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These general states that are commonly used by enemies and you. Every single enemy you encounter will use a mix of these states.

Category 1: Immobility

Characters will not be able to move for 3 turns. In addition: Their evasion will drop by 100% and their defense will increase by 20%.

Immobile for 1-2 turns.

Immobile for 1 turn. Only works if state is applied before any action is taken.

Immobile for 3 to 5 turns. Can be woken early if attacked. Affected users lose all evasion

Category 2: Mental Impairment

1. Confusion
Randomly attack friend or foe for a maximum of 3 turns. Has a chance of snapping out early if attacked by an enemy.

2. Hypnotized
Mind controlled by the enemy. Hypnotized enemies will attack their ally for a maximum of 3 turns.

3. Radiation Poisoning - Derivative State: Radiation Poisoning INF
The most dangerous state in the game. Radiation Poisoning lasts for 5 turns. It has 30% chance of spreading radiation poisoning by randomly attacking friend or foe and another additional 60% chance to inflict a milder form of radiation poisoning known as 'INF' version.

Infected characters will lose 5% of their HP every turn, becomes more vulnerable to Physical and Ranged Attacks by 50% and has a 100% buff on their attack stat.

Derivative State: Radiation Poisoning INF
Similar state as above, but INF version will only last for 3 turns, cannot spread the full blown effects of radiation poisoning. They only have 25% chance of spreading Radiation Poisoning INF. They are 25% more susceptible to Physical and Ranged attacks, lose 3% of their HP every turn and gain a 75% buff to their attack stat.

INF CANNOT STACK WITH Radiation Poisoning and vice versa.

Category 3: Debuffs - with HP/MP Loss

1. Burn
Lose 5% of their HP every turn. Lowers attack by 20%. Becomes more susceptible to water, fire and wind attacks. Gain resistance to Ice Elemental moves. Burn will last between 3 and 4 turns.

2. Frost ~ Derivative State: Freeze
Lose 5% HP every turn and drops AGI by 50%. Affected personnel becomes more susceptible to Fire moves and gain resistance to Water and Ice Attacks. Frost will last for 3 turns. Frost cannot stack with Freeze.

3. Bleed Out ~ Derivative State: Chronic Bleed Out
Only humans can be affected by Bleed Out. The effects of bleed out include losing 8% HP every turn and has their AGI reduced by 20%. Bleed out will last for 3 turns.

4. Curse
Affected characters will lose 10% of their overall stats. MP costs of Techs will increase by 50% and lose 2% of their HP every turn. Curse will last for 3 turns.

5. Poison ~ Derivative State: Wasp Poison
A permanent state. Affected characters will lose 5% of their HP every turn until they are cured or incapacitated. Wasp Poison is a weaker version of poison. Affected characters only lose 3% HP every turn for 5 turns.

6. Spatial Volt
While not a general state, it is commonly used by bosses who have access to Electrical Techs. Affected characters loses 8% HP every turn for 3 turns.

Category 4: Debuffs

1. Vulnerability
Lasts for 3 turns. Affected characters will have their AGI increased by 20% but will lose their Physical Defense ONLY by 20%. Vulnerability lasts for 3 turns.

2. Blind
Reduce your chance of hitting the enemy by 40%. Blind lasts for 3 turns.

3. Defense Ignore
Loses all defenses. Defense Ignore lasts for 2 turns.

4. Weaken (Not in this game yet) ~ Derivative State: Lone Void (In this game)
Weaken reduces medicinal effects by 25%. Lasts for 3 turns. Lone Void is a more potent effect of weaken. Comes in both permanent versions and non-permanent versions. Reduces medicinal effects by 50%.

5. Drowsiness ~ Derivative State: Withdrawal Effect
An effect that is not only exclusively induced by medicines as certain enemies can also inflict drowsiness. Drowsiness reduce physical, ranged attacks and AGI by 10%. Also lowers affected personnel's HIT chance by 5%. Drowsiness can last from 2 to 5 turns max.

