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Now, before I really begin, I'd like to say that this is my first submission.
It's incredibly ambitious but cheer me on!

Chastitas: The Broken Land is broken down into 4 "Sagas," each of which containing
up to 4 chapters. The first saga is incredibly typical, and from there, your choices
impact which "branch" you take in the second saga, and so on. I plan, (Hope!), to
release an initial demo of the game, release each saga as I finish it, and then release the entire package when completed.

Target Release Date of First Saga: 8-07-2014

Feature Synopsis
Chastitas: The Broken Land is a traditional RPG made in the likeness of the
game that inducted me into the RPG genre: Final Fantasy. Combat now uses Yanfly's Classical ATB system and makes use of Yanfly's Battle Engine and Yami's Battle Symphony to give it some flair. Story is the primary focus here, much like FF, with the game pretty much serving as an interesting an interactive way to read and shape the story. Contains Vanilla Tracks and music from Aaron Krogh's free to use RPG Maker score, as well as the RMN Music Pack. It wil also, as of 2/25/2014, contain music from the Adventurer's Journey and Blackheart Music Pack DLCs provided by RPG Maker via Steam.

The game will also contain several tracks from Dan Johansen. A wonderful composer and artist who can be found at the following pages:
In the year 587, a young wanderer by the name of Kenshi is jumped by a group of bandits whilst celebrating his sister's birthday. Tossed into a prison; Kenshi is freed by the leader of the group who has just recently kidnapped him...
From there, Kenshi will learn of a prophecy set forth by the Gods and the Fates that dictates the end of the world: Shometsu.
Lead Kenshi, his friends, and his children through the world of Chastitas with an unimaginably large host of characters spanning multiple generations, in their quest to stop the fruition of Shometsu.
Every choice you make dictates where the story shall lead, and each choice just might mean the death of someone important...

Warning! Warning! Warning!
Does contain language, themes, and contexts that may or may not be appropriate for younger audiences. User Discretion is advised.

Latest Blog

Slowly Getting There...

Alright, so I've officially revamped the nice little intro area, otherwise known as the "Bandit Town" or "Bandit Hideout." Screenies of the new areas'll be up in the images. I've made the whole scenario of Akai's little Mutiny and Kenshi getting let out a bit more believable and less WTF.

In addition to revamping the intro area, I've nearly finished the events immediately following what happens after you enter Nairikuno. I've just got to figure out the creatures that'll hinder you, as well as how to do the boss. Soon as I'm done with that, I'll finish up the interiors for Nairikuno, start working on the dungeon beneath the town, and start brainstorming how to map out The Dynastic Roads.

I still haven't finished the gear lists, nor have I implemented the weapon and armor reforms. >.<

Well, wish me luck!


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when i played this before at the town which was empty is now populated with brigands. I beat the group of them but then theres no one else to fight except to run around and beat any brigands I missed. what is supposed to happen next?
is 3.8 the same as 2.exe? I am confused. When I dl 3.8 thats what the file says.
By the way in the newest one ( I think ) when you enter Telbooze and try to enter the forst shop to the right, the game freezes. I think this happened in the very first demo when it came out. I wont play until it is fixed because as in the first one, if theres one bug like this, there are several more.
aCTUALLY i WENT BACK IN AND THE SAME THING HAPPENS. oN THE THIRD TIME i JUST WALKED AROUND TOWN TALKED TO THE ELDER AND VISITED THE GRAVE. bEFORE PICKING UP mUZAI AT MY HOUSE i WENT TO THE ...sorry for the damn caps...i went to the pub and when i talked to the hooker in the upper right corner, Muzai was with me even though she is back in my house. in any case the game freezes there too...maybe because shes still at the house but is scripted to say something.
Ok later...I am in the basement. The game freezes while fighting hell spawn.
Ok later...again...in the mansion at a certain place you automatically fight a shade and buddies...they constantly throw a spell which immobilizes you and if you have used sake, you cant fight, it seems to automatically fight FOR you. The battle takes forever since youre always frozen or confused in which you hit your own party. When the shade is the only one left the game always freezes...well by that I mean the music continues to play and the sprites move or at least shim,mer but no one can do anything and the shade just stands there.
I like this gae but so far there are so many bugs like ones mentioned here, it isnt worth continuing until the bugs are quashed.
Hey Grimm where art thou? I am stuck trying to find a way to jump over those three holes.
Also does sake make just the user beserk or the whole team.My mage used it and now every battle is beserked and I have no control until either the enemies are dead or my team dies.
Hey Grimm where art thou? I am stuck trying to find a way to jump over those three holes.
Also does sake make just the user beserk or the whole team.My mage used it and now every battle is beserked and I have no control until either the enemies are dead or my team dies.

Sorry man. Progress is slow. Just...issues.

Anyhow, the sake is only supposed to berserk the user; you say it's berserking the whole party? I''ll have to look into that. The three holes in the Cursed Passages should be able to be jumped over by interacting with them once you have found the planks. I'll do another check to see if I messed something up, otherwise that's how it should go. Perhaps I should have the characters tip you off about them earlier? Dunno.
In Ethridge manor when the first assassin attacks Shinoken after the battle ends the game freezes.
Game froze as soon as I escaped the first random encounter. Looking over these comments, it looks like the game has a pervasive problem with freezing up. Not really wanting to play more of this anyway, the game uses ATB and I died during the tutorial battle because my menu disappeared and the enemy just hit me till I died. It's a Broken Land, indeed.
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