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Traditional NES-type RPG made in RPG Maker 2000.

Help the chosen hero (you) save the world from the Entity Of Sin in which wishes to be reborn. Protect the crystals and restore light to the world.

Latest Blog

Celebrating Over 5000 Downloads

As of this day, October 8th, 2011, Dragon Fantasy has reached 5000 downloads! Amazing, isn't it? I didn't think it'd ever come this far, or that I'd be making a blog like this every few Months! It's just too bad some of my other games aren't near as popular as this. Ha ha.

So again, I offer to all those who've downloaded this game thanks, and appreciate whatever time--be it great or small--that you've put into playing any of my projects. Thank you!

In other news, I'm in the process of rebooting the Dragon Fantasy series. I finally know what direction I want to go and how I want to story to work, so I've decided that simply RESTARTING would be the best way to do things. How? Well, simply call the titles within the series so far "non-canon" once this new game is released onto the internet. And don't worry, it's still retaining its NES style with MIDIs and what-not. However this time around I'm foregoing the World Map and making exploration akin to Secret of Mana and the like. So I hope you all keep an eye out for when it makes an appearance in the future!


it must be good because it has a LOT of comments
Hya ha ha! Quite. And if only that made a good game! I'd be gone out looking for alot of people to make me some comments! Ha ha. But I hope you enjoy it.
A message to those of you who don't look to the blog section, and only look at the comments: I've gone and put up some new videos. Check the blog to get more information.
Ephiam, can you put the download on rapidshare or elsewhere because I can't find it on Filefront.
E-gads! The download's gone! Damn Fielfront and their losing my game link...! And I had over 2000+ downloads from that one, too! Agh!!! ;___;

I'll put up a new one soon.
Is it possible to access the Hidden Area? If so, can you give me a hint on how to do it?

(Yes, I opened the game in the editor, but I had a good reason--I stumbled onto an odd, yet beneficial bug...

Every time I went up the stairs to the 9th floor in Venaitura, one or two of my characters would gain a level.
And some of the items in my inventory would max out or increase: I had 99 Clocks, lol.

So, I opened it in the editor to see what could be causing this bug, but I couldn't find anything wrong with that event.

So, I figured it was an RM bug, and just finished the game.)

Also, in Crystal Cavern Floor 2, you've got an event, right underneath some candles, that teleports you to Venaitura with no way to return to the first dungeon, making it a game-ending bug.

And yes, I was playing the newest remake, the one you just re-uploaded to RMN the other day.
Oh lordy. Something like this will always pop up, so i just might as well accept it...! Blah.

Yar har. Anywhoo, thanks for the heads-up, SegNin. I'll see if I can squat those bugs.

Also, what Hidden Area are you talking about?
Oh my sweet lord! That was one hell of an error right there. Haaa~ So I guess some of those 100~ people that downloaded the game couldn't even get passed the second floor of the first dugeon. *Facepalms*

You know, I'm getting testers from now on. That, and I have to stop foddlin' with the damn thing before releasing it. Agah!

I'll try and have another one up soon.
When you load the game into the editor, the last map is named "Hidden Area"

So, is there a way to get to this Hidden Area without cheating?

And I don't think the last 100 people to download the game ran into the error, since the teleport is only activated if you press the "action" button while you're standing on that spot.

I only found that teleport bug myself because I was searching in the editor for what might have caused that "level up bug" I already told you about.

Ahhh, I see. Well, like I explained in the Blog I recently posted, that teleporter was there for editing purposes, but I just forgot to take it out. Gah. And it's a good thing it wasn't activated by merely stepping on it! Wowza. But if that were the case, I suppose I'd have people comming on here to tell me...? (Or maybe not =/)

And I think that hidden area was just for some video-only stuff I did (by making my friends characters in to bosses, fighting them, and then making a video of it). I'm on a different computer now (laptop), and don't have DF here so I can't really check.
Im not sure whats wrong, but I start this game and cannot do anything. The only key that works is ALT and it works as an "ENTER" key. Help please.
Well... I must be a dumbass, but I can not call the airship :P
I have the calling stone but it seems completely useless... so I can not finish the game and...
I've tried to import a file save to DF2... it doesn't work!
There is no importing of files! Doing that will give you nothing, and it won't work in any way, shape, or form.

But you can't call the airship? You have to just leave to the East of Soriiati and go between the four pillars with the stone in your inventory, and just hit the confirm key.

If it's just after getting your own airship and you have the Light Stone (or whatever you get from the Tower of Light) then just go back to where the villain escaped in his own airship, park yours on the little patch of grass in the mountains to where his airship was, and stand between those four pillars to go to the last area.
Well... I got the stone for the airship but not the airship itself. I can not reach the tower in order to get the stone I need to "go to heavens"!! I have the calling stone and the light stone (but it enlightens only another cave...), but without the airship... I'm just stuck!!!

I thought I would have found my airship within the pillars outside soriatti, but it's just like it's somewhere else I can't find!!
Well, there has to be something you're not doing right. That' all I can really say! It has worked for everyone else thus far, so I'm guessing that you're missing a step. I'll list the steps that I can remember from when Veryl escapes on his Airship from the Cavern of Diaboros.

-After Veryl escapes, go back to the nearest town and get a pass from the mayor/leader there to get in to Soriiati.

-In Soriiati, talk to the queen to get the CALLING STONE. Go outside, East of Soriiati, and stand in the middle of the four pillars and hit the confirm key. You'll obtain your airship.

-Head back to the Cavern of Diaboros, and then head South a bit until you come to a lone tower on an island. Go in there to get the FLIGHT STONE.

-Exit the tower, and head North and back to the Cavern of Diaboros. land in the little square of grass in the mountains, and step in to the center of the four pillars. Hit the confirm key to go to the final section of the game (lat dungeon).
Mmmm... I've been definitely a dumbass. Thanks a lot!!! With yours I've played quite all the completed games in here...
My god this game had HORRIBLE dialogue. And why'd I only have two lines of text per text box!? >:O
Mmmmm... Another glitch.
Completed the game, but I can not start df2 with my save file... it says "cannot find map 224"
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
I don't think you can import the savefile from DF1 into DF2. AFAIK they are completely separate games that only share a name (and a universe).
Mmmm... I don't think so!
There's a txt file sayin' "just drag your df1 save file into df2.." :P