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Traditional NES-type RPG made in RPG Maker 2000.

Help the chosen hero (you) save the world from the Entity Of Sin in which wishes to be reborn. Protect the crystals and restore light to the world.

Latest Blog

Celebrating Over 5000 Downloads

As of this day, October 8th, 2011, Dragon Fantasy has reached 5000 downloads! Amazing, isn't it? I didn't think it'd ever come this far, or that I'd be making a blog like this every few Months! It's just too bad some of my other games aren't near as popular as this. Ha ha.

So again, I offer to all those who've downloaded this game thanks, and appreciate whatever time--be it great or small--that you've put into playing any of my projects. Thank you!

In other news, I'm in the process of rebooting the Dragon Fantasy series. I finally know what direction I want to go and how I want to story to work, so I've decided that simply RESTARTING would be the best way to do things. How? Well, simply call the titles within the series so far "non-canon" once this new game is released onto the internet. And don't worry, it's still retaining its NES style with MIDIs and what-not. However this time around I'm foregoing the World Map and making exploration akin to Secret of Mana and the like. So I hope you all keep an eye out for when it makes an appearance in the future!


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You should make one of the screenshots a primary one
Haha, yeah...that would probably do some good.

There. All done.
Played this game a while ago, liked it a whole lot, but maybe you could run it through a grammar checker before finishing it? Some of the text has a lot of spelling mistakes, none of it that difficult to correct. Maybe they're there on purpose?
I plan to, so don't worry. Ha ha. My keys and such have been all screwed up ever since I spilled sand on 'em.

(Don't ask why, I just did >.>;
Haha. Well...I'm doing yet ANOTHER re-haul of everything. Music, story, etc. I'm doing a rather big change to all of it. HOWEVER...I am making this time my LAST. No more. I will just not get this done if keep on going back and changing everything so...yeah.
You know, you should really release two versions of Dragon Fantasy. One that's more like an NES game, and one with lots of dialogue/plot/etc.

And that was a really stupid idea. Just make sure to finish the first one first!
Hrmmm...? I dunno about that. I don't really want to work on it anymore after this >.<'

But it's done now, so I just need some people to te4st it before I release it. =P
I may actually check this one out.I've thought about making a RPG with NES graphics, but decided against it. I think a future SONATA game may have SNES FFIV styled graphics...
Check it out. Dragon Fantasy is pretty awesome if you like old-school games, save for the evil Slow goblins.

Check out Hero's Realm, while you're at it.
Ephiam copied the Final Fantasy's III story so why the hell is rating this bull crap so well
Indeed I have taken things from FF 3's story. However, that is because I am just mixing some FF things (story, items) with DQ things (spells, monsters, some graphics and music, etc.)

Besides, as you go on, the story changes a bit. It turns out to be a good deal different from FF3.
Congrats on getting featured game status!
Nice work dude! This game is pretty sweet :)
Hey ephiam I will test it for you if you want... after all i seem to have rushed through the game im at the end and im lv27
guardian element was a too easy boss
Did you actually manage to make it through Veryl's castle (Venaitura) without dying? Lol. I thought that I might have made that place a tad too hard (and I think it might have become a bit confusing at times).

And Guardian Element was only a...Mini-Boss of sorts. :B
i killed it 2 turns, if he's only a mini boss you should give him a litle bit more HP
like an extra 150 or something
Ha ha. Yeah, I SHOULD have, but eh. I guess I felt a tad rushed to get it out and FINALLY have a complete game I could have said that I made. But because of that, the ending was a tad rushed.
-The final bosses were complete jokes and were not hard AT ALL.
-The ending scene was very short.
-And the final area was lacking one last boss before the final confrontation with the Dark Lord.
I forget to say I love this game!
there isn't much in the description, so I am going to try this game out without any expectations and see where it goes.
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