.

Offensive Coverage:
There is not much to say about Lyeric’s offensive coverage. Lyeric’s higher than average critical chance and higher than average agility makes him a decent offensive player in the party. He also has abilities such as Vortex strafe and Wave strike that boosts his attack and agility for 1 and 2 turns respectively. Giving the party a freedom of choice if they want to use Lyeric as a quick attacker/quick healer or use him purely for boosted offense.

Incarte Strike and Incarte Tuning (Support Set) also boosts his offensive power even further. Making him much more viable for combat. He also has a powerful AOE attack: zRecese Gale in his offensive set, only second to Isabel’s high damage.

Flaws of Offensive Coverage:
I feel the need to write one for each of his 3 roles simply because there are quite a number of evident flaws in his coverage. While he is a versatile attacker, he has low offensive power and require moves such as Incarte Tuning/Vortex Strafe/Incarte Strike to increase his attack. For him to be consistently effective in offense, he has to use Vortex Strafe often in order to keep up his attack buff. He also lacks elements in his attacks and most bosses the party has fought usually has physical resistance to his attacks.

Support/Tank Coverage:
Lyeric has decent support coverage with moves that can deal ‘Defense Ignore’ on the opponent. Allowing his peers to deal more damage than they can on the usual basis. Not only that, Lyeric’s 2nd hidden skillset (Weakenss) comes with ‘Reploxion’ that can reliably paralyze enemies with ease. With the added bonus of bleed out at a relatively high success rate.

Lyeric also comes with Taunt Guard which is a form of guard that is able to lure enemies into attacking him at a 50% increased rate. In exchange for tanking more hits, Taunt Guard also allows him to mitigate 20% of all incoming attacks.

Incarte Tuning also gives him 3% Heal over Turn (HOT), +50% to physical Attack and physical defense, allowing him to last longer in battle and able to counter mild DOT Status effects like Curse.
All of his abilities also has a small chance to deal Vulnerability which lowers defense by 20% but increases their agility by 20%.

Flaws of Support/Tank Coverage:
His support coverage is generally luck based with the exception of Reploxion.

His support move Taunt Guard only increases his chance of being targeted by 50% which is not a huge amount by any means. Impulse Kick and Incarte Strike only has 60% and 50% chance respectively to deal defense ignore. While generally reliable, it may fail in the most critical moment. Reploxion is only the most reliable support ability with 90% chance to paralyze and 50% chance to bleed out, but similar to above, it also has the chance to fail in the most critical moment.

Incarte Tuning also does not protect Lyeric from range attacks and 3% HOT is usually not enough to totally offset DOT Status effects like Burn, Frost and Bleed Out.

Certainly, a rather deadly opponent if used against the party. Lyeric has cemented his position as a 'utility player', he has the ability, if not perfect, to cover all kinds of roles and is definitely a party member you should consider bringing for conflict.

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