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Thousands of years ago, a great war waged between the forces of good and evil, lasting centuries and taking countless lives along with it. Legends say that a lone, valiant knight appeared before the people and led them towards the path of light, bringing mankind towards an era of peace and prosperity. Or so the back of the box tells me, anyway. I bet it was nothing like that.

And so we enter The Brief and Meaningless Adventure of Hero Man, a satirical game set to the tune of Dragon Quest and drawing narrative inspiration from games such as The Stanley Parable. Join Hero Man on his brief and meaningless journey to save the world from certain destruction, or fail miserably depending on your decisions and even your play style. Will you follow the usual motions and progress your way to victory, or break the game in some horrific manner? Well, it doesn't really matter since it's meaningless.

The completed game will feature multiple paths and 12 different endings. And with each playthrough only taking 20-30 minutes, the replayability is endless! Find 'em all before you go trade the cartridge back in at the store.

Latest Blog

Ending Guide Now Available.

Hello, heroes!

Since this project is more or less completed and has run its course, I have decided to release a short guide on how to attain all twelve endings in The Brief and Meaningless Adventure of Hero Man. You can find the guide at the top of this page, or by clicking here.

I hope everyone had as much fun playing this game as I did making it. See you on my next big project!

- SgtMettool
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  • 01/06/2014 07:01 AM
  • 07/23/2020 07:06 PM
  • 02/13/2014
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Wow, such efforts to make a classic presentation. Can't let it waste by not subbing this ;)
I am here to subscribe and give our hero meaning.
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
ah gees Sgt., when do we get to be a Hero ??? :)
This just seems to be a copy of another game that was posted 2 years ago...wtf?

My game doesn't look anything like that, though. The main character might have the same name but there's no resemblance at all.
You're magical to me.
Yeah, seems to be a coincidence as far as I can tell.
Hero Man doesn't particularily look like a very original name to begin with, especially when you're going for a parody.
Given this it is certain it was just a coincidence and nothing else.
Anyways, this game really seems rad! <3
Subscribed! Anx to play this. ~~ <3
Hey, I'm the author of the game Kriegsgott linked. I just want to say I'm not in any way upset about this naming fiasco. In fact, I'm excited to try this game right now!

EDIT to throw in a quick review.

Overall, I like it. The music was nice even though I don't recognize much of it (I only played Dragon Warrior Monsters 2). I especially liked the loop effect, remind me to use that technique later on! I haven't fully explored the map yet, but what I saw in my playthrough looked nice, and the writing was great.

Keep it up!
Thank you! Glad you liked it.

Updating the download to Version 1.01 as we speak, which prevents Endings 7 and 8 from conflicting with eachother (if you agreed to help Edmund and then inspect his dresser after) and fixes some typos.

Special thanks to RayneMercury for finding this!
The game has been updated to Version 1.02.

Nothing major here. Just a small update that fixes another hard-to-find (unless you were intentionally trying to break something) bug that caused the events for Endings 7 and 8 to activate at the same time. Also fixes a few spelling errors.
I liked a lot this game man, i get 6 of 12 for now, good work. I dont any to add, but i will look for your other project-
Amusing game, especially when many comedy/parody RPGs are blatantly boring. Some parts aren't that funny, but all in all a great play!
Don't know if you Still Check up on this little game of yours, but I Really enjoyed it and left a review of it. :)
Ooohhh..another old-school RPG by the maker of Brave Hero Yuusha. Might have to give this one a try.


Ok I just played the game for about 15 minutes or so. Wasn't sure about the game until I went into the well after the girl's necklace. Now, I am fully on board. Will be finishing this game up after work tomorrow.
I kinda forgot I even made this
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