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Caution: May contain religious, political, and sexual references. May contain strong and vulgar language. Produced in a facility that handles dairy and nuts.


In Rune Rhetoric’s Earth, a portion of humans are able to use their Inner Rune, a mysterious and personal source of magic that they may channel through weapons or through spells.

The game takes place on a fictional continent, named Midmund, which is occupied by two dominant empires; The Reme Empire of the western half and the Hon Empire of the eastern half. Guess what? They're at war.

But the war isn't the real point here, it's just what is happening at the time. The player will experience the perspectives of several individuals in a nationalistic and hostile environment. Why do they fight in wars? Are their reasons for fighting good enough? Are they really fighting for what they think they are fighting for?

Step into the shoes of a lowly villager, Dahnzell, entranced by images of glory and a reclusive prince, Nero, starved of answers for profound questions in a fight for clarity and change.

Main Characters page: http://rpgmaker.net/games/5888/media/1587/
A demo is available!

Known bugs of Demo 0.01:
-The topmost move point from West Reme to Central Reme will place you in between the light post and the edge of the map. Freezing you in place. This will be fixed in the next demo release.

Please enjoy my first ever RPG!

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So, yeah. I downloaded the demo. I played for about 30 minutes (up until I encountered a game breaking bug), and I have say, this is a really fun game. The story is interesting; the characters are interesting; the writing is pretty good; and the mapping is about as good as you can get using tiles. I took a few notes, which I'll leave right here. And as I continue through the demo, I may add to the list.

- As I said, nice title screen. Nice font, too.
- Kind of misused that door in the intro. And those
walls are sci-fi/modern, and they seem out of place
for a medieval fantasy game.
- "Demon" shouldn't be capitalized in the intro.
- Very, very happy with the dialogue.
- Those custom faces are simply amazing.
- Really like the semi-interactive intro; huge
improvement over just watching your character move for
- No idea what those stat abbreviations mean.
- Yay for interactive environments.
- I like Chatti's layout; the shortcuts, if done by
design, are nice.
- The new combat system is simple, yet I like it. I
think it fits nicely.
- Reme is a very well-mapped city. Seriously, nice
job (including interiors).
- There are a few window glitches near the Reman
- I really like the idea of playing from two different
POVs (Dahnzell and Nero).
- As for Nero's class, I think Duelist sounds better
than Dueler.
- Right outside the Palace (after first leaving it as
Nero), there is a typo here: "Yes. While serving under
your father, I've discovered an abandoned an
underground waterway that allows the Reme River to run
under the entire capital."
- For the amount of TP that it costs, and the rate
that it takes Leo to build it up, Crescent Slash
should do more damage. In my opinion, anyway.
- I found a game breaking bug. As Nero, if you go
east out the western part of the Reme capital, it
freezes the game.
Sweetness. I'm glad that you like it, Drachen! I'm taking your suggestions and comments into account and we'll see them in the next demo release.

Regarding the freezing bug, where were you precisely when you froze? Is it during the transition to Central part of Reme? Or a seemingly random spot in the Western Reme map?
I took the highest most transition out of the slum area and into central Reme. It put me right before the light post, and I couldn't move.
Ahh! I see now. Poor choice of placement on my part. I suppose removing that one light post altogether would be the best solution. Thanks for catching that!
You're welcome! Also, I just finished the demo. And I hate you for that cliffhanger. Kidding, of course. Curiously, any idea when we may expect another demo, or a full release?
For the next demo release, I would (pessimistically) estimate about two months. The rest of the main characters will be introduced and join their respective parties. It will be quite a large update.

The release date for the full release will be very, very tentative. This is my first game project ever. I haven't quite fully established a consistent working pace as of yet.

Sorry for that.
Did you draw those portraits from the characters page? I haven't seen them before and they are really good.
Yes, I did draw those portraits. Thank you!
Although they might clash with RTP portraits, so I'm planning a visual overhaul later in the future to fix that.
for some reason Nero Maximillianaes reminds me of Valvatorez from Disgaea 4 xD
You're magical to me.
I finished the demo! I'll put my thoughts here:

-Fantastic in-game character art. Each portrait really suits the character and really adds to the feeling of the game.

-While there is a noticeable difference in style between your art and the "stock" art, it wasn't all that jarring to me.

