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Good for quick laugh

The Brief and Meaningless Adventure of Hero Man Is Well aware of what it is, and that is a fun, simplistic, sarcastic parody adventure, perfect for those lonely afternoons when all you want to do is play a game that just wastes time for fun's sake since you have nothing better to do.

Story 5/5
Our Tale Begins as a unnamed narrator gets us up to speed. This Kingdom is Under attack from a generic Demon lord, so the king sends for hero man, the dude we play as. The King Gives us a small Bit of gold, and nothing else(I Mean, It's Not Like We are gonna save his kingdom or anything...) And sends us on his way.

From this point it's a nonstop laugh-fest, as we meet characters such as Prince Edmund the useless, a lonely priest who won't stop rambling and does absolutely nothing, and of course our narrator friend who helps us understand our hero's inner thoughts.

Not a single Joke
Ok, Not that many of them anyway, felt stale or forced, and each of the 12 endings feel well constructed in their own way. You Want a Amazing Parody Narrative? This Game is what you want.

Gameplay 4/5
Of Course, a good story does not a full game make you need actual gameplay to deliver your narrative. For Hero Man this is you basic RPG "Arrow Keys to move, Battle screen fight after random encounters" system so there's not much to say, but I'll try to touch on it.

The Battles were easy and particularly well balanced, no fight was a challenge too Big For Hero Man. The Equipment was well balanced And I Didn't find myself aggravated as outlandish Item prices.

The Best Part was the use of Scripts to alter the menu for one party member, One thing I can't Stand about most Single Character RPGS Is the Fact That there is wasted space in the menu, but with hero man all our stats have been move form the usual "Stats" Screen to utilize that liberated space.

Besides That though, It's nothing Special, Hence My Giving it a four.

Presentation 5/5
The 8-bit Graphic style Doesn't seem to clash and the maps are well constructed, so Visually I'm satisfied. As for the music it's Pretty Great too So I have No Problem Giving out a "A+" In the Presentation Department.

Hero Man Is Fun And Funny, With it's only Downside being that the gameplay is Same ol' Same Ol' I Hereby give it a 4.5/5 Rating.