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Ending Guide Now Available.

Hello, heroes!

Since this project is more or less completed and has run its course, I have decided to release a short guide on how to attain all twelve endings in The Brief and Meaningless Adventure of Hero Man. You can find the guide at the top of this page, or by clicking here.

I hope everyone had as much fun playing this game as I did making it. See you on my next big project!

- SgtMettool


Update: Version 1.03

The Brief and Meaningless Adventure of Hero Man has been updated to version 1.03, which fixes a few more very minor bugs. Save files from older versions will work fine if you wish to transfer them over.

Changes include (includes spoilers):
- You can no longer walk behind Edmund in the last room of the tower.
- The guy who sells you the second key would take all of your gold if you didn't have 50 gold. This was always intended, but now he warns you of it.
- Fixed some dialogue in ending 11.

v1.02 and 1.01 changes, in case you missed them:
- If you opened the tower door and then returned to Edmund, you could still agree to help him and cause endings 7 and 8 to conflict.
- If you agreed to help Edmund and then stole the key from the dresser immediately after, endings 7 and 8 would conflict.

Unrelated: I wonder... has anyone found Ending 11 yet?


Non-RTP version available

Just a quick update: I now have the Non-RTP download up and available for those who already have the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP installed. You can find it on the download page.

Like the main download, this is version 1.01.


Hero Man is here!

Hero Man is finally up and ready to play! I'd like to thank everyone for their excitement and patience while I got this project squared away!

I hope everyone will enjoy The Brief and Meaningless Adventure of Hero Man! Feel free to leave comments about the game or any problems you run into here on the RMN page. Feedback and flagrant criticism alike are always welcome.


Progress Report

A Brief and Meaningless Update #2

Hey folks! Just checking in real quick to let you all know that progress is going smoothly and I'm quite a bit ahead of schedule. I wasn't expecting to be as far along as I am now but I've had quite a bit of time to pour into the game so here's where I stand now.

Being the brief adventure that it is, Hero Man is a short game that sports multiple endings that arise from player choices from the subtle to the, uh, not-so-subtle. Of the 12-14 endings I have planned, about 5 are finished. The ones I'm tackling next are the more complex ones that will require a bit of tricky event manipulation.

So where am I in this adventure? Well, quite a bit of this project is complete. And I want to say that I'm at the 75% mark. Most of what needs to be done is the remaining endings, some detailing, so script revisions, and the like. Mind you, a pretty significant portion of the game was finished before I posted it to RMN, so I don't think it will be too much longer before Hero Man becomes playable to the public. Look forward to that day!

See you all soon!

Progress Report

Hero Man - A Brief and Meaningless Update #1

Hello Heroes!

I'm glad to see that there's some buzz about this project, and I wanted to let you all know that progress on it is going relatively well. At the time of this writing, the ground work has been finished, with the tile sets, overall aesthetic, and general story/flow plan laid out and completed. The maps are more or less done, save for some detailing that I'll be adding later on.

To be honest, it's rather difficult to say what is and is not "completed" in the project, because it's been one of those "do it as I go" projects. Regardless, I've made significant progress in development in the last week, and I had to throw a number on it, I would say that the game is about 40% complete.

Today, I'll be showing off a new screenshot with some of the monsters that Hero Man will be facing off against in his adventure. I hope they're not too... outlandish.

Talk to you all soon!

- SgtMettool
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