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Tale of the Twin Knights is a short turn-based combat game I made for eplipswich as a secret santa gift.

The game follows a linear sequence of dialogs/battles. There is no walking, no exploration, no maps, no dialog choices, just story bits and combat with different enemies.

Combat dynamics follow custom rock-paper-scissors-like dynamics. Each turn, you and your opponent choose up to 5 moves that are compared in sequence. The combat system is fairly simple and intuitive. You can check move and stats details on the game's manual.

Player and enemies also have stats such as Hit points, Power and Skill points. Stats can be raised by spending experience points at the end of battles. Experience points can also be used to learn new skills.

The game plays largely on a luck factor. Enemies have no AI, as their moves are selected randomly. That means you are bound to lose battles often (which can be replayed right after). You need to pick good strategies to select your moves and to upgrade your character stats. If you don't, luck alone will not be enough for you to win.

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  • calunio
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • Strategy
  • 01/01/2014 01:07 PM
  • 05/13/2022 11:20 PM
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Short, simple and sweet.
I enjoyed the story and Gene's character. Nice twist at the end too.
I'd say winning battles is 60% about luck, 40% about act choice and upgrades.

Minor spoilers:
I found that a well-rounded built was the most effective, and that selecting my most powerful attack all the time was enough to win with a little luck.
And also was expecting a special scene after purposefully losing the last fight.

Nicely done overall and fun while it lasts.
There seems to be a few seconds of waiting time after each battle turn. Maybe you could try to shorten that.
I'm glad you liked it!

Playing the game myself, I found out that a few move combinations are effective. Using, for instance, bulk + power attack should be enough to kill almost any enemy, if you're lucky enough to make it work. But there are a few other tactics that work, like using maim until the opponent's attack is low enough so he can't harm you, etc.

Regarding the waiting time, there's a wait after each of the 5 moves in sequence, so if you and your opponent don't use all 5 moves, there's a useless waiting time in that... but in my experience, it happens mostly in the first battle, no?
I played the game, and i only spend the points to have 5 SK first, second in Power, and the rest on HP, its a matter of luck to win the battles without using any other skill... and killing God in 2 turn lol

But i enjoyed playing it, good work :)
Tried it out. It was good, but short like some of the others have commented on. Any plans on an extension?
Interesting concept! Could be cool if it was expanded into a full game. The LttP track used for fighting didn't quite fit, but it was all good.
This is a concept I originally developed for Befuddle Quest 5, and I made it into a full game (which is this). It could be turned into a larger game, but I guess the system would have to be modified... I'd need more skills, a different stat combination (because it gets broken if you level up too much). And even then I'm not sure it would work. I don't know if a battle system that relies so much on luck could account for a longer game. What do you guys think?

The LttP track used for fighting didn't quite fit, but it was all good.

Aw, I thought it suited so nicely... it is a relatively monotonous track, which was supposed to contrast with the "epicness" of the battles, and make this game less of a final fantasy and more of a "tetris" thing.
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