6. Withdrawal Effect
A much more potent version of drowsiness. Reduces physical, ranged attack and AGI by 20%. Reduces HIT chance by 5% and loses 3% MP every turn. Can stack with Drowsiness. Withdrawal effect can last from 4 to 7 turns max.

7. Buff Removal
Not a state, but counts as a debuff. This kind of attack will basically cancel out all buffs from the enemy.

Category 5: Reflects

1. Physical Reflect ~ Derivative State: Counter Shield
Reflects all Physical Attacks. Lasts for 3 turns.

2. Range Deflect ~ Derivative State: Refractor Shield
Reflects all Ranged Attacks. Lasts for 3 turns.

3. Rix Reflect
25% chance to reflect all attacks. Lasts for 3 turns.

Category 6: Elemental States
These are special states that grants you some level of control to determine how you want to shape your enemies weakness and strengths. At the same time adjusting the odds of inflicting status ailments. Of course, the same can be said for the enemy.

1. Blaze
Affected personnel becomes more susceptible to fire, water, wind and thunder. Gains resistance to ice and Earth. More susceptible to burn. Gain resistance to frost.

2. Shock
Becomes more susceptible to Thunder and Earth. Gains resistance to water, ice and wind. More susceptible to paralysis.

3. Drenched
Becomes more susceptible to thunder, water and ice. Gains resistance to fire. Gains resistance to burn, becomes more susceptible to frost.

4. Chill
Becomes more susceptible to Wind, Earth, ice and thunder. Gains resistance to fire and water. Becomes more susceptible to frost and gain resistance to burn.

5. Icy shroud
Becomes more susceptible to ice and fire. Gains resistance to wind. Becomes more susceptible to burn and frost.

6. Earth Shroud
Becomes more susceptible to earth and water. Gains significant resistance to thunder. Becomes more susceptible to paralysis, gain minor resistance to burn and frost.

7. Dark shroud
Becomes significantly more susceptible to Holy attacks. Becomes susceptible to dark attacks. Gains small resistance to fire, water, ice, thunder, wind and earth. Becomes more susceptible to curse.

8. Holy shroud
Becomes significantly more susceptible to Dark attacks. Becomes susceptible to holy attacks. Gain small resistance to fire, water, ice thunder, earth and wind. Becomes more susceptible to blind and gain resistance to curse.

Category 7: Shields
Shield states are unique because they don't have a timer. They have to be destroyed through attacks. Certain attacks will have an added roll to destroy shields.

1. Valiant Shield
Gains resistance to all elements except Wind and gains 25% defense. Has 15% chance of breaking per hit.

2. Recovery Shield
Gains resistance to all elements except Water and Earth, grants 3% HP recovery per turn and 25% defense. Has 15% chance of breaking per hit.

3. Attack Shield
Grants resistance to all elements, gains a 25% attack boost and 15% defense boost. Has 15% chance of breaking per hit.

4. Counter shield
Grants heavy resistance to all elements except Holy and Dark. Reflects all physical moves and boost defense by 25%. Has 20% chance of breaking per hit.

5. Refractor Shield
Grants heavy resistance to all elements. Becomes more susceptible to ranged attacks. Reflects all ranged moves and gains 25% increase in defense. Has 20% chance to break per hit.

Category 8: Elemental Guards
These states have yet to make an appearance in Revert. However, they will make an appearance in the sequel. There will be a guard state for all elements. When a elemental guard state is applied on an enemy/ally, they become completely immune to that particular element.

Category 9: Special States
These states, although common, are considered special as they each have their own unique uses depending on who is using them.

1. Void Lock
Locks all Techs from being used for 3 turns.

2. Flight
Gains substantial boost to evasion as well as Hit Chance.

3. Angel Guard
Grants 1 usage auto-life.

4. Vest Bracer
Leaves the boss at 1 HP. Prevents the boss from being incapacitated.

5. Death Mark
Allies targeted by Death Mark may become victim to a horrible attack.