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Spirited Away by the Phantom

  • Raze
  • 07/17/2016 03:42 AM
Welcome, Visitors from the Other World.
To our Hell.

This update comes with new content that includes a Unique Persistent HP Boss, New Maps and more, changes and bug fixes! Will likely be the last update for this game so I can work on something else.

Synopsis (Scenario assumes you 'accept' the quest in Prologue 1):
While Damien, Vincent, Isabel and Lyeric are about to head towards Horzon Town to learn more about the Bandits, they came across a mysterious women dressed in church clothing who confronted them. Here, they learn about the cause of recent fainting across Cliva that are attributed to a mysterious being she calls 'Phantom'. After hearing about it, they decided to reject her plea for help because they deemed it as too dangerous for them to handle. Only for them to encounter the exact 'Phantom' she speaks of 2 days later. Just what is this mysterious being that continuously appears to haunt and hunt Damien and his friends?

Spirited away...

Features of this Side Story Quest:
Featuring an all new deadly enemy with Persistent HP that will haunt and hunt you down across all chapters except 3 starting from Chapter 1 till Chapter 4. This side story also comes with 2 endings depending on whether you decide to accept the other side quest: Boundary Split. If you achieve True End, this side story also comes with new maps to explore and an extra boss that incorporates Real-Time Elements in Turn-Based battles. You will fail this quest if you do not complete it before meeting Cyrus Aria because of a 'certain' person.

You will also gain more insight and context of the world you're in. Particularly the Magic Side.

Simply defeat Phantom and talk to the 'Church Lady' in front of Aria Household Building to complete this quest. You'll learn about the identity of the mysterious women in this ending.

Resist the urge to kill Phantom until you've met the girl from the Side quest 'Boundary Split'. Once you've met and defeated her, head back to Ixia Forest 2 and you will be locked into the True End. The quest Boundary Split need not be completed, you simply need to have the item you obtain from defeating the girl in Boundary Split to start the True End Route. Completing this Route earns you an Achievement: Void Heart.

WARNING: There is NO WAY you can stock up on medicine once you're locked into the True End - Apart from Treasure Boxes lying around in Idesia Forest. Make sure you're well stocked after fighting the girl from Boundary Split.

~ This is my attempt at a simple 'Bring-on-the-feelz' quest before the actual one in the Sequel ~
Inspired by Fate/Kaleid ;D

Exchange Shop + 3 new EXCLUSIVE CHARMS!

A neat inspired idea from Edra who suggested I should do something like Alchemy or Enhancement. While I have no intention for either, it gave me a good idea to try out something like an exchange shop.

This new Side Story quest will result in a huge drain of your resources, so you need a better way to earn them! With opportunity comes business! So...! From the entrepreneurs of Limit Minute Shop we present to you Gumi's Exchange Shop! You can find them in Ixia Town and Pavillion Square! Over here, you can exchange your loot in bulk from your grind for more GC than you'll normally get by simply selling them.

Not only that, I have also added 3 new exclusive charms for Gumi's Exchange Shop that you most likely won't be able to afford until Chapter 4. They are:

1. Black Mercury Charm - 50% chance to grant you one additional action (Note that Cooldown applies, so you cannot chain the same ability with cooldown twice in a row)- In exchange for 10% of your overall stats. (5 Crystalized Web, 3 Speizal Scale and 9999 GC)

2. Kaleidoscope Charm - Grants you 10% chance to reflect all attacks. (5 Speizal Scale and 6000 GC)

3. Flair Charm - Grants you 30% Damage Mitigation. However, enemies are 50% more likely to target you. Similar to Lyeric's Taunt Guard. Except this charm is more effective than Lyeric's skill :p (Yes, you can stack with both Guardian and Taunt Guard) (5 Cyote's Fur, 5 Speizal Scale and 8000 GC)

All 3 charms are expensive to craft on top of their item requirements. You can also trade loot for Revival Charm I with no GC requirements in Gumi's Exchange shop!

Some more Additions:
- 1 new additional achievement apart from the new content above: '58'
To obtain '58', Find Room Number 58.
You can find the clue that leads you to Room Number 58 in Fragments, pay attention to their conversations.

- Added a Timer to make solving puzzles and battles in Fragment 3 Part 2 a little more exciting!
Failure to solve all puzzles and defeat the enemy within the time limit will result in a game over!

Major bug fixes:
I hid it because there are quite a number. Thanks to HumanCalc, RenMana and everyone else who have brought them to my attention!

- Vincent and Gary's HP are now consistent in Fragment 3. (Should be)
- NPC Freezes in Fragment 3 when caught and Chapter 6 when interacting with the door without performing side quest is fixed
- Fixed consistency with Primary and secondary tech uses (A & S)
- Fixed the correct order of evidence in one of Court trial's evidence
- Removed the 'evidence' dialogue from Rinne in Chapter 1. I forgot to remove it when I was modifying the event.
- Removed the 'Raven speaking' dialogue from the door in Chapter 3
- If you talk to Maria, choosing the option 'let Damien say it' will not repeat the conversation anymore.
- You won't be able to interact with the Board again in LivSier Cave after you answer it correctly.
- If you revisit Dr Vallae, your team will not be standing there any longer.
- You'll not be stuck in Arena in Fragment 2 if you re-entered it.
- Starting a battle should NOT randomly crash the game anymore*
- Fixed some skill and armor descriptions so they accurately reflect the correct stat boosts.
- Boundary Split Quest now cannot be accessed after Chapter 4
- Some more passability fixes and text fixes.
- Level Cap brought back to 40.
- NPCs will freeze while you're reading the tablets in Death Quarter 2.

*Note*: I'm not too sure how this works, but I've tried a script and it seems to stop all the crash. Do tell me if it stops your crashing. Or if it doesn't, tell me as well.

Slight changes:
- Chronic Bleed Out for the final battle nerfed by 1%, so it's now 4% instead to make the battle a little more forgiving.
- Medical Mist is now FORCED on Entity's appearance.
- Alceia Boost now provides overall 1.5X stat boost from 1.25X
- Removed ability to save while you're in Fragment 3 Part 2. You can still heal up.
- Improved Ampicillin's effectiveness. Now recovers 600 MP from 500 MP.

Unless there are major bugs, this will likely be the last update for this game as I want to work on the sequel. Thank you very much for all of your support thus far! I'm happy that you enjoyed the game and it gives me determination to complete the story!


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I'm really enjoying this project but I must say the grammar is still pretty rough. It has certainly gotten better but their are some mistakes here and there, have where had or has should be for example. It's still a really enjoyable story but you might want to recruit a proof reader to iron out some of the rough spots.
True... I'll admit my grammar isn't exactly stellar. Though I'm not sure where I can find myself one though.
You could try recruiting on the forums I suppose, that's the best idea I have anyway.
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