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Cover Support Buffs + New Skills

  • Raze
  • 04/07/2018 01:47 AM
Hi! I've been wanting to do a blog update for a while, unfortunately Chapter 9 is taking a lot longer than I anticipated to finish. Most of them new graphical materials, new game mechanic, battle gimmicks, new remade Court Trial dialogues, cutscenes and some overlay mapping. Unfortunately I don't have much to show yet, so for now I shall give you a small update log regarding the progress for the game about a mechanic I'll be adding + Skill Revamps.

Party Cover Support Buffs/Debuffs:
Ever wanted your useless party members to do SOMETHING instead of just idling in the party support lines doing nothing but maybe cheer inside your imagination? Now your Support actually has a use apart from being Character swapping fodders!

Each unique party member has a unique buff/debuff they can provide every 5 turns in battle. If you send them to the backlines, they can buff you or debuff the enemies with their respective buffs.

Here are their respective cover buffs/debuffs: (For now, might change in the future)

Damien: Assessment
Increase HIT and Critical Chance by 10%

Vincent: Elemental Fairy
Increase all elemental resistance except Holy and Dark by 5%

Isabel: Vecreas Aura
Improves all stats by 5%

Lyeric: Distraction
Reduce all enemies HIT chance by 5%

Lilium: Holy Ward
Increase party's defense by 5% and increase Holy and Dark elemental resistance by 10%

Gary: Officer's Authority
Increase MP Regen by 3% per turn. Increase party's attack by 10%

Athena: Cursed Flames
Reduces enemies HP by 1% per turn and attack by 10%

These buffs can still be dispelled by enemy or <SPOILER STATE> can prevent them from applying said buffs in the first place.

Skill Revamps: Vincent
In lieu with the much harder content, there need to be some skill updates to compensate for the difficulty. So for now I shall introduce an update to Vincent's skill who probably needed the update the most.

NEW SKILL: Radiant Blade - Holy
Deals Double Damage in presence of Common Shields.(Attack/Regen/Valiant/Counter/Refractor) - Impact Shield (New shield state or any other enemy unique shield do not count). Small chance to deal Blind to opponent.

NEW SKILL: Precipipal Blades - Earth
High chance of destroying common shields - Impact Shield not included. + Moderate chance to deal Bleed Out.

REPLACED SKILL: Aqua Ethnix with Aqua Acolyte - Water
Deals guaranteed Drenched on opponent + deals more damage if opponent is Drenched, reduces DEF for 2 turns. 2 CD

That's all for now! Once I have something more to show, I'll do it one shot giving you a brief overview of Chapter 9 altogether! Thank you for reading and following the development of this game!