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Slowly Getting There...

Alright, so I've officially revamped the nice little intro area, otherwise known as the "Bandit Town" or "Bandit Hideout." Screenies of the new areas'll be up in the images. I've made the whole scenario of Akai's little Mutiny and Kenshi getting let out a bit more believable and less WTF.

In addition to revamping the intro area, I've nearly finished the events immediately following what happens after you enter Nairikuno. I've just got to figure out the creatures that'll hinder you, as well as how to do the boss. Soon as I'm done with that, I'll finish up the interiors for Nairikuno, start working on the dungeon beneath the town, and start brainstorming how to map out The Dynastic Roads.

I still haven't finished the gear lists, nor have I implemented the weapon and armor reforms. >.<

Well, wish me luck!