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  • Sgt M
  • Added: 01/17/2014 04:12 PM
  • Last updated: 03/25/2023 11:45 AM


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"My father told me this would happen."

The nurse cap on the slime is a fantastic touch. So is the frowny face. Ratty is right - this will be the best game.

I wonder: Did you like Dragon Quest II? That was my favorite out of the whole series but I think I'm in the minority there.
Oops! Forgot to reply to this.

I want to say it's a tie between Dragon Quest II and IV for my favorites in the NES years. DQII was a gratingly difficult game and one of the biggest challenges to overcome in that era of gaming. And DQIV did so many things ahead of its time that few games dared to try, like playing as a different character in each chapter until they all meet up. It was very inventive for its time, and I loved it for that.
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