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Progress Report

Progress updates after so damn long...

It has been about... 5 months? Since my last blog post.
Obviously... this game isn't dead yet until I cancel it or for whatever reason. It's just that things... never went quite according to schedule due to various unexpected and expected events. Nonetheless, here are some things I've done during the course of 5 months!

Side Story Quests!
I've neglected this aspect for quite a while already. While I'm not a big fan of side quests since most of them involves chasing after people, collecting items so you can make a bread and etc... It still remains in my opinion as an 'essential' to make the game not as linear and will certainly add to the experience.

But instead of adding pointless fetch quests and the likes, I've added a 3-parter side story quest that involves lifeless-robots-coming-to-life-that-resembles-a-real-life-model AKA Animatronics (This is sooo not inspired by Fnaf...). Apart from adding onto the story, it also rewards you with a shit ton of money - and collectible items too!... Obviously I'm not going to make it easy for you to get :p

I would love to attach a screenshot of the first location where you'll receive it but currently it is rather inconvenient for me to do so at the moment so I'll add it in at a later time.

Graphical changes
I've changed out the graphics for the ugly HP bars for ABP and court trial to something much more... slicker? I guess.

I've also performed some proofreading and changes to the dialogue that for some reason doesn't seem to fit in.

Flavor Text changes + States + NPC interaction
Changed some of the flavor text for certain 'limited edition + exclusive charm that obviously cannot be obtained by normal means other than a couple of exceptions'. Also, the first 4 characters have been given their 'exclusive charm' that can be slowly obtained throughout the course of the game.

I've also changed the state for Darkness into Curse. Which instead of immobilizing the player akin to Paralyze, it now increases MP Cost to use techs, reduce overall HP by 10%, Reduces overall stats by 10% and deducts 2% of player's health during the course of 3 turns.

I've also spiced up some dialogue for the NPC that includes rants about society, economy, governments and maybe terrorists cause why not?

Library - Ixia Town (Ironically the last town you'll visit in Cyrilla Island)
Yay! Finally a library that allows the player insights into... certain knowledge that might or might not be plot related. It includes a variety of reports such as 'Genius cultivation Case Study', 'Tech requirement', 'Brain mapping', among other juicy things that I'm still thinking of adding into Ixia's vast collection of library items.

Yep, writing up a whole library is probably going to drive me insane with all the research that I'm going to have to do.

Skill Changes:
In response to feedback, certain Techs can now HIT A LOT harder when certain Elemental States like 'Blaze' are applied either to the opponent or ally. It also gives weaker techs like Lightning Score (Damien's first skill) more usability in late game as it can overpower techs learned in the later course of the game.(Damien IMO is still the most important player character in-game).

Isabel's Elemental guard now applies to all allies and lasts for 5 turns instead of 3 with increased 7 turns cooldown.

Miscellaneous Changes:
I've added a sadistic quiz that is without a doubt 10 times harder than Lyeric's quiz that you'll have to attempt in order to progress with the game. The main theme of it is 'Logic' and not general knowledge because I'm sure more than half the players will flame me for that - and they'll most definitely search Google for the answer anyway.

Things that needs to be done:
Chapter 7 which at the current moment I'm still stuck at the second part thinking of devilish puzzles to throw at the player. I still have about... 6 maps left to go and an event intensive finale that hopefully doesn't lag... and that's about it really. Apart from a 'Extra Chapter' that I will probably implement much later after I've released the game.

After all that it's just replaying the game and possibly get some people to help me bug-test the game to ensure that there are no issues with the game and it's done!


Still something to show...

Well, I've uploaded a new demo, despite saying that I won't be doing one anytime soon.

The reason why I feel like releasing one now is because I won't be
completing Chapter 7 anytime soon despite the fact that it is the
last chapter.

Reasons for not completing Chapter 7 now is because I want to
spend sometime polishing my game again from scratch as well as
the fact that my busy busy school term has began :(

I want to wait till it is my vacation period again (Christmas week) to work on chapter 7
and use all the little break time left from school to rework my game.
(Not counting revision time...)

So here are some improvements!

1. New GUI - For Menu Screens only (Equip, skills etc.)
2. Fixed spelling and grammatical errors in game. (There still might be some...)
3. Map glitch fixes (There are still some. - I believe)
4. General dialogue improvements as well as a better overall explanation of the game right at the start by an
anonymous character who may or may not be the most important character in the whole game...
5. Changed Icon for Elemental Status so it's easier to identify them.
6. Overall a better game play experience when in full screen.
7. Plus an insert of my own custom track for Vizrel Town!

That's all! If there are any bugs/errors or any other anomalies, feel free to comment or PM me.
Thank you very much for playing!

Progress Report

Third Time's the charm! For you or your friend?

Okay... that's a really weird title for me to write.
But I believe it has been some time since I showcased
any of my battles or my progress, other than in picture form.

