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Curse of Valor Academy ~ Black Galax: Rewrite Chapter 8 Preview

  • Raze
  • 12/01/2017 07:23 AM

The first half is just pure dialogue. If you want some action, skip ahead to 26.38 Also spoiler alert if you HAVEN'T FINISHED the game.

Hello and it's been a very LONG time since I last updated you guys with progress. So to show that I'm not COMPLETELY dead. I'll upload a 'Short' 1 hour preview of the sequel Chapter 8. Why is it short? Because this 1 hour preview is only the introduction to Chapter 8, we haven't even gotten to the main meat of this chapter yet. Once Chapter 8 is finished, Chapter 8 ALONE will give you around 3 - 4 hours worth of content. Probably the longest chapter in the whole game as it is a standalone story of its own.

This preview is very rough around the edge as it is something like a 'first draft' of sorts. A lot of things will change, but the main direction stays. So forgive me for any errors as yes, there will be quite a lot.

What is Chapter 8 going to be about?
The biggest mystery of Cliva, the string of student death and disappearance cases from Acroma High School that occurred over a decade shocked civilians locally and abroad. Detectives and police worldwide are baffled as many tried to piece together a complete image of what has actually happened at the former site of Valor Academy. Alas, all in vain as the case was left unsolved and closed... Until Today.

Chapter 8 is around 60 - 70% complete and I'll be uploading an official game page once I'm done with Chapter 9. Yes, despite not making a single update post, I'm slowly making some progress, so don't worry. This game is not dead. Not by a long shot.

What's in the preview?
Mainly just dialogue and continuation from the previous chapters. It also showcases some of the new random mobs in the game and also some new battle gimmicks. Don't worry, I've upped the ante on the gimmicks, this is just a small preview. Expect final boss level kind of gimmicks for almost every single boss that plays a significant role in the plot. Bosses with Multiple HP Bars will also start to make their appearance in this game. With exception of Chapter 7.5 of course.

Thought Black Galax: Revert was hard...? Hoo boy...

Why rename from Phantom Rising to Rewrite?
After some consideration and rewriting the plot. I've decided that this game will have 2 branching routes. The first route is called: Rewrite Delta. Hence the title. To access the second route, you'll need to perform the required events and finish the first route, then the second route will open to you.

And... that's all! Expect another 3 months of silence while I slowly slave away making slow progress for this game. I hope you enjoyed the preview! Goes without saying of course, if you haven't played Black Galax: Revert, you should not watch this preview because spoilers :D