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VSI Esper Report 2: Isabel Aria

  • Raze
  • 05/10/2016 12:06 PM
Welcome back once again to part 2 of my 7 part report where I, Ravier Connor, will give an in depth analysis into the party's Esper Abilities. Today, I'll be covering my prideful, bad tempered with a short fuse yet kind friend, Isabel Aria Layla Cheverue. Member of the Aria Family and wielder of Vecreas.

Isabel's Esper Analysis:
Vecreas on its own is a very special form of Esper Class. It is the one and only documented type of ability that is said to be unique to a bloodline, in this case the Aria Family. The term Vecreas is defined from the red ‘V’ shaped “Magic-Crest-like” image implanted onto their left hands. With said power, Vecreas users are able to create and manipulate Mana from their surroundings and conjure ‘spells’ with it. It is the closest Science equivalent of Magic’s Personal Reality.

Similar to the nature of Personal Reality on the Magic side, each individual Vecreas will have different abilities from each other, mainly tied down to their battle style and personality. There exists a close combat specialist who is also a Vecreas from the Aria Family.

In Isabel’s case, her abilities are quite well-rounded. She is able to provide high offensive power support, self-defense as well as relatively weak party support abilities. More will be elaborated below.

Isabel's Role in Combat:

Just that lightning is enough to OHK most common mobs even when unbuffed.

Offensive Coverage
On almost all aspects, Isabel’s offensive capabilities surpasses that of almost the entire party. Her wide array of elements coupled with her high range offensive stat allows her to dish out insane amounts of damage to the opponent. With self-support abilities such as ‘Vecreas Overdrive’, she is able to further boost her power and defensive capabilities, increasing her longevity on the battlefield, making her offensive role much more effective.

Isabel’s Feudrel Tempest outputs the highest recorded damage followed by Lyeric’s zRecese Gale.

Support Coverage
Isabel has little support coverage but has 2 techs as of writing that allows her to aid her allies. Mainly Vecreas Refresh that allows her to cure all status ailments her allies are suffering from as well as Elemental Negation that can negate all Elemental Statuses and slightly boost their defense. While her support role is minor, it is a plus.

Flaws of her Abilities
Her Techs require high cooldown and Mana. While she has a higher mana pool considering that she’s a range attacker, her high mana cost makes it expensive for the party as they have to buy more expensive medicine to replenish her Mana. Her tech’s high cooldown also makes it hard for her to be consistently effective in combat. But that can be said to be a blessing in terms of Mana conservation so the party’s wallet won’t go bust replenishing her Mana.

Definitely one of the best person for the job in the offensive department. Despite her high Mana cost, if the party can somehow aid her in replenishing her Mana, she can be extremely effective in dealing high damage. Her ability to support is minimal, but can prove to be extremely helpful in certain occasions with enemies or Techs that exploits Elemental State’s vulnerability.

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