So this battle below showcases the 2nd last 3rd Tier Boss in Game.
You will fight her for the 3rd time! Your good old classmate Ingrid Renia!

The first 2 battles are in Prologue 1 and Chapter 1 respectively and
aren't featured in the current demo but will be in the final version.

So without further ado... (Skip to 6:20 for the more... intense part.)

I classify my bosses in 3 tiers, Tier 1's are your simple dungeon bosses or sometimes mid-bosses. Tier 2's are normally the boss of Tier 1 boss, and of course, more gimmicks will be involved.

Finally, 3rd Tier boss, which is easily identifiable by its custom soundtrack, are special bosses with tons of gimmicks, Puzzles and traps on hand. So watch out! (Nope, I don't use insane HP to define a 'Tough Boss'.)


Black Galax: Blood Legacy is up and some updates!

Yep, for all those who is not aware, Black Galax: Blood Legacy is now up!

Black Galax: Blood Legacy is the 'Origin' story of the main series and can be described as a 'Lore'
that people normally see at the start of an RPG Game. Though in this case it is made into a separate game of its own.

Yes I know I should be working on this game during my 2 weeks break, but
I find it hard to work on something without that bit of stress/motivation like an event.


But that doesn't mean I haven't done anything at all!
I've finally managed to finish revamping my dialogue but still needs a relook thus I scrapped
the idea of pumping out a new demo as I'll just aim for the full release as well as some shuffling
of story elements.

After much pondering I decided to introduce a 'Latent' character into the 'Revert' series
instead of waiting till 'Phantom Rising'.

Her name is called: Ingrid Renia whose Esper Ability is a
subsidiary manipulation method of Dark Matter.

What is Dark Matter? Well I'll leave it to you to figure it out yourself! :D

I'm now going to officially continue the game from Chapter 5.
Which is going to be a case known as 'Disappearing Act' which
involves a disappearance case in a Hospital.

If anyone has watched any books or shows or games that has a 'Detective'
like case regarding a hospital theme, feel free to recommend me via PM or comments.
Because I'm in need of some ideas :).

So that's all for today's update, thank you for your support :D


Dead? Not yet! Snail-paced Progress? Unfortunately so...

Yes, I've been pretty inactive these days ever since my shift from
secondary to tertiary education began a month ago has been rather
tiring. But that doesn't mean I've given up on this project yet!

I'm still working on my game slowly, redoing the dialogue right
from the beginning to match up with my new storyline as well as
the timeline and making sure everything connects nicely and ties
up all loose ends as well as plot holes (Some are on purpose though...).

I'm also implementing a new UI to my game which will take sometime
to make since I suck at photoshoping so... expect a fresh new look
of the game!

I'll also be redoing and remapping certain areas and cleaning up the
game to make it look better. Since I'm busy with my real life dedications
and everything, everything will move VERY slowly from now on, so it'll be
sometime before I can continue with chapter 5. But nonetheless, my target
is still to finish this game by the end of this year and I'll try to keep
to that promise that I've made but no guarantees!

Expect a new addition to the advancement of science: The Grid Palistia - Guess what it is!
(Hint: Grid)

EDIT: I will be putting up a final revised demo which will better reflect his game (Without the new UI) soon.

Game Design

Should I take out the Side Story from the main game?

Okay, I know I have posted a blog post yesterday already but
I have a... brainwave so to say.

I was wondering if I should split up the Fragments section
into a standalone game not necessary 'Take it out'.

To those who haven't played the game, Fragments focuses on
Vincent and Athena's Side story.

The fact that it's a side story means that it'll deviate from the main story and
I'm not sure if I should have the player concentrate on both story in a game.

Since I'm asking your opinion, I thought it would be fair
to share some of the reasons as to why would I and why wouldn't
I want to split up the Fragments section.

Here are some reasons why I would want them to split it into a standalone game:

1. It's an 'Expanded' version of Vincent's Past. (Side Story)

2. Split them up so that players won't have to focus on 2
separate stories at the same time.

3. The total gameplay time for 4 fragments is roughly an hour which
merits it's own standalone version.

Here are reasons why I would want them to stay together:

1. There are certain gameplay elements that's built off from the main game.
Meaning if I were to split them up, I'll have to either start from scratch or explain everything.

2. There are some explanations which require the player to HAVE
played the main game in order to understand parts of the plot.
Though this can be easily rectified.

3. It's more 'Complete' meaning the fragments are positioned in
such a way that certain things that you don't understand from
the previous chapter can be explained from Vincent's Side story.
But it can be easily rectified, I just need to add a few more
lines to the dialogue.

So what are your thoughts?
Should I split up Vincent's Side Story into a Standalone game instead?
Thanks for the input :D

Progress Report

Some Progress Updates

I think I should probably keep you guys updated of what I've done so far and what's left of the game that I should complete.
Not that I had done a lot to be honest but all on schedule thus far! :D

What I aim to finish by the end of this month:
Complete Fragment 3 and Chapter 4 - Almost done!
Revamp Chapter 2 - Chapter 3. - Plan to do so once I'm done with the above.

These 2 chapters will reveal quite a lot on certain main elements
of the game, but at the same time, add a lot more uncertainties to
the story.

It's also the part where things starts to get A LOT more tense.
Man, talk about a bigger storm after a storm...

What's left to be done:
Court Trial 3: Disappearing Act (Chapter 5: DA)
Try to 'Save' Athena (Fragment 4: The End)
Marzus City (Chapter 6: Apocalypse)
Idesia Forest (Chapter 6: Apocalypse)
The Royal Garden: Death Quarters (Chapter 7: Rivalry? Betrayal? The Battlefield with the 2 of us!)

Things that I have planned to have but most likely
won't see its light of day in the prequel:

1. Custom UI (Still waiting for Luna Engine to implement my UI...)
2. Custom Art (Still in the process of learning... but even so,
there is just way too many characters in this game. 21 Main and Main Side Characters.)

So as you can see this game is nearing it's 'Conclusion' already.
But of course this won't be the end of this game.
In fact it only just begun...


Major Changes (No, there aren't any major overhauls.)

Alright, after 1 month of hard work, I managed to fix up, change and add a few more things into the game.

General changes for this game will include improved dialogue that should hook the player into wanting to learn more about their characters, their world around them and their pasts.

This demo will now span from Prologue 1 - Fragment 1 instead of chapter 3.
Hopefully, this shorter version will inspire more people to finish the game :D
The second reason for ending at Fragment 1 is because it ends with a cliffhanger!
The third reason is because it covers at least one of each game play element for you to try and give feedback for.

It will take about 4-6 hours to complete it.

First let's start with the changes before the bug fixes:

Aesthetic Changes:
No significant changes aesthetic wise.

1. Changed the fonts of the text and battles
2. Added colors to damage pop-ups for easier identification of what element that tech does.
3. Replaced the Window Skin with a sleeker, Black design.
4. Improved on some of the animations.
5. Added a Character Profile Section

Game Play Changes:
Court Trial got a small revamp in terms of penalty system.

Plus an addition of a shield system which make game play a little
more challenging.

1. Court Trial switched from Time Penalty to Credibility Points instead.
2. Added a Shield System (Only on one occasion for this demo).
3. Animations are now much faster with 30 FPS/second.
4. Both Vacyl and Unix Boss Battles are now a little more challenging and a little more 'Fun' compared to last time.
5. A battle has been added at the very first cutscene.

Story Changes:
There are no story changes, however...
Also, I decided that there is no point for censorship thus...
Vulgarities are now added. Hope that this doesn't offend anyone.

1. You will get a brief overview of each character's past when you recruit them.
2. A small Foreshadow story has been added for the first part of Prologue 2.
3. Dialogues in between certain events made by certain characters from the present as they talk about the past events.
(In case you haven't realised, Black Galax: Revert is as the title implies, a replay of past events that lead to today.)
4. A small overview of major events that have happened and happening and yet to happen has been added right at the start.
5. Improved Dialogue and tons of grammar fixes.

Bug Fixes:
Honestly speaking, I didn't realize how bug ridden the previous demo was.
But this version should rectify majority of it.

1. Fixed passibility issues.
2. A glitch in Court Trial: Refutation Phase has been fixed.
3. There shouldn't be any more 'Doubles' if you should decide to switch your characters around during cutscenes and battles.
4. Fixed Waterfall animation.
5. Some miscellaneous bugs that would make game play a little unpleasant has been fixed.

If the font isn't showing up correctly like this:

Then install the 2 fonts in the fonts folder.

I also added a couple more stuff but those don't fit into any of those category mentioned above so play it to find out for yourself!

Your feedback is appreciated, thanks for taking the time to read and play.



Character page is up!

For all those wondering about the characters, or just would like a small teaser of the character's background. Go look it up on the character's page!

I haven't added the face graphics yet, but I will definitely go around adding that when I have the time as I'm currently working on a new game that takes place in the Black Galax universe while waiting for feedback.

I have also revamped the game page so that only the more important stuff like a blurb of a story and features stays in the game page and removed all redundant information.

So have a look!


Game Breaking Bug Fixed

Here's a small update to fix the game breaking bugs that some of you have been experiencing upon exiting the town. I'm deeply sorry for this mistake on my part and to all those who downloaded this game and hopefully there won't be anymore of such errors.

I have also cleaned up of some unused files so there is a drop of about 20 MB worth of data.

If you are a scripter I would need your help: Click Here

I would appreciate any reviews or criticism, no matter how harsh they are. (Since I'm rather used to it and as long as you aren't flaming me.)

Also, keep an eye out for plot holes and bugs and report them here! I will appreciate it!