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1. General rule
2. Instructions
3. Location of side quests
4. Actual Guide


1. Don't hesitate to use your medicine.
Yes, there are side effects for medicine. However, the side effects are minimal and it is only there to ensure that you don't start spamming your medicine as part of the strategy. I have already done ample of testing to ensure that you will at least get some form of 'rebate' for using medicine.

2. Elemental States play an important role
Don't neglect the use of elemental states as they can play a role to dealing extra damage or reducing damage on your opponent. Always think twice when you want to use a tech with a particular element. There is an attack that will OHKO you if you are weak towards Dark Element because your character is inflicted with Dark Shroud.

Alternatively, you can check up on the boss's weakness and strength by pressing the shift key when you are targeting on the boss.

Certain bosses take advantage of elemental states to deal extra damage to you so watch out! You can use Isabel's Elemental Negation to remove all elemental states for 3 turns.

All techs carry a 25% chance of dealing an elemental state based on their base element unless otherwise stated.

3. Tech spamming is encouraged.
In Black Galax's universe, if monsters and bosses can be defeated with one punch (Reference unintended) there wouldn't be a need for Tech Experimental Program! Sure, Techs cost Mana but Mana medicine comes at an extremely cheap price in this game to encourage use of techs. Apart from Random encounters, you're advised to ONLY spam Techs.

4. Grinding is fun and rewarding! But unnecessary.
Grinding can be pretty fun especially if you want to make the game easier! But we've made that completely optional! You can play the whole game without having fought a single random encounter and still somehow beat the game. Of course, you're rewarded for actually grinding. Not with just Gold Credits, but more...

5. Have Fun!
The above guide only serves as a quick guide on how you should play to get the most experience of this game.

I won't dictate you on how you should play the game as you get to decide how you want to play! Who knows? Maybe you might play better than me and beat me at my own game! (Quite Literally) So go on and have fun!

Basic Controls:

If you play a lot of RPG Maker Games, you can skip this section as they are all the same.

Arrow Keys - 4-directional movement
X or ESC - Menu
Z or ENTER - Invoke an event, plow between messages.
Shift - Skip through Messages and Hold to run/Hold to walk
Arrow Keys - Up, down, left, right
F5 - Fullscreen ++ (Recommended unless you run into issues with it)
Alt+Enter - Default Fullscreen (If you have problems with above)

Location of Side Quests
Life Jewels (Achievement: ReLIVE)
First Quest: Life Jewel - Vizrel Inner Forest 2 (Only unlocked in Chapter 1)
Second Quest: Malign Reparation - Vallae City (Upper) - Beside Lottery Building (Unlocked in chapter 2 & 4 only)
Final Quest: Missing Link - Marzus City - Block B #02-04 (Chapter 6 only)
If you like rewards, you should do this quest :D

Zenia Neptune (Achievement: Found)
First quest: Find/Arrest - Conan City (Chapter 1 only)
Final quest: Odd Crystal - Alcures Town (Chapter 4 only)
If you like story teasers, you should attempt this quest.

Visitor from the Other World! ~ Human
Standalone Quest: Boundary Split - Ixia Town (Chapter 4)
If you like Science, you gotta try this! - For the OP charm too!
You'll also need to complete this quest in order to unlock the TRUE ENDING for the quest below.

Visitor from the Other World! ~ Phantom (Achievement: Void Heart)
Standalone Quest: Spirited Away - Vizrel City (Prologue 1/Chapter 1 only)
Unlike other quests, this quest has 2 endings. True Ending and Normal Ending.
It also features a Persistent Boss that will harass you throughout your game.

List of Locations it can appear randomly in:
Corrase Forest 1, 2 & Mid
Vizrel Forest 1, 2, 3, 5
Ixia Forest 2
Livsier Forest 1, 2, 4
Livsier Inner Forest 1, 2, 3

Actual Guide
Prologue 1: Lyeric's Quiz
Question 1:
A farmer had 23 Cows. All but 12 died.
How many live Cows were left?

All BUT 12 died.
Meaning 12 lived, thus the answer is 12.

Question 2:
There are 4 pills and the doctor wants you to take them at a half an hour
interval! How long would it take for you to finish all 4 pills?

Answer: You take the first pill at the start. So you take the remaining 3 pills at Half an hour interval, this means you will finish it in 1.5 hours.

Question 3:
How many ways can you fold to
make a 6x6x6 dimension cube?

Answer: You are not meant to get this right. Just saying.
But there are 11 ways to fold a paper to get this cube.
This requires intense imagination to figure out.

Question 4: (Assume that it's Mitosis)

A cell weighs 10 Picograms initially, after
that it divides twice, so what is the total
weight of the cell?

Answer: When divided, the cell multiplies into 2, but the weight
of the cell remains at it's original 10 picograms. Thus the answer
is 10.

Question 5:
Where are you right now?

Answer: Again, you're not meant to get this right.
But if you think about it, it's actually a 4th wall
breaking question. It asks you where YOU are. So...
the answer is 'None of the Above'.

Prologue 2: Void Tower Level 4
The answer to the computer is: 69358
- Input the number of laptops before the digit that is a multiple of 2 (5 in front of 8. Cannot be in front of 6 because it is the first number)
- The first number is 6
- Multiply the third number with 2. That will be your first number. (Do opposite,let X be the third number X = 6/2 = 3, so the third number is 3)
Minus 1 from the second digit and that will be your last (9 - 1 = 8)
- The number 3 to the power of 2 is your 4th number from the right. (3^2 = 3 x 3 = 9, it is the 4th number from right, meaning it is the second from left.)

Chapter 4: Ixia Forest Quiz Answer (Achievement: I'm Valor!)
Try to see if you can solve it on your on! Kudos if you did it without referring and on your first try too!
1. Accept OR No Question is accepted
2. 8 because all the sisters had a brother
3. Twelve plus one quarter divided by half -> 12 + 0.25 / 0.5 = 12 + 0.5 = 12.5
4. Quintuple = 5, Pentagon refers to a 5 sided polygon.
5. On the Beam
6. Sextuple = Hextuple = 6
7. Octagon, imagine a rectangle in an hexagon, you create additional 2 sides.
8. Heptdecagon; 7 (Hept) + 10 (Decagon)
9. All of the above; Literal, Metaphorical and Pun (Suggest 2 or more meaning, in this case, literal and metaphorical)
10. A quiz waiting to be solved
11. Undecuple (11th question)
Bonus 12 (Needed for achievement): British Library

Chapter 7: Final Two-Pronged Boss Guide

Round 1:
1. Make sure you keep Ventos Entity alive - It can use Medical Mist to offset the effects of Chronic Bleed Out. (Thereby stalling the battle)
2. Use Ravier. He's your greatest asset
3. Spam AOE when the 4 entity is summoned. With the 'Cover' State, you can quickly eliminate the Entities as fast as possible as attacks directed to Athena will hit the entity instead when her HP is low enough.
4. Use Damien exclusively for support - Mainly defense control to boost your damage output and attack control to reduce damage taken.
5. Use Lyeric for the 'Defence Ignore' state on the God, you'll see that your damage output is significantly increased and can overcome the 5% medical mist.
6. Make sure that when Ventos Entity dies, you're well set up to finish the God once Medical Mist runs out (Meaning all healed up, defense at its lowest etc)
7. God is vulnerable to Frost (Only applicable to this version)

Round 2:
You'll need DOT (Damage over Turn) to reliably dwindle Caron's health. Not only that, Feather of Despair also removes all Status Ailment, so you also need to reliably SPAM the DOT as well.

To do that, you need to start by clearing God Hades Reflects by allowing him to HEAL UP in order to allow Ravier's AOE attacks to go through without damaging himself --> Razor Vacuum, Iron Gale and Iron Precipice for Bleed out. Once the God's HP threshold hits >75%, it will stop spamming Reflects every other turn.

You'll also need Lyeric for the slightly more reliable Bleed Out on his reploxion. If he's petrified, he needs to die so he becomes usable.

Burn, Curse and Frost also works on Caron. So you can consider going for Frost through Icy Shroud by spamming Ice attacks or Burn through Blaze by spamming Fire attacks (This is where Elemental States come to play). But ultimately Bleed out is more reliable because Ravier's attack has higher hit count = higher chances.

You'll need Damien for Attack Control and Defense control to remove his buffs and Lyeric for Defense Ignore. If you want you can include *Spoiler Character* for tanking purposes on his Guardian ability and Blood Drive for Bleed out.

You'll generally want a 'Offensive Party Setup' (The Witch) --> 'Defensive DOT Party Setup' (Caron) --> 'Offensive Party Setup' (God)

Forget about the God when Caron appears, his theme song plays for a reason ;)

If you have any questions on how to solve certain puzzles, you can ask me here!
I'll answer them. If I think it's hard, I'll put it here :D