-Beautiful map design. You're very good at mapping! Each area is visually fresh and lively.

-My favorite part of any RPG is the characters, and you seem to be building a memorable cast. I'm very interested to meet more of them (like the Heretic Witches ^_^ )

-There were various times when the text got cut short because it went longer than the text box. Has that shown up for anyone else? Nothing vital was missed, it was just slightly jarring.

-Nero's hair seems to bob up and down slightly out of step with the rest of his sprite. Not a major thing, but it stuck out.

Looking forward to seeing more! Hopefully you'll be able to finish this before your target completion date of Dec. 2519, because it's highly likely that I won't live that long :P
Thanks so much for the feedback!
I try to make the text fit in every text-box but I guess I've missed some. I'd fix the errors if they were specifically pointed out.
As for Nero's hair, I blame the in-maker Character Generator. I'll fix his hair, too.
Hai! Drachen forced me to play your game. :P

Okay, okay, he convinced me too. We may be on separate pages, though. DUN DUN DUN!

- I think the large room in the opening where Dahnzell is hearing those voices is too big and has too much empty/open space.

- The dialogue, to me, was just okay. I found myself wanting to edit some of what you wrote, but it wasn't all that bad.

- I think the weakest thing about the game are your battles. They were kind of bland (attack slimes with a stick until they died), and the random battles made me not to want to explore. :(

- I did not explore Reme because it lagged on my computer, though that is most likely due to my PC being stupid. XD

- You did a good job on the portraits! It adds to the game and makes it more "yours". *nod nod*

- Are you planning on adding side-view battlers anytime soon? It was silly to watch Dahnzell punch a large picture of a demon to death and kill him quite easily. :D

That's all I have for now!

Good luck on your game! ^^
How long is the demo in its current state? Depending on how much content there is now, I might download it now and write up a review, or wait for the next demo release. It looks like a cool project, and I'd be happy to offer some feedback, but I'm not used to taking games in really little doses.
The current demo is only about 30 minutes, if you rush through it.
The next demo release is underway and will cover the introduction of the rest of the main cast. It will be quite a while before Demo 0.02 is released.

If you'd rather wait until the next demo, that'll be fine.
I think I probably will wait until the next demo, my feedback will probably be a lot more substantive given the extra material.
Have you moved on to bigger and better things, Synonysis? Hope not! :)
Have you moved on to bigger and better things, Synonysis? Hope not! :)
Nope, but school and my job is kicking my free time in the ass.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
I do hope you get the time to get back to working on this, I gave the demo a go and I'm pretty impressed for a first game effort. You've obviously got some pretty solid artistic skills, not just in the great portraits you have done for your characters but in the layouts of your towns and maps. They are interesting and eye-catching, follow logic and have a natural flow that is quite a pleasure to move through.

There are a few issues with grammar which is a bit of a bugbear with me and unfortunately detracts from the game somewhat, but that just needs someone to go through and look at it with an experienced eye to correct. In the same vein there are a few text cut-offs in the message boxes but they intent is pretty clear, still it should be a quick fix to correct.

On a more personal note I find the random encounter rate a little high, which can get tedious for me, but I understand if you have a reason for wanting the characters to progress to a certain level by a certain story point and this is the mechanism by which you are achieving that end, but if not, maybe look at adding a few more steps to the average count.

Anyway looking forward to where this goes.

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over a year later and the game has not been updated.once again im left sad at something thats not marked as hiatus canceled or removed.
so starting off with the realistically disappointing mind set.

this was for the most part boring.it picked up a bit when playing as the prince.
but the dialog and concept of runes was...yeah...why do you need to unlock a inner ruin inside yourself to swim a spear to hit multiple people!?
anyone could do that!

the starting character what training and effort did he put into accomplishing his dream?

why is the princes guard who trained for many years forever lvl 5!?

when will we find out what the mysterious key does!?

why is the prince kept in the castle?

why does he not have a maid as a lover?

why does a witch use pills to heal someone instead of magic!?

why do people start game pages w/o a game being finished and worse leave it just sitting there dead!?

:O ok with that upset angry rant out of the way i feel better!
all and all don't play this unless of course its ever finished.
A game's worth is not dependant on it's current state. Finished, unfinished - neither truly matters if the game is fun to play. Get over your issue with incomplete games please, shayoko